CRISIS – Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, there were no agencies within the Federal Government that were tasked with keeping us safe from our enemies foreign and domestic, there was simply a military and the 2nd Amendment.  Now there are two super departments; the National Security Agency (NSA) which monitors foreign issues and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which guards the borders and the homeland.  Exact employment figures are at best estimates, but the DHS is the third largest department in the Federal government behind Defense and Veterans Affairs.

 How do these behemoths grow?  Let’s look at the CIA as an example.  President Franklin Roosevelt wanted to know what the world was planning, so he tasked General Wild Bill Donavan to create the Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI) in 1941.  Apparently, impressed with the success of the group in not anticipating the Pearl Harbor attack, the name was changed to the Office of Strategic Services (OOS) in 1942.  

Following the disaster with Russia seizing Europe in the later stages of WWII, the name was changed to Strategic Services Unit (SSU) in the autumn of 1945.  Very quickly, that office failed to understand the vision of Mao in China, so they changed the name to Central Intelligence Group (CIG) in 1946.  Suffering from the embarrassment of not coming up with the phrase “The Cold War”, the name was changed for the final time in 1947 to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

 Unable to create more acronyms after each intelligence lapse, the CIA was combined with the National Security Council under the National Security Act of 1947, creating the NSA. And it continued to grow, stealing the wealth of American citizens while continuing the intelligence lapses.  

Between 1947 and 1953, under the tutelage of President Truman, the Agency grew six times bigger, expanding its operation to funding overseas operations.  One of the major surprises in 1949 was that Russia concluded developing the atomic bomb well before the estimated timeline.  The intelligence community was rocked when a note was handed to Truman saying that abnormal radioactive contamination was observed in the Pacific.  

I have nothing but respect for the members of the CIA who attempt to glean information from adversaries around the world that use far-greater security protocols than Hillary Clinton.  My issue is the size, because with each major surprise comes a larger organization.  “It did not work so add more people at taxpayer expense!!” 

In 2004, President Bush enacted the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Act, in response to the failure of the Intelligence Community to understand the evil nature of islamic terrorism.   Seventeen intelligence organizations were placed under one roof, including the CIA which expanded its operations.  Kudos to the new Director of National Intelligence.   

Not to be outdone, President Obama authorized the “modernization” of the CIA in 2015 due to the unexplained disaster in 2012 in Benghazi Libya.  Mission centers were created to improve the interaction and cooperation between the five directorates that comprise the CIA.  

Such is the growth of a Federal Agency, including the DHS, who absorbed 22 agencies in 2002, to streamline information and protect the homeland from attack after September 11th.   They do courageous things, but they miss so many things; invasions across the border, sex-trafficking and illegal drug transportation from China.  

The tentacles of the NSA and DHS are wrapped around each one of us, as all our electronic data is manipulated with algorithms to find issues which may fester into problems.  We turn our heads away when we hear about ‘unmasking” or FISA courts.  We are told not to worry because we are really not losing our freedom, we are gaining safety, unless of course, we do something wrong.  

If those statements are true, then why has the illegal drug smuggling not been completely eradicated?  If those statements are true, why are so many innocent American names “unmasked” for a corrupt media to exploit?  Sorry, the universal response to this violation of our rights should be absolute disgust, for these basic civil rights violations are due to the accumulation of power at the Federal level.   

If you want to prevent attacks on Americans around the world, if you want to stop the invasions planned by foreign adversaries, we need a military skilled in asymmetric warfare who will infect ten times the damage on those that dare attack us.  There is no need to follow-up with nation building, there is no need to create another Marshall plan, simply inflict a minimum of ten times the pain by either force or economic sanctions. 

Why weren’t we attacked during the previous presidency? Why?  President Teddy Roosevelt had it correct – carry a big stick.  The world knew that President Trump carried a big stick, and they knew that he would use it and he did, much to the disgust of the opposition party.  

I write this not knowing whether a posting on Breitbart is accurate or simply a farce.  Unfortunately, I have watched the actions of the NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI and all the rest over the closing months of the Trump administration and the opening of the Obama, sorry, I mean the Biden administration, so I believe it.

The DHS announced that there are three new potential Terror Threats to this Nation…  Breaking News: National Terrorism Alert ahead of 20th Anniversary of 9/11:  NBC Nightly News. 

#1.  Opposition to COVID measures.

#2.  Claims of election fraud, belief Trump can be reinstated.

#3.  9/11 Anniversary and religious holidays.

 As we know, there must be an element of truth in all fake reports in order for them to be believed.  I got that.  But we are witness to a draconian effort by government to force universal vaccinations with an experimental vaccine.  We have heard the current President proudly announce the creation of the largest voter fraud campaign in history, followed by numbers certified for the selection of the Electoral College that are mathematically impossible to replicate due to historical data.  And one must never lump islamic terrorism with the truth about what happened on September 11th, 2001.   And keep in mind, we allowed strip clubs to remain open but closed church services.

I have no idea what is going on.  I do know that We the People have the power.  I am at a loss trying to understand the hate toward this Nation as displayed daily by large corporations, the Tech monopolies, the media, the swamp, the marxist progressive democrats and spineless republicans who are using this generation to destroy this bastion of freedom.

Once upon a time, we were a free Nation.

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