The American Dream?  What A Country!

Living the American Dream used to mean anyone could pick themselves up by their own bootstraps, work hard and become successful in this country regardless of your background and upbringing.  Not anymore.  Scratch the “ bootstraps, work hard and successful” parts.  You can now be a do-nothing, think-nothing slob and aspire to greatness, if you’re a Democrat.  