Lying by Omission

The absence of government truth equals lying by omission. The only thing scarcer than baby formula today is truth. Particularly out of the mouths of federal government employees. Elected and non-elected.

Politicians lead the parade of lies, closely followed, if not actually led, by the liberal media. With most collegiate academics seated in the third row.

Leftist oligarchs (e.g., Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg) send in checks.

With the advent and spread of the World Wide Web, Americans know more than ever before. It’s not the absence of information for which we hunger, it’s the questionable veracity of what we’re told that renders us increasingly skeptical.

So, here’s a short list of things that I don’t know. Feel free to enlighten me if you have definitive answers. And, feel free to add your questions to the list.

Lying By OmissionOnce upon a time, long ago, I took a multi-month class in the building shown here. It no longer exists. It stood in a suburb of Baltimore. It was part of an Army school that eventually relocated to Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

One of the instructors there was a USMC Major who referred to the class as “gentlemen,” noting that all had enlisted and that all were college graduates. One day he said, “Gentlemen, question everything.” He said a couple of other things of a more graphic nature that were relevant in warning us against ‘honey traps.”

I have an inventory of things I don’t know. Or don’t trust in their current explanation.

Here are a dozen, in no particular order:

  1. Who prematurely leaked Justice Alito’s memo ref. Roe v Wade? The FBI and the CIA can’t identify them? Really? Or, won’t.
  2. What was the motive of the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock? His bio reads like a legend.
  3. How did Jeffery Epstein fund his elaborate sex trafficking scheme involving young girls? Why did the FBI delay a search of his island? Who was the “John Roberts” on the manifest of the Lolita Express? Why was Attorney General Barr so definitive in stating that Jeff killed himself? Why was there no video in the prison? Why did former Israeli Premier Ehud Barak visit Jeff’s paradise island? Checking on his honey pot investment?
  4. Why did Trump permit his first DoJ AG, former Senator Jeff Sessions, to retain the Obama Appointed Attorney General for Utah, John W. Huber, who Sessions tasked to investigate the Uranium One matter, but then never held him accountable? There was no investigation.
  5. Did Trump not know that Bill Barr and Robert Mueller were very close personal and family friends?
  6. Why was former IRS Official Lois Lerner, Director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the Internal Revenue Service, allowed to retire and keep her pension?
  7. How many members of Antifa/BLM were arrested, convicted and jailed? Have any spent as much time in a federal lock-up as have some of the alleged January 6th “Insurrectionists”? And why was the Capital Police Officer who murdered unarmed Ashli Babbitt given a medal? Is shooting an unarmed woman considered a heroic deed?
  8. Are the DC Police still investigating the strange death of Seth Rich?
  9. Why was Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder and Obama “wingman” held in contempt of Congress, but never punished?
  10. So what was the liberal medias standard definition of a “peaceful protest” in reporting the many instances of the BLM/Antifa looting, property destruction and assaults on citizens in many larger cities? Who funded the two organizations?
  11. Where did the Uvalde, TX grade school shooter get his weapons? Who sold them to him? Where did he get the money to buy them?
  12. Will CNN and MSNBC ever mention former President William Jefferson Clinton’s role in The Budapest Memorandum of 1994? Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons when it became independent of Russia. It turned out to be an agreement written in beach sand.

That’s a short list. Feel free to add to it. Much more remains unanswered. And the list is growing.

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