The Shot Heard Round the World

I covered the unprecedented raid on former President Trump’s home in the first two parts and further embellishment would be gilding the lily. I want to get back to a somewhat tongue in cheek-but deadly serious-look at how out of touch the swamp is as evidenced by AG Garland’s remarks taking Americans to task for questioning the motives of the DOJ and FBI.

I probably don’t need to clarify any of the first two parts in this series, but I do want to repeat the fact that by law, the President of the United Sates is the final-and only true authority-on the determination of classification for our country. I make that comment from 42 years in the business and direct experience with the sharing of intelligence products with allies who lack proper clearances. Now a president by nature is cautious about such declassifications to preserve sources and methods, but giving the intelligence community, including the FBI and DOJ an opportunity to review intended or proposed declassification recommendations is not required, nor does it compel or dictate a president’s actions, nor “infringe” their authority: the president’s judgement and actions are final.

The notion or idea that a president would have materials in their possession that evidence criminality in some way-with the insinuation of a violation of NARA or classification laws, or that Trump would be trafficking in this for personal gain-theories put forth by people who are Clinton supporters-is farcical-and a stretch that shows just how desperate the swamp is-and how little ammunition they truly have left in the quiver to go after Trump.

But of course, the real issue with the raid was looking into Trump’s septic system because of the picture of a toilet reputed to be of the White House, where the unsophisticated Trump was destroying evidence that he knew would incriminate him with the 6 January insurrection committee by flushing official documents down the toilet. Can you spell desperate?

I’m reminded of how the swamp became so convinced by sipping on the straw they placed in their own bath water that the Russia, Russia, Russians controlled Trump that they raised the idea and insisted that an independent translator should be present when Trump met with Putin (for instance.) And it’s a huge tell that as addled as Biden is, nobody has dared to insist that transcripts of his conversations should be released-nor has anybody insisted that he must be accompanied by a translator or third party to ensure nothing “nefarious” is happening. And yet we’ve had consistent evidence from Biden dialogues with the international community-most recently Saudi Arabia and China-that such an action is warranted: it is a big deal when leaders of countries dispute dialogues with our president-but nothing but crickets from the swamp.

We shouldn’t forget how vitriolic the relationship became between Trump and his enemies in the swamp, best exemplified by the deterioration of his relationship with congress-particularly Nanny Peloozi and Chuck Schumer-the former who manufactured two impeachments and an insurrection committee to try to keep Trump from running for office again-in the wake of their successful campaign to cheat him out of a second term.

There is true animus and irrationality exuding from Nanny Peloozi for all things Trump-who can forget her little exaggerated seal clap and subsequent petulant tearing up of the State of the Union address-perhaps she forgot she was on national television. We also shouldn’t forget this article about Thomas J D’alessandro and the Mafia that came out January 2019 that likely caused a great deal of gnashing and grinding of what might be the worst fitting “grinders” in a rich person’s mouth, on display for all to puzzle over. Did the release of this story that was originally posted via the FBI vault have any lingering effects? I’m just an observer of life, but how would you like to be the FBI Director called to account for releasing this article about the “most powerful woman in America’s” father (aisle 7 for the asbestos lined underwear….)

To somewhat beat an old saw, this isn’t about relitigating election 2020, but now that I mentioned it, where there is smoke there is fire and any reasonable, rational human being who has simply listened to-looked into-or viewed some of the events that occurred in 2020 has to come away deeply disturbed by what took place in our election. The litany of actions and lawsuits that took place in the COVID era to shape how ballots were handled read like the poster child exemplar warning representing every election fraud problem we were warned about in the Carter-Baker Election report that outlined how such fraudulent actions-in this case willingly undertaken on a massive scale but in specific locations-can undermine election integrity and faith in our system.

Any who are still on the fence about the above statement who has seen the Mesa County, Colorado forensic audit (the PDF is available at Gateway Pundit,) anomalies and criminality that came out of Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia—and I would add Virginia and the rest of Colorado-and also Colorado in 2018, Orange County, and Florida from 2012-or has seen any of the videos on rampant anomalies and malfeasance in Georgia-particularly this video, or who remain puzzled over the disappearance of a trailer in Pennsylvania that carried ballots from the US Postal service in Beth Paige New York to Harrisburg-and then disappeared-which-much like the pipe bomber from 5 January 2021-remains a mystery of life that our vaunted DOJ and FBI can’t be bothered to pursue and solve, while they manage to ferret out one person identified on video who was near the capital and said hateful things that did not hurt or effect anything, like the “election was stolen” and Biden is “illegitimate”-from Texas to Alaska-or has seen True the Vote’s 2000 mules-but has bought into LSMBTG propaganda that such a thing is impossible.

Notwithstanding that such analysis represents the same techniques developed starting in early 2003 documenting forensic analysis-activity based intelligence (with a reference to the book produced to document the methodology, and also a somewhat marketing book by the company that was contracted to automate the process)-based on patterns of life analysis-that NSA, government agencies and the US military developed and successfully employed throughout the Middle East to get “left of the bang” on the Improvised Explosive Device campaign that killed tens of thousands of terrorists who were killing US military and civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The tradecraft and methodology deployed in 2000 mules depicts how we got left of the bang-and if it was good enough to target and kill people with drone strikes, it is certainly reliable enough-particularly with the safeguards placed on the analytic rigor applied by True the Vote-to identify ballot harvesting vote cheaters (in fact the process just got somewhat of a shout out in the ongoing True the Vote forum ongoing in Arizona!)

