Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

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For anyone of sound mind who hasn’t been in a coma for the past 2-plus years, it will come as no surprise that our American way of life has been significantly (and perhaps permanently) hamstrung by the likes of people claiming to want to “keep us safe.” While many seem to appreciate and support the notion that others are protecting them by any means necessary, and are willingly surrendering their freedom to perform such basic acts as, among others, breathing fresh air, anyone with any depth of understanding of the founding principles of these United States of America (especially the “whys” behind them) is likely suffering at least some angst, if not complete outrage, at the way the individual rights of American citizens to deal with this so-called crisis have been disregarded and/or trampled upon by those supposedly altruistic “others.”

What may be less obvious to many is how this aforementioned litany of self-proclaimed societal wrong-righters has incrementally and systematically eroded our shared American spirit and autonomy over at least the last 100 years. Through a series of purported society-improving actions, put into high-gear by the bully-pulpit approach of President Teddy Roosevelt in the early 20th century which has been adopted by virtually every Chief Executive of the United States since, we have been brought to a general ambivalence and, in some cases, disdain, for the rugged individualism that encapsulated the essence of what it has meant to be “American” for the sake of making us healthier, smarter, safer, etc.

More recently, perhaps as some have begun to wise up to the power grabs at the heart of these central government mandates and guidelines, a series of crises (education, poverty, racism, climate, etc.) have been declared, to strike fear in the hearts of the governed and grease the skids for centralized government programs and bureaucracies to be created (and/or sustained) in perpetuity to deal with each, the COVID-19 “pandemic” being the most recent of these. Further, as each crisis continues, and the next declared is stacked atop the previous (never to be solved along with the others), we find increasing anti-American sentiment propelling the agendas of each, such that the proposed solutions include joining the world community (i.e., “we’re all in this together”) in a chorus of denouncing America and western culture and modernization as the root cause of all ills, with calls for the demise of its “earth-destroying” and “unfair” predicates. And these changes must occur now, before it’s too late!

While it’s hard to say when this fully escalated, I believe we are now in an all-out psyop-based war with the enemies of America (both foreign and domestic). It is a war for the very hearts and minds of people within our national borders as well as around the world, and is being waged largely from within the institutions of our own governments as well as entertainment and news media. Our enemies have brilliantly and insidiously taken over much of this apparatus, both to generate anti-American propaganda and to permanently rend those elements from their Constitutional moorings.

While I’ll leave for future writings the details of how this takeover was accomplished, it is clear that the inflaming of emotions is the cornerstone of our enemies’ strategy. What better way to conquer a superior opponent than to shake his confidence and trust in his superiority? What could be more perfect than to vanquish an enemy while leaving his assets and natural resources intact? And not within a single theater of, or temporal, battle, but across a wide spectrum of issues and spanning generations of American history? Enter the contemporary crisis, now the most powerful weapon of cultural mass destruction in this modern method of warfare.

Global cooling/global warming/climate change and COVID-19 are two of the most recent and famous examples of this weapon, though our enemy has been working to perfect these WMDs for a long time. They also needed to sufficiently establish the proper strike environment to maximize the collateral damage which would be inflicted, through incremental and benevolent accumulation of government power and trust over the basic elements of human survival. A mass proliferation and delivery system was also essential (enter TV, movies and social media), both to create that conducive environment and to transport the payload.

What was/is the payload? Information, or rather, propaganda disguised as information. Through an elegant convergence of news and entertainment, coupled with selective censorship, the people responsible for enabling others to experience the world vicariously through them and their data channels have successfully produced webs of narratives to compel many to believe that they must surrender their American ways of life in order to survive.

While the basis for this method of warfare is not new (even the serpent in the Garden of Eden spoke with a forked tongue), what is unique to the late 20th-21st-Century version is the scale of the proliferation and delivery system which has been used to effectively brainwash a multitude of people simultaneously. It has been the equivalent of a nuclear-style propaganda stealth bomb in its coverage and seeming effectiveness.

Those who have been most psychologically manipulated by this instrument of American devastation do not even realize they have been. They are now so immersed in a discourse of fear, guilt and faith in government, built on fantasy tales and empty promises, that they seem solidly convinced that the reality they are being fed daily is the only one possible.

And the collateral damage from this weapon? Widespread damage to our shared American psyche and discourse. We have officially been the United States of America for 245 years, but we are perhaps as far from United in the principles of America now as we have ever been since our founding, and will continue to drift apart under the campaign of division now in operation against us.

What is hopefully now obvious to most who oppose the objectives of the anti-American faction is that this is a war we cannot win with a conventional militia, nor with conventional weapons (though we may be able to score a few head-turning skirmishes along the way). What should also be obvious is that our opponents have abandoned any semblance of rules of engagement, and will continue running circles around anyone trying to color within the lines of our current systems of laws and ethics. Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem, to quote Thomas Jefferson.

Information technology has been a great boon to our American society, but it now threatens to be the method of our demise if we don’t quickly learn how to use it more effectively than those who have weaponized it against us, and/or to find other means by which to reconnect at least some of our human brethren to the reality outside of the daily brainwashing to which they are now blind, and asleep. More to come on this as well in future posts.

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2 thoughts on “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”

  1. Yea, but . . . . the Right / conservatives, etc. are too fragmented and . . . . well independent individualists.
    Everyone get over being that way for this struggle. Uniting is the way forward.
    I find great value in Non-Violent Action. Yes, a tool of the Left, but it’s a universal tool for anyone to use.
    Gene Sharp – the American godfather of NVA

  2. Social media used to be effective, but it now is a primary tool of the globalists to identify, censor, and target “the resistance”, i.e., those of us that see through the PSYOP and the charade and cherish individual liberties. We need Trump or his clone to fight this dragon.


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