Are You Better Off Today?

Are You Better Off Today? That question, asked by Ronald Reagan, reminds you to never forget what you have had to suffer through, in order to improve our condition. It requires you to remember where you were, and where you see things heading. Right now, things are not looking very good, when compared to the last administration’s gains, for everyone. Black unemployment was the best it had been in over forty years. The same can be said about the overall economy, much better. We weren’t fighting or starting any new wars, because someone had a policy that was borrowed from Reagan: Peace through strength.

We had a leader who, against all odds, because at every turn he was having to fight against an enemy in his own country, kept on doing what was right for the People, not the government. Play your games by saying his personality wasn’t the best, and he had a checkered past, or that he played the system. Fine, but his actions were what mattered, and those actions began to turn around a country in decline. Look at where we are, now. Almost everything good that Trump accomplished has been deleted by the strokes of a pen. Add to that how politicians have been turning away from Trump, only to betray themselves for the fools they are.

It gets boring to hear about the pettiness of a female House member who turned herself into a victim, then to claim she is now Lincoln-esque. You can only see how someone who is a Democrat, for all his career, will make one or two correct decisions about politics, then goes right back into condemning them by claiming ignorance on a key vote, the Inflation Reduction Act, for so long. We have those, on both ideological persuasions, who will steal from you, like a thief in the night. One very prominent Republican, and many not so prominent, but there.

My concern will be if we remember all these past events and really give them their due, because personality, as opposed to deeds, is a far cry from being right in our decision making, when it comes to voting for the right people, coming up very soon, and then again, in 2024. So, you like or dislike Trump. Fine. But, just remember that it was he who did most all those good things that you and I benefited from, nary one bill from a Republican Congress that lowered taxes and spurred on an improving economy.

Maybe, it is just me, but instead of trying to replace the good, with someone else, you might consider keeping the good and expanding on it, and throwing out all the trash that has been needed for decades. If the good is Trump, or DeSantis, that isn’t the problem. The problem is when we let all the other stuff slide, and forget how we got to this point, by not doing our own destroying. Destroy the enemy. They have become evil, and are saying we are terrorists, slandering what just happened to be the best direction the country has been in, in an awful long time. They have undone that, which is good, and replaced it with oppression, disguised in bills with titles that lie, and put on faces of tyranny and oppression. Look at that attempt at a self righteous face Biden puts on, done to put you and I in our place . Say he is mentally ill, all you want, but all I see is evil.

What will that take, if we don’t start acting with the unity, that the other side uses as a bromide? If we don’t start fighting back at the ballot box, would you rather have a bloody war, instead? Because that is inevitable if the former is left to rot and wither.

Don’t sit and listen to what some stupid poll says. Deal with the issue. Polls are meant to discourage one side or the other from participating, depending on who does the poll. Polls are therefore evil. If you hadn’t made up your mind on how you are going to vote for the midterms, by now, some poll won’t do anything to sway you, because you might just not care as much as you say.

We already know we are not better off today, so, deal with it!

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5 thoughts on “Are You Better Off Today?”

  1. “…Say he is mentally ill, all you want, but all I see is evil…”

    I believe one can be evil AND mentally ill, with Charles Manson as a prime example,

    • I won’t argue about any mental illness he might have, but as that is repeatedly mentioned, it gets to the point of being an excuse for his behavior. His actions imply, to me, that he is just an evil old man. Before, he was just evil. Now, he is old.

      Concerning Manson, I’m no expert on mental illness, but that is likely what caused a lot of his evil to come out. He was an expert manipulator, especially to those lost, wayward youth who came upon him, and committed crimes for him.
      It’s a tough subject, any way you slice it.

      • It certainly is.

        Though I never met Manson, I recall the first time I met Biden back in 1970, and I recognized immediately that there was a bad quality to him.

        • That video clip where he was announcing his first run at Congress, back in the 70s, made me glad he was never my congressman.
          I think the toughie figuring out whether it is mental illness that causes the evil, or vice versa, is probably one of those things that will never be understood. Biden has had a “schtick” of playing the local guy everyone should know, (although I’d hate to know him) and like. I think anyone who falls for that kind of pol are as stupid as the one portraying himself that way. When you can see right through them, they aren’t worth the trouble they will cause.

          • Mark, my humble suggestion: We all have that “dark voice” whispering to each of us, just that mental illness helps lever the door open farther for it, and once across the threshold the two aggravate and feed on each other.

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