Before I return to my main topic-while rambling like some drunk looking for that next drink-what needs to be said at this point in time is what exactly Trump is guilty of-because-as much as I may come across as a die-hard, inveterate supporter with my incessant picking at our feckless politicians (but it is so easy and they walk into the traps themselves, unsolicited)-Trump is guilty as charged of one major, unforgivable cardinal sin, and our government will be relentless and use every taxpayer dollar they can take from us to seek retribution-and solicit foreign contributions when and as necessary in the pursuit-globalists all-like George Soros-if in the process they bankrupt this country.

Prepare the trumpeters and release the pigeons, doves, and hounds-I’m giving you this information for free. Donald J. Trump is guilty of: exposing the con that is the swamp. And celebrating as he did it!

You’re welcome! He exposed them-not by just words, rhetoric or grandiose gestures or pomp or circumstance, but by deeds. Trump was continually criticizing the Obama administration over-well, everything-prior to putting his hat in the ring, over a feckless economic policy that our government insisted was the “new normal” where GDP would be in low single digits and borderline negative, with growth stilted by debt and bad policy, mountains of red tape inflicted on entire sectors of the economy, green efforts underwritten-subsidized by taxpayers-at a time when American manufacturers were simply not prepared to lead-which meant empowering the economy of China, with the United States “leading from behind” by throwing money at problems best reflected in the Paris accords, where the US would take unilateral action via executive King George-type fiat in a treaty that was not a treaty requiring congressional-senate-approval action to curtail pollution in this country by cutting our own throat on energy production while embracing incentives like solar, wind, and electric car efforts that resulted once again in empowering China-all the while when the US was achieving great progress and reductions through technology and clean energy initiatives such as Bio diesel, coal plant scrubbing and breakthroughs in pollution reduction techniques–in just about every faux area of concern touted as contributing to the countdown of the end of planet earth (which is imminent.)

Our LSMBTG is so worried about climate issues that the swamp committed to paying taxpayer dollars to countries like China and India with the most egregious emission problems that lacked any coherent plan to achieve or invest in a strategy for what in effect was going to be a lottery injection of funds for a benefit that would not come for upwards of scores of years. This is a swamp specialty as evidenced by all the dollars thrown at Afghanistan that splashed on a flat rock like-well-you know what.

Obama-being the king of the Alinsky straw man attack-and his team-and by that I mean the LSMBTG in the largest sense of the word-was above providing details and lacked time to address why Trump was wrong-so he adopted Saul’s playbook and mocked and gloated about Trump’s commentary and insinuated “The Donald” would need a “magic wand” to achieve what he said was possible. This wasn’t just about the economy but encompassed the elements of life that our feckless government could not get the measure of-all those swampy politicians that we continuously re-elect and send into the swamp to do our business-best exemplified by the feckless energy policies that never did anything but marginal trivialities to mitigate the possible repeat of an energy crisis in oil that occurred in 1973 when we first learned of the crippling dependence we had on foreign oil imports-and had to wait in lines on odd or even days based on the last number of your license plate to get gas (been there, done that.)

And not to distract but in late 2020 our energy independent nation had the first month where we did not import oil from people who hate us, while exporting oil that contributed coin to the treasury: that is not a small thing-that was a competence issue.

Or even better yet, represented by our feckless inability to disengage from foreign “skirmishes,” best exemplified by our failure to get the tar baby of Afghanistan off our proverbial sneaker in an effort that was introducing a leftist inspired rainbow dream state coalition with delusional aspirations that had a vision for a third world country with very little in common with us becoming a democracy, giving up heroin and drug production for nothing tangible that we could offer, while dosing a society still mired in 14th century ways-fighting the introduction of running water and indoor toilets-use of toilet paper-replete with a culture of pedophilia-by using modern day leftist happy speak dogma and throwing money at them.

It turned out the “Donald” had a magic wand, and it is called competence: and he was not shy about bashing his critics with it.

That’s what he is guilty of-solving problems the swamp let fester for years-decades-calling out swamp creatures when and as necessary-going after freeloader nations that have been paying lip service to the expenditure of US treasure in terms of our most precious asset-our people, dollars and military equipment over the years, backing off ridiculous policy and artificial restraints-such as bureaucratic red tape that was choking the economy and progress-and incentivizing manufacturing, which the elites in the swamp said “was never coming back”: they were cocksure about that because they had legislation written, enacted, and in process that made it so.

And why was that-why would our elected officials incentivize manufacturing in other countries-even those hostile to our philosophy and way of life-while condemning the US to becoming a “consumer nation,” with no-or very little capability for the means of production for nearly all major elements important to great nations to sustain an economic base-talking about food production, energy, pharmaceuticals, microchips, electronics, optics, automobile technology, battery technology, engine manufacturing-the list is staggering?

