Is the Red Wave Becoming a Red Trickle?

By John R.  “Buck” Surdu

I recently read this article and forwarded it to some friends, particularly one who strongly disagrees with my assertion that the Republicans are throwing away their advantages in the upcoming mid-term elections. The Red Wave may be in doubt. (It is possible for rational people to disagree.  Imagine that.)  The article asserts that the Democrats’ claims that they are making a comeback is fanciful.  Even Fox News shows the gap narrowing in fewer House seats they expect to flip red.  Within the last month, the Democrats have hidden Biden from the public to avoid his shotgun full of daily gaffes and angry rants, they have rammed through the Inflation Exacerbation Act, they have engaged in a Banana Republic reprisal against former President Trump, and Biden has unconstitutionally added $500B – $800B to the national debt to bribe voters.  Biden’s popularity has soared from 36% a month ago to 45% this morning.  In generic polling, the Democrats are gaining ground against the Republicans.

It is doubtful the Senate will flip red.  Just one seat will be huge, but not enough to overcome all the bad policies of Biden.  Republicans won’t have a veto-proof majority to dismantle the Inflation Exacerbation Act or Build Back Broker.  Democrats can be accused rightly of continuing to focus on Trump two years after he left office.  I think it is fair to blame Republicans for a similar derelict strategy.  Yes, they should be pointing out the failures of the Biden Junta.  More importantly, however, they should be offering up an alternative.  “Those guys suck,” perhaps true, is not an alternative.

Governor Newsome is buying airtime on Florida radio stations with lies about Florida and claims that if voters want freedom, they should move to the fascist state of Kalifornia.  The ad accused Governor DeSantis of racism, censorship, hate, and fascism.  This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.  After winning the Democrat primary, Charlie Crist said that all people who voted for Governor DeSantis have hate in their hearts, and he doesn’t want their vote.  Challenge accepted.  That bloviating vacuous political chameleon won’t get my vote.  This is the unifying discourse that Biden promised.  45% percent of likely voters are buying this claptrap.

In an astounding move that even Nancy Pelosi said was unconstitutional, Biden decided to forgive $10k or $20k of student debt.  Analysts with even elementary knowledge of mathematics (meaning they weren’t educated in US schools) estimate the cost is $500B or more.  Of course, Biden, his staff, and the media sycophants have declared that this will not add to the deficit or inflation, that it was paid for by the non-existent savings from the Inflation Exacerbation Act.

As an aside, some thoughts on forgiving student loans:

  • This will only encourage further ridiculous increases in tuition costs.  High tuition is caused by the government and student loans.
  • This is an obvious effort to buy votes.  As an article in the Daily Oklahoman from Sunday, December 9th, 1951, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government.  It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury.  After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.”
  • This is an incredible wealth transfer from the poor to the rich, like anti-Robin Hood.  This does not cancel or eliminate any debt; it merely transfers it to those who don’t own it.  College borrowers making six figures get a $10k gift from the government, but a person who borrowed money to buy a truck for his business gets to pay for that $10k gift.  A person who paid back his or her loans gets nothing.  Fiscal responsibility is punished.  Fiscal irresponsibility is rewarded.  Progressive “equity” means the government buys votes, and you pay.  And the Democrat party is the party of the ordinary person?
  • The Democrat party is the party of the college-educated Leftists and elitists.  Biden just gave them a gift, which he hopes will distract them from all his disastrous policies.
  • In a recent article, I described Florida’s plan to use veterans to fill vacant teaching positions.  In that article, I asserted that having teachers who have not been subjected to four years of political indoctrination would be better for our children.  This pandering to college students is an apparent attempt to encourage people to subject themselves to that political indoctrination.
  • The people who cannot pay off their degrees often major in stupid and frivolous subjects that add no value to the nation.  The nation does not need more majors in Renaissance poetry or anything that ends in “studies.” We need mathematicians, scientists (real scientists, not Fauci scientists), and engineers.  If your college degree does not have enough value to find a job and pay off your loan, it certainly doesn’t have enough value for me to pay it off for you!

45% of likely voters seem to have accepted this bribe.

Merely pointing out the disastrous effects of Democrats’ America-last policies is insufficient.  Republicans must provide a positive message about what they will do if given the reins.

If they offer anything, it is the promise of more politically motivated reprisals and investigations, their versions of Mar-a- for the Biden crime family.  Where are their unified, consistent, hopeful, actionable, and pro-America policies to close the border (we need a new equivalent of Ellis Island), fix our schools, return trust to once-trusted institutions, eliminate whole swaths of the Federal government, fix the economy, return to energy independence, refill the strategic petroleum reserve after giving our oil to China, kill the Green Bad Deal, eliminate wokeness in the military, etc.?  As far as I can tell, the only thing the Republicans have offered is that they will investigate the criminals within the Biden Regime.  That is deja vu.  People struggling to make ends meet thanks to Biden’s anti-American policies don’t care about elitist politicians (on both sides of the aisle) bashing each other.  Suppose the Republicans want to really and permanently win over independents.  In that case, they need to offer clear, practical, and feasible policies — in legislation, not executive orders — to bring the nation back from the brink of collapse and civil war.

