Useful Idiots and Chinese Communist Propaganda

In late January and early February of 2020, U.S. government officials, including Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, colluded with a select group of U.S. scientists led by Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance to promote the Chinese Communist Party’s narrative that the COVID-19 virus was a natural transmission from animals to humans and also to suppress all discussion of the laboratory origin as a conspiracy theory. this was a clear case of American useful idiots promulgating Chinese communist propaganda.

The U.S. government officials and U.S. scientists involved in the cover-up of the laboratory origin of COVID-19 were likely doing so to protect their careers from accusations of complicity in or culpability for the creation of an artificial virus that, so far, has infected over 600 million people and killed 6.4 million of them.

In parallel, there were separate attempts by Chinese scientists working in the U.S. to echo China’s naturally-occurring theory as the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In contrast to the U.S. government officials and U.S. scientists, the efforts by Chinese scientists in the U.S. may have been influenced by direct or indirect instructions emanating from the Chinese Communist Party.

Some of the following information came from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by U.S. Right to Know.

At an unknown date before February 11, 2020, a time when there was no conclusive evidence regarding the origin of COVID-19, Shan Lu, a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Editor of the Chinese journal “Emerging Microbes and Infections” based in Shanghai, asked two other Chinese immigrant scientists, Shan-Lu Liu of Ohio State University and Lishan Su, then at the University of North Carolina, to write an opinion article mirroring the Chinese Communist Party’s contention that COVID-19 came from nature.

After emigrating to the United States from Communist China, all three, Shan Lu, Shan-Lu Liu and Lishan Su maintained an active virus research collaboration with scientists of China’s People’s Liberation Army, while also being funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.
Chinese Communist Propaganda
Chinese Communist Propaganda
Chinese Communist Propaganda

Between February 11, 2020 and February 13, 2020, the title of the article changed, becoming more favorable to the narrative promoted by the Chinese Communist Party, evolving from “Is 2019-nCoV of laboratory origin?” to “SARVS-CoV-2: no evidence of a laboratory origin” to the final title “No credible evidence supporting claims of the laboratory engineering of SARS-CoV-2.”

During those two days, two other authors enthusiastically joined the effort, Linda Saif, also of Ohio State University, and Susan R. Weiss of the University of Pennsylvania, both long-established research collaborators with Chinese scientists.

Well-known “gain of function” scientist Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina reviewed and corrected the article prior to publication, but asked the authors not to reveal his participation in preparing the manuscript for submission.

Chinese Communist Propaganda

The article was submitted to the Chinese journal “Emerging Microbes and Infections” at 10:58 PM U.S. Eastern Time on February 12, 2020.

It was accepted for publication the next morning on February 13, 2020 at 9:49 AM U.S. Eastern Time, no doubt the fastest manuscript acceptance in the history of science.

There was only one reviewer, perhaps the Editor Shan Lu himself, who wrote likely the shortest and most ridiculous review in the history of science:

“This is a timely commentary. It is perfectly written. All four authors are well established virologists. I suggest to publish it right away.” 

Chinese Communist Propaganda

Publication of the article “No credible evidence supporting claims of the laboratory engineering of SARS-CoV-2” was obviously politically-motivated.

Months later, there were continuing discussions on a private Chinese language WeChat group to encourage Chinese scientists to publish articles supporting the Chinese Communist Party’s contention that COVID-19 originated from nature, not from a laboratory.

Two conclusions can be drawn from these events.

First, the scientific literature, especially about COVID-19, is politically contaminated.

Second, there is sufficient evidence to claim that there is an active and organized Fifth Column of Chinese scientists, who have become permanent residents or even U.S. citizens, but have remained loyal to the Chinese Communist Party and some American scientists willing and eager to assist them in promoting Beijing’s agenda.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is retired U.S. Army Reserve Colonel and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He had a civilian career in international business and medical research. Dr. Sellin is the author of Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution. His email address is

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