This is a 40 Year Fight…or More

As I was rocking my 18 month old grandson to sleep last night, I thought how lucky I’ll be if I live vigorously enough for him to know me as his grandfather when he is 10. I wish I could see him as a young man of 20. That’s very unlikely given my family DNA. I’m 71 now. So, it’s more wistful thinking than wishful planning. Yet, as I prayed over him to grow to be a good, strong, brave Christian man, I was sorry I couldn’t be with him in the fights to come.

When this, my youngest, grandchild is 20 there’ll still be a lot more fighting to do to win our Great U.S. Culture War. It took us 60 years to get here where it looks like the Commies are in power across key institutions. It’ll take at least 40 years to pull them down from power and pull them out of our soil.

Consider how America got to this place through time. From 1776 to 1962 there was one consensus American Culture. The consensus culture set the stage for our American Civilization to evolve through the years. The political ideas of that culture ranged from Thomas Jefferson for less government, especially Federal Government, to Alexander Hamilton for more government. The consensus culture kluged together four distinct and antagonistic sub-cultures.

The sub-cultures from the 13 colonies were – and continue as evolved – Tidewater Cavalier, New England Puritan, Middle Atlantic Quaker and Mennonite, and Frontier Scot-Irish. New sub-cultures have been added to the mix with Urban Jewish, Urban Black, and Hispanic – in many ethnicities, but especially Mexican. Asian sub-cultures are growing and have yet to be determined how distinctly they will stand out in the fabric of America.

From 1789 to 1962 the ideas of the French Revolution, which are the mouthful as “Human Secular Totalitarianism” evolved as Marxism, Socialism, Communism, National Socialism, Fascism, Liberalism, Progressivism, Green and Climate Change cults, Critical Race Theory and Cultural Marxism.

The majority in the New England and Middle Atlantic sub-cultures – and everywhere they transplanted on the West Coast and in large urban areas believe in the basic ideas of Human Secular Totalitarianism.

Slowly, they walked away from the Christian God of the Holy Bible and held close the Liberal trinity of race, class (privilege), and genders to worship the small god of “Self.” They are sub-servient proles to governments. Government fills roles the individual, families, communities, and churches used to do. Overwhelmingly, Black Americans are loyal to the Commie political party – the Democrats – and stay on the government plantation. That may change soon, hopefully.

The other side is a majority in the South, frontier West, and rural areas across the whole country. They hold the same basic ideas as the Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, the 1787 Constitution and Bill of Rights. They call themselves “Conservative”, although many accept the un-Constitutional notions of greatly expanded Federal powers since 1900. Events may force them back to the Federalism argued in the Federalist Papers.

The two antithetical worldviews – weltanschauung for another German term – came into public conflict when a majority of the Supreme Court knew they could challenge the Christian religion successfully. It was 1962.

Since then, the Human Secularist Totalitarians – Commies for short – gained control of the institutions of government – including the military, business, education, media, arts and entertainment, some churches in religion as an institution, and many families.

Defeating the Commies means voting out every possible Democrat and Establishment Republican in 2022 and 2024. But, that doesn’t end the Culture War.

The institutions have to be cleaned out top to bottom and – or – alternative, better institutions have to be built.

Government and the military have no viable alternatives. It’s time for a thorough John Knox Scottish Reformation or good Inquisition – choose your metaphor. The Deep State must be rooted out. The training and education base must be fixed.

Education and Religion, likewise, require the degree-granting organizations be changed or replaced by better, new ones.

Media, Arts and Entertainment will fade before well-funded competition when the tech oligarchs and social network dictators are broken up as much and more than the Trusts were in the late 1800s.

Business will conform to competition when their insidious subservience to China and interference from woke governments are rectified.

This is at least a 40 year fight. Get two generations of American Civilization shaped by a traditional, pro-American, consensus culture.

I wish I was 40 years younger to be in the fight every step of the way.

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2 thoughts on “This is a 40 Year Fight…or More”

  1. My grandparents conservative books from the 40s to 90s show what this battle is about. While you have 6 years on me, I may have another 25 years to go in this fight.

    The interesting thing is it took Chris Hedges and Ralph Nader to warn me on the coming troubles along with my own sense of right and wrong.

    Since 1973, the structure of government – the framework – has been an interest I’ve taken to. However, it’s the people who make it work as designed. Bringing theory and practice back together is this struggle.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I found James Davison Hunter put together the Culture War as it is – in what is probably his PhD thesis around 1989. It took my to 98-99 to put together the same situational awareness as he did a decade earlier. His book Culture Wars and the follow up Before the Shooting Starts are excellent.

    Getrude Himmelfarb’s books about the Enlightenment and One Nation, Two Cultures are scholarly exposition of the ideological roots.

    I taught Public Administration at West Point a long time ago. The structure of government and the way people work in it always has a tension between too much in detailed processes and rules, etc vs too much administrative discretion. People being people abuse both ends of the spectrum and apply reforms – which when different people work under the new structure, it doesn’t work well and needs more reforms. Something of an endless motion machine.

    My fav is the story about how Amos Kendall made the USPS a mess for almost one hundred years after he was postmaster. When he was postmaster he was touted, rightfully so, for doing a great job!

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