Republicans stand for nothing!  It is time for them to stand FOR something instead of merely AGAINST Biden.

Republicans must stop letting Democrats and the media characterize them.  The media mischaracterized the Tea Party, which was about FISCAL conservatism.  Newsome, Biden, and the rest of the ruling junta are labeling Republicans, Conservatives, and “that MAGA movement” as evil, racist, fascist, and hateful.  The Democrat policies are the ones that are evil, racist, fascist, and hateful.  Look up those terms in the dictionary before the Left redefines them.  The Left (and the Democrats) employ the tactics of fascists: violence, intimidation, destruction, mandates, and censorship.  A candidate who won the Democrat primary in New York was caught on video gleefully declaring the victory of socialism.  Republicans need to brand themselves as the party of real progress, not progressivism.  This is not happening.

I have offered two articles recently with things the Republicans COULD stand for, but won’t.  If you haven’t read them, I ask that you do so.

I have even sent those articles to my Senators.  Though in general —not always — I like my Senators from the free state of Florida, I expect a merely pro forma response and no real action.  Since Regan, Republicans have demonstrated an inability to govern positively.

I joke with my friends that one day I hope to turn on all my electronic, labor-saving gizmos, and they won’t stop me from getting work done with unwelcome updates or failures.  I also joke that someday I hope to vote FOR someone for office instead of AGAINST someone else.  Republicans are not providing tangible policies that the people can vote FOR.  Merely pointing out the disasters of the Leftists, wokesters, Democrats, Marxists, and fascists who run our schools, our once-trusted institutions, and our government is not something to vote FOR.  I say again; Republicans stand for nothing.  They behave like the “Loyal Opposition Party” in The Mouse that Roared.  That must change.

Republicans MAY gain power in the House, but likely not in the Senate, and they will waste their opportunity with a modified January 6th investigation and tilting at windmills to dismantle the Injustice Department and reform the Secret Police.  They won’t decrease the size of government, meaningfully reform once-trusted institutions, fix the wokeness in the military, or fire 87,000 IRS commandos.  As I have said many times, Republicans are only slightly less heinous than Democrats.  They have shown that their great “strengths” are fighting each other, going along to get along, and losing gracefully.

Some friends think eliminating a handful of RINOs and Quislings has transformed the Republican party.  Where is evidence of a fundamental change?  I have seen NOTHING from the Republicans regarding a plan to govern.  To be sure, there are outspoken firebrands who are not afraid of fighting Democrat lies, but that is not the same as governing with clear, forward-looking policies that put America first, attract Independents, and perhaps flip the few Democrats who are not hard-core, America-hating Leftists.

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13 thoughts on “Is the Red Wave Becoming a Red Trickle?”

  1. Get rid of McConnell and we would gain a ten or more seat majority in the senate. He doesn’t care whether the Republicans have a majority or a minority, as long as he keeps his RINO clique. Look back at the Alabama senate races of recent vintage to see how McConnell behaves. He will throw money against a Republican that Trump endorsed, just because.
    My hopes have been dampened since the 2020 election. I will be pleasantly surprised if we win anything in the midterms, because I already expect the Democrats to steal a lot of seats. They have the machine functioning very well, and little has been done to even slow it down.

  2. Buck, your fatal mistake is assuming the RINO Establishment WANT to win. As Mark observes, they’re basically fat and happy running their Failure Theater grift as they always have playing Junior Coalition Partners rather than Opposition.

      • Not trying to diminish your well-written piece, amigo, just noting that these are dark and cynical times–frankly it might be better for us to NOT totally win this round, get just enough to put brakes on the crazy train but continue giving Dems plenty of room to inspire bowel-loosening stark terror in the Normies and thus drive the vote in ’24.

  3. I think Republicans will win back both the Senate and the House. History dictates this and all indicators, despite the liberal lying press, indicate this. Recession, record inflation, crime, corruption in FBI and DOJ, unpopular Prez all point to DemoKrat losses. I agree Republicans should have a new Contract With America to guide them, however. DemoKrats know they have lost and are backed into a corner. That is why they are desperate and lashing out like never before.

  4. Good assessment. You’ve eloquently transcribed the replies I have been scrawling on Republican’t fund raising mailers for years. They don’t stand for anything, and they don’t have a future vision (beyond getting elected or re-elected).

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