The Shot Heard Round the World

Parts 1-3 covered the unprecedented Biden administration DOJ and FBI deep state raid on United States of America 45th President, Donald J. Trump’s home: nothing is sacred-cause-Trump.

The Biden administration was willing to throw away 247 years of precedent to do this because Trump refused to keep the files in his office in alphabetical order as required by the Logan Act, er, I mean NARA: most people have never heard of them, and they are about as applicable as abuse of the Dewey Decimal System.

The Logan act was of course the arcane “you better not collude and side with foreigners against the US while wearing your powdered wig” act that had also never been invoked in US history-until US Army retired Patriot counter terrorism expert LTG Michael Flynn was targeted by Obama who hated him-loathed him-enough to seek any recourse to prevent Flynn from being brought in by Trump-and why? Two main reasons-Mike never abided by the prohibition under Obama of not speaking about the Global War on Terror or not referring to Radical Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism as, well, that.

But more to the point that Mike Flynn-uniquely among the supporters of Trump-was the one-man savvy and experienced enough to unearth the malfeasance and unholy alliance perpetrated against Trump by the intelligence community (IC) using Five Eyes, PATRIOT Act provisions, FBI counter-intelligence authority and abuse of the FISA courts to smear and hound Trump’s Team. He clearly had to go…

Also-wait just a Lesko minute, was it Joe Biden who first raised that “Logan Act” idea to Acting AG Yates? Man, I think it was-that Biden is a precedent breaking ceiling demolisher machine-he’s got an incoherent woman as his VP who vacillates between claiming blackness-and being voted out of that club by blacks who hear her speak (ain’t happening homes,) an incompetent letter person as his spokesperson whose specialty is, er, well, she can’t speak or think on her feet very well-but she is a letterperson and the first to be so applied (eminently qualified,) he’s got the first female Admiral as Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services-whose name is Dick-and I won’t go there-but a female-and no jokes about the ceiling break-but Dick was one of USA Today’s Woman of the Year for 2022-so, otay-totally legit, and Biden has what can only be described as an “amorphous thing” as a Deputy assistant Secretary for waste and spent fuel disposition (this link is not for the faint of heart) in the Department of Energy-who nobody except Dick will get close enough to know, but appears to have been too familiar with the fissile material at some point in time (if you get the drift I’m drifting.)

Biden also has the first black SECDEF who is in stiff competition to be the worst ever, he has a white rage investigator whose daytime job is Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff who may be the worst military advisor and prognosticator in the history of the JCS-but that’s Trump’s fault, he has a DOJ who could have been a legend in the Supreme Court but is forgetful-he forgot that he colluded to go after parents in Loudoun and also that he signed some obscure warrant-I mean he’s done thousands of them-for some guy named Thump, Thumb-something like that, he has a little smarmy dictator running the FBI whose idea of a good time is to launch 30 people, battering rams, automatic weapons, sniper rifles to call on people suspected of trespassing or interfering with an official function, while setting a precedent for raiding people cooperating with his office on investigations that are apparently not cooperating fast enough.

And he has a Secretary of Transportation who has gone one better than the Obama lame slogans and ideas-you don’t need to learn to code anymore, but you do need to buy an electric car-immediately-to save on gas and triple your electric bill-which should drive down oil demand-but maybe not coal used to power most electric plants-and it might raise your electric bill so its like the summer cycle and air conditioning all year round-but you won’t have to buy gas!

And you can save money by staying in the car when its hot or cold-cause you can just run the air while sitting in the garage without starting the car-I’m telling you, this Bootyguy-he’s smaht-not like they say. Then there is Biden’s energy person-much like the Bootyguy-she drives a car-so eminently qualified, and she is savvy-so the oil, gasoline and natural gas issues in this country-Putin’s fault, not Biden’s, nothing that can be done about it.

Which brings us to what could perhaps be the one knife in the draw that is so dull that it could never be used to cut anything-the DHS-who is touting a secure southern border and sticking to it. And-yes-he is still touting the lunacy that his priority is not border security, but “equity.” We should give the countries allowing these illegal aliens to pass through cards in Spanish and Spanglish that say, “I’m looking for equity” (the back says-but she’s not here.)

With every card collected from an illegal we should deduct 100k from Mexican aid and 50K from whatever country they are from-and $1 from Mayorkas’ government salary. He acknowledged that the border “challenge” is exacerbating drug related deaths in this country-where fentanyl supply drove overdose deaths over 100K in 2021-a direct result of our porous “secure” border-but this was mere acknowledgement of a “hand wringing” bother or concern and not any evidence that a plan is underway to stop the flow (probably because the border is secure…) Imagine if murders from firearms approached this figure-would there be an outcry from liberals, leftists, politicians and the LSMBTG?

