ENERGY: Using Climate Change to advance Marxism

Using Climate Change to advance Marxism has ruined an American staple and made us less energy, hence economically secure.

It was once very simple and then we started messing with creation.

Climate Change


“May I have a hamburger please?”

“What kind would you like, we are trying to save the planet, so we have turkey-based hamburgers and plant-based hamburgers.”  

“Oh? What’s in a turkey hamburger?

“We use the dark meat for the fat content, but even so, we add a little lard or unfiltered bacon grease because the fat helps keep the burger moist.  We cannot serve medium cooked turkey-burgers, only well done.  Breadcrumbs and egg whites help bind the meat for cooking.  We add some Monosodium glutamate (MSG) to kick up the flavor, some regular salt, pepper, oregano, parsley, ground carrots, some celery and other spices.  The paddies must be thin so that the meat can be cooked evenly and quickly, or else they will dry out.  And no one likes a dry burger.  We have found the easiest cooking method is roasting in the oven, so we add a touch of liquid smoke for the grilled flavor.”  


So, what is in a plant-burger?   I see little kids advertising them on TV.   

“We make our own plant-burgers, and we are proud of them.  We use a combination of legumes, chickpeas and root veggies, like beets or carrots.”  Oh, but wouldn’t that taste like soup?  “Well yes, but you need to add seasoning.  First, you must create a binder to hold the burger together.  We are vegan friendly, so no eggs.  Instead, smash an avocado and whip in some oil and water.  Or you can use nut butters if there are no allergies.”  OK, you have gone from a soup to a salad, what gives the veggie burger the taste?  “Well, we use salt and different oils.  Textured soy protein, soybean oil, and yeast extract (which adds savory flavor), plus flax, canola oil with modified corn starch and modified cellulose for texture are mixed into the batter.  It takes a little experimentation, but when you have it, they are quite good.”

“Can I place your order?”   

No thanks, I am going to go next door, they sell real hamburgers with beer chasers.

The first miracle of Jesus Christ was turning water into wine at the request of His mother.  And everyone should obey their mother.  And indeed, all the guests at the wedding feast noticed the quality and the alcohol content of the new wine. Apparently, Christ kept the old recipe in mind, but that would never stop modern man.  

Modern man has learned that if there is a market, then there needs to be a product, no matter how sacrilegious it may be.  And the Marxists have learned this as well.  This lesson applies to beer.  Once it was a process of barley, yeast, hops and the water from a recently melted snowbank for freshness.  Archaeologists believe that the first filter found in ancient pre-Grecian Iraq was  used to filter a beer product.  Years ago, when I found that out, I decided to carry on the tradition cleaning water with huge filters, called membranes.  Hippocrates was probably the first to use filters to clean water.  It is considered one of the first positive innovations for mankind, but I still place Bass ale on a shelf above clean water.  

Today, the membrane removes alcohol, consequently chemicals are added for taste, and for health reasons, a reduction of carbohydrates is achieved by using different enzymes.  It is no longer beer!  Proponents say that the new beer is better for you, really?  It is sinful!  It is against the fundamental principles that founded this Nation.  

We do this for so many things in an effort to save the planet.  And look what we have done to milk!  God made milk, He put fat in milk so that people could work and take dominion over the land and animals.   But we now have couch-potatoes, they do not work, they do not need calories, so mankind has created fake milk products.  We have milk with 2% fat, milk with 1% fat, milk with no fat, with the added benefit that there is no taste.  Truly, it is a good thing that there are chemicals available to enhance the taste of fake milk.  And recently, we have developed almond milk and oat milk for those that are lactose intolerant!  PLEASE, enough already, let’s use what the Creator designed for us, at least He thought it all through!!  Seriously, I look at a cow and I look at an almond tree and I realize; cow milk is much better.

Man is always attempting to do better than God, that is why so many people are all in for batteries as large-scale storage of power, versus the storage capabilities created by God.  Yes, we are talking about crude oil; black gold, Texas tea, the discovery that made Jed Clampett a rich man.  Oil is the actual storage platform of useful energy.  If you leave it in a tank, in a pipe or in the ground, it maintains its capacity as a storage vessel for useful power, unlike battery storage which constantly leaks power to drain, much like a Depends.   

Climate Change
Image by Anita starzycka from Pixabay

Oil is a simple gift from God that has so many useful products, one just has to cook it for a bit.  Start the fire, put the crude oil in a vessel, and increase the heat.  As the temperature changes, certain components are released and collected. Simply open the spigot.  Increasing the temperature to a specific value will drive off a specific fraction, a component of the crude oil.   The fractions are characterized by the volatility of the crude oil components and they are very dependent upon the temperature of the boiling caldron.  Indeed, God created a crude oil Minestrone Soup, which man can easily separate into the various specific raw products, including gasoline, distillates such as diesel fuel and heating oil, jet fuel, petrochemical feedstocks, waxes, lubricating oils, and asphalt.  And each component has not lost its ability to store energy, for indeed the components are a source of energy directly.  

Keep in mind, that no one on earth is more thankful for the discovery of oil than the whales, especially Moby Dick and his sperm whale family.  Petroleum replaced whale oil in the lanterns.

In the beginning of time, man was saddled with the need for survival.  Perhaps he had time to think about the majesty of God, perhaps that is why every civilization had their gods who were responsible for thoughts that no one could understand.  

But in recent years, we have a political class that is using the true environmentalist to fundamentally transfer this Nation and this world.  Instead of the class warfare, the marxist of today use the passions of people who believe they can save the planet from destruction, which is why the frequent topic of conversation is climate change.  Marxists use ardent believers, who think that 12,000-year existence of ‘civilized’ man can affect the 4,500,000,000 years of the planet earth, as prawns for this perverse conquest against freedom.  

Personally, I miss the discussions of politics, religion and sex.  Unfortunately, the trifecta has been replaced with climate change and the need to change our way of life to save the planet, while enriching those in charge.  Oh Marxism, you cannot live with it for it has killed over 100-million people, and yet, so many fail to understand that basic truth.

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