I’m a simple rancher, but one of the keys to becoming profitable in this business is mitigating the cost of feed-when the economy gets bad, and cost is going up-that’s too late to consider options to procure hay. The animals will not go on a diet because costs have gone up-you can’t rely on an unreliable market when the demand and cost explode around you-if you can’t solve the problem of supply on this small scale-you risk profitability and also going broke.

I think we saw a little bit of this play out recently with a typical congress “bells, whistles, rainbows, unicorns and lottery” microchip bill-and the news that Nanny Peloozi’s husband had invested millions of dollars in chip firms as the legislation was coming together: he is like Carnac when it comes to picking out these investments (winky, flipp’n winky.)

This is how the swamp people go into the swamp somewhat threadbare and struggling and come out rich. What unique talent do they bring to the swamp that allows every single one to excel like this?

Trump didn’t need that and there is no greater contrast of selfless service in government than comparing the two previous White House occupants-or three of the last five-and contrasting their actions and their wealth upon leaving office. But he’s Bad, he’s an Orange Man, and he sends mean tweets…

Trump personally took on-and made it personal-Nanny Peloozi and Chuck Schumer as well as the leadership RINO side of the swamp. From the RINO side, Trump came in with his magic wand of competence and discovered that all the RINO blather about big stuff-like Obamacare legislation, with all the hand wringing and appearances on television-was pure bluster. When push came to shove there was no executable replacement plan and the RINO’s flinched-they “clutched-choked,” particularly in the senate and specifically John McCain (RIP,) who caved at the last second and went back on what he said he would do. Did McCain do this because of Trump’s words and mean tweets-was he that small of a person? Or was this frank recognition that after nearly 10 years of bluster, bargle and aargh, the republicans had nothing feasible to replace Obamacare? And it does not matter except as an exemplar of what made Trump the great enemy that made him a target of the swamp-both sides.

He took on Peloozi specifically because she is a money raising ATM machine who is a king maker in the democrat party who never saw a piece of legislation she didn’t like, no matter how aberrant, contrary to our ideals-doesn’t matter. Oh-and she counted on Trump for decades to contribute feed for the democrat beak-and he was glad to oblige to get his projects and objectives “greased” with the green that fuels the swamp.

His battles with Representative Nadler in New York over the years as Nadler rose through the system to the US congress exemplify to a great degree why there is seemingly a “get Trump at any cost mentality” among many democrats. He is an enemy to many politicians who he defeated in the courts over the years and if there is one thing Trump has consistently stuck to, it is a penchant to rub salt in the wounds of those he vanquished when they brought ill-considered, near frivolous lawsuits against him: just because.”

The New York AG lawsuit is one such action: does anybody who knows anything about business and tax accounting think a lawsuit whose centerpiece is the premise that a real estate mogul “fudged the books to finesse loans,” but has consistently passed IRS muster-where it is going to be problematic to identify actual harm-is going to go down in such a lawsuit-or is it more of the feed “bad news in the newsLSMBTG strategy to feed bad information-even if you have to make it up-to attack Trump’s popularity?

But he elevated himself as public enemy number one by calling out these swamp creatures who have been in office for decades and yet have failed to solve enduring American problems, while spreading taxpayer dollars throughout the globalist enterprise while totally disregarding enduring American problems where dollars could make a difference: illegal immigration and the border, the fentanyl issue that pushed drug related overdose deaths to over 100k last year, the homelessness mental health and drug issues that count some >600K destitute citizens-and growing, human trafficking and pedophilia issues-particularly the exacerbation of these issues by feckless border policies that have enriched the cartels and lack humanitarian empathy for the plight of those poor souls who buy the narrative that if they can just get here, the social welfare state will take care of them, black and Hispanic issues that get a lot of LSMBTGlove” leading up to elections, then nothing, and especially the economy-and dozens of other issues where he provided solutions where he had to fight the swamp every inch of the way to achieve goals.

While the above may be obvious and a bit simplistic, what Trump did was call it out-all of it. And what the swamp did was what any con man or habitual cheat would do to protect their livelihood. They fought back-they formed up their allies that I call the LSMBTG-they applied Saul Alinsky rules in a feverish attempt to distort Trump’s message, undermine his effectiveness, blunt all the success he had that had made him a lot of money and an internationally known persona, and when none of that seemed to work-as evidenced by the fact that-he relished the attention, he managed to stay several steps ahead of the LSMBTG dullards, and despite his popularity waning among the swamp creatures base-who bought the script hook, line, sinker and Nikes, his consistent ability to raise cash-at a time when he did not need it, coupled by the enthusiasm he generated at any event he attended-set off alarm bells within the swamp that required a whole new strategery.

Russia, Russia Russia and the Pee Pee Hoax resulted-but it didn’t stop him.

I’ve blown past and failed to get back to my follow-up on Garland-but my excuse is a lot of it is obvious. So is most of the above, as well. However, a friend of mine says that in order for something to become a “blinding flash of the obvious,” somebody has to say it: you’re welcome😊

Max Dribbler

7 August 20221

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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