So have no fear, Mayorkas is here! The border is “secure,” but the Cartels are lighting up the northern tier of Mexican towns to determine who runs the gravy train-that produces a reported 7K per illegal to get them to the “secure border”-and if there were only 10K illegals a month-you can do the math (70M)-but the numbers are much greater than that-at least being reported-but that is what defines and drives our illegal immigration problem and the violence to our south. Any veneer of truth in his ongoing testimony is so easily debunked it reads like the exemplar template to impeach a cabinet member: but that ain’t happening.

The Biden admin and their LSMBTG pundits and supporters seem glad to see the Trump raid having been accomplished, confirming a total lack of introspection and understanding of that old saying about the “shoe being on the other foot” or “do onto others.” I think I just saw a breaking story flash by that Trump was playing golf and he skipped a hole-and it turns out, it’s a hole that does not suit his game: the guy is out of control. The image that comes to mind with the LSMBTG is of a cow that has roamed too close to the pond and the fish think goodies or feed has been deposited for them: all have gathered for a tasty morsel…

We’ve already been treated to one Pee Pee Hoax-but another toilet themed effort broke out in the last week complete with picture of toilet with notes in it by a usual suspect, never-Trumper-Russia Russia Russia hoax hysterical blabbermouth who likely still believes it (it pays for the articles.) It’s not worth a link to the story but it will be worth a look at the Babylon Bee to see the humor (Trump denies eating corn for dinner-the truth is dug out by a crap crack journalist-Trump’s out of control.)

Trump must pay dearly for outing the swamp political con and not showing any remorse-although they never offered, and he never considered it. This communications mode of the day-indeed the 21st century-was practiced and polished to master class level during the Obama-Ben Rhoades years-with the entire Iran nuclear negotiation propaganda lies a clinic for information operation campaigns that should be taught at our military academies and schools-of course, in between important stuff-that isn’t being taught (winky, winky) like Critical Racism Theory and gender as religion. Who else would have had the bagels to peddle the nonsense story-could have pulled it off-touting the emergence of a moderate group in the Iran of the “Death to America and Israel” crew?

This effort morphed into action in the latter stages of the administration as they discovered it to be just as effective-in fact, moreso-because it was easier to do and it spread faster-when used for anti-message or soft-lies during the Trump era by leveraging an ever expanding use and abuse of a disinterested (in the truth or facts) LSMBTG-as long as its friends-and a “bijee, bijee, bijee” congressional oversight staff doing naval gazing-can handpick and then channel to them (the LSMBTG) winning election issues. While disingenuously and dishonesty covering for, but largely ignoring and hiding stuff like Burisma, Hunter’s laptop, the ramifications of Bidens crass bribery effort hiding this stuff, which may someday be dealt with through some freedom of information act request years after the fact-beyond the statute of limitations-which has become the unholy precedent set in the 21st century.

Of note this past week-Judge Roy Moore who was infamously smeared by a democrat PAC during the closing month of the 2017 Alabama governor race-who came to public attention and the proverbial barrel of the left’s guns with a big crime- according to the left-when he allowed the placement of the 10 commandments on government property-until it turned out that-yes-he had inappropriate relations with a teenager, in fact many former teenagers. He recently won his defamation lawsuit->8m.

It was all BS and unprovable-but who cares now? To belabor my point with the above-the new normal is the smear heard round the world via every LSMBTG outlet available, and the righteous clear in the form of a lawsuit-that takes nearly 4 years to get justice on, at a point when everybody has moved on-slinks into the news on page 16 just below Grace’s weekly recipe for corn fritters.

And if need be, the DOJ and FBI will get engaged to opt to raid-with crushing force-those they are talking with who are cooperating in investigations: that is also somewhat unprecedented-unnecessary-and in the case of these oh-dark thirty, vigilante like overkill demonstrations of government might, power and ultimate authority-particularly in rural America-fraught with danger for both sides. The risk of miscommunications, misunderstandings and miscalculations would not seem to warrant such actions when there are local authorities who can assist-particularly with those already cooperating.

I related in Part 2 how it suddenly dawned on AG Garland that, yes, he had signed something approving the action on Trump, but it was very limited in scope (and he didn’t say it, but I heard “but I certainly didn’t authorize them to break the locks and take the documents that we had asked him to secure the last time we were there in June.”) How did we get to this becoming the norm in the 21st century? Is this the government and society we aspire to?

AG Garland also showed that he can be a practical joker, as despite cratering public opinion of the politicized organization he heads, he observed:

Garland defensively claimed that “attacks” on his agents and prosecutors are “unfounded” and “unfair.”

