What We’ve Learned or Affirmed from This Pandemic (Part 2)

Greetings my fellow Americans!

In Part 1 of this article, I highlighted governmental and large private corporate behavior observed during the COVID-19 pandemic which introduced, and/or reinforced, notions of corruption and collusion within and between these entities.  In this Part 2, I’d like to share some thoughts about the public’s reaction and conduct as this “crisis” was both foisted upon us, then perpetuated, through what has proven to be misinformation, disinformation and censorship:

  • Many will immediately believe whatever they see and hear via mass media, especially if it’s of the doomsday variety. “We’re all in this together” was the global mantra from Day 1 of this so-called global health crisis.  Had it not been so well orchestrated and coordinated between big government and big media from the beginning it might have seemed more authentic.  As it was, that such a coordinated and synchronized message could be propagated that quickly by anyone in the public sector, let alone across the entire globe, made this whole “emergency” a farce from the outset.  Meanwhile, most regular consumers of television and the Internet immediately bought into it, in prime War of the Worlds fashion (because everything we see and hear on television and Facebook is believable, don’t you know).
  • Many church leaders are quite willing to toe the government line. I personally found this to be a quite disappointing and discouraging expose’ of weakness where strength, courage, and resolve in the face of direct violations of basic, Creator-endowed rights (not to mention our codified law of the same, vis-à-vis the U.S. Constitution) was most needed.  As I mentioned in Part 1—and although I’ve been openly skeptical of the timing of this pandemic from the beginning—I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt on the original “15 days to flatten the curve” to those who had come to believe that our public health officials could be trusted to give us the best advice available, and that recommending that almost everything be shut down would be something they would never do without real and credible cause.  However, once it was clear that their naughty-nice lists were politically motivated, and, for example, big box stores could remain open while the neighborhood mom-and-pop could not, and liquor stores and pot shops were deemed “essential,” and that at least some state and national “directors of health” were issuing written guidelines on how to have safe orgies during a pandemic while churches were still on mandatory lockdown, it is dumbfounding that the clamor from church leaders and clergy (and, frankly, their congregations) was anything less than ear-splitting.
  • Many do not know nor understand human history, nor America. I’m almost willing to give our current generations a bit of a pass on this, because the vast majority of us were not around in 1918 when the Spanish flu was a thing.  That said, we were constantly reminded of how that generation purportedly and readily complied with the governmental guidelines of there day to mask up, social distance, etc.  To the extent that such U.S. precedent was already set (during this or any other declared national emergency), we were already on that slippery unconstitutional slope without clearly realizing it.
  • Many would rather comply with rules to which they object than stand out from the crowd or otherwise put their current way of life in any jeopardy. And some will always do whatever the government says, no matter what.  Masks and shots are the cases in point here.  Granted, there has been much propaganda and censorship regarding the efficacy and/or harm of both, but the seeming lack of general interest from local healthcare professionals in the merits of narratives which have dissented from that put forth by those in government, especially those from medical professionals previously recognized as exemplary in the field of epidemiology (Drs. Peter McCullough, Vladimir Zelenko, Simone Gold and the rest of America’s Frontline Doctors, just to name a few), casts a shadow of corruption and politicization over the entire healthcare industry.

No less disheartening has been the willingness of many in the general public to allow substances with little history of existence and efficacy to be placed into their bodies because they’re told they have to.  While I recognize the myriad of reasons why someone would tacitly allow this (from pre-existing health conditions to being required to remain employed), the prevalent lack of overt individual critical thinking about the consequences of allowing a foreign and relatively unknown substance to be injected directly into one’s bloodstream (for reasons) has been both telling and disturbing.

  • All humans are as fallen as they’ve ever been. We’ve fancied ourselves as more civilized and technologically advanced than all other people who walked this planet before us.  While that may be partially true on the surface, what does it say about us when that advanced technology can still be used against us, and those in whom we’ve placed implicit trust have no qualms about taking full advantage of that naivete and inability to distinguish right from wrong?  Or when money can compel those entrusted with the general public health to dismiss and/or ignore definitive scientific evidence of treatments which are proven to be more effective but discouraged by the government, or to speciously diagnose a cause of illness or death because the government is willing to pay extra for those diagnoses?

What have we learned from this pandemic, to prevent governments and corporations from arbitrarily revoking our God-given rights and liberties again?  I fear the answer is absolutely nothing, and pray that I am wrong

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2 thoughts on “What We’ve Learned or Affirmed from This Pandemic (Part 2)”

  1. Jeff, a percentage ( ~40?) many are totally immersed in Mass Formation Psychosis.
    It is discouraging… I saw an Octogenarian at Aldi in the parking lot, pushing her cart, 85F WEARING an face diaper! Argh….

  2. Superb analysis!
    Touched on the major issues, but so many remain to be discussed. I fear that the age of mass communication (everyone gets a voice, and a trophy) is the modern equivalent of “divide and conquer.” Nobody knows what to believe and nobody things for themselves any more.

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