“Men and women of the FBI and the Justice Department are dedicated patriotic public servants. Every day, they protect the American people from violent crime, terrorism, and other threats to their safety while safeguarding our civil rights. They do so at great personal sacrifice and risk to themselves. I am honored to work alongside them,” Garland said.

Since he apparently initially misremembered about approving the raid, perhaps he has also forgotten why people might make such comments about the out of control, political, malfeasance plagued DOJ and FBI.

Tell that to Loudoun County Va parents AG Garland. Perhaps Garland is a bit too busy with “stuff” to remember-that we remember-he is the same Biden administration official who recently colluded with the National School Boards Association to target parents-and at the very least “misspoke” about the collusion that had occurred between the government and the NSBA to get the verbiage “just right“ to trigger federal involvement because of the use of the “T word-terrorism” -just a short time ago.

Tell that to the dupes setup in the Michigan Governor kidnapping setup AG Garland. He is a busy man, so perhaps he also missed the news-well covered in this American Free News Network article about all the drama unfolding in the courts in the Michigan Governor kidnapping case, where the FBI agents under cover and their paid informants have emerged as the only credible persons involved who could have pulled off the caper-which is why they took lead and point on just about every aspect of the operation.

In a classic case of triggering your own ambush, some of the video shown in the court had the FBI and their paid informant’s car in the driveway of the home the group was casing-but none of the actual “terrorists” charged in the case-because they were so inept, they got lost and didn’t make it: thank goodness the FBI was there to pick up the slack. It was recently revealed in court-the FBI planted explosives in one of the “conspirators’ cars” in order to have a “bigger bang” of a story when they arrested him (pun intended.)

This October 2020 election surprise intended to cripple Trump-in conjunction with all the ink the LSMBTG could throw at this story touting how the “Bad Orange Man’s” words had consequences and were dangerous-produced more LSMBTG ink and blather in a short span than the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax-which probably would not have worked this time-and unnecessary for true believers. But the Michigan setup has proven to be an FBI embarrassment for the ages.

But there is no way to get back any of those voters who bought this Michigan kidnapping October surprise thing.

Come to think about it, Garland might not have heard of the other October 2020 surprise where the FBI had received Hunter Biden’s laptop months before but did a “mum’s the word” action on it, stalling to get through the election like it was HRC’s Wiener laptop email problem, in an act reminiscent of an “ecoutez et repetez” action from the September-October 2016 timeframe. Until the poor computer repairman at the center of the controversy had to come public and was pilloried for it.

Wasn’t there a tangential-or main controversy where 51 elite intelligence community hacks led by Leon Paneta, former DNI Clapper and former CIA Director Brennan penned a letter that asserted they had no evidence whatsoever to back it up, but the Hunter laptop had all the earmarks of-you guessed it-a Russia, Russia, Russia information operation? They were just say’n!

Tell that tale of “woe is the DOJ and FBI men and woman of honor” to the Gulag prisoners in DC who can’t get a change of venue nor a fair trial in the DC swamp. I covered the national disgrace that is the treatment of those involved in the 6 Jan 2021 insurrection that was not an insurrection-according to the FBI-but that has not stopped the DOJ from treating those arrested like Soviet citizens interned in an American version of the infamous gulags. As if the un-American lawlessness, hysteria, manufactured “insurrection” wasn’t enough on our senses, much of the documentary evidence has not been released-unless it supports the narrative of the “Stasi insurrection committee”, including thousands of hours of video, documents related to security decisions made-or not made-by responsible individuals including specifically Nancy Pelosi and the Capital Police and the rest.

Also somewhat puzzlingly, the identity of the pipe bomber has not been discovered in spite of video coverage of their actions-some of which similarly has not been released like part of the 2d video that has the main view to the action, nor has any information related to the obvious use of a cell phone during the acts-nor any other relevant information emerged to track this person down. Were there FBI rabble rousers leading the crowd-leveraging the talents of men like Ray Epps to do barrier take downs before the main crowd arrived-only to find no such security identifying the restricted area? It’s like phffft, next question!

Yet the FBI found time to raid-and mis-raid (raided folks by mistake that were misidentified on video that we still haven’t seen) people from Texas to Alaska in pursuit of American citizens who cared enough about our republic to travel to the capital that day to have their voices heard. They’ve used sophisticated cell phone logs, SIGINT (government Signals Intelligence capability,) financial transaction data, social media, other elements of the LSMBTG to track people down and hold them accountable for what amounts to a trespassing charge-although they have tried to add terrorist resonators to charges as if that term applies here.

I ran long again-Part 5 continues this thread.

Max Dribbler

14 August 20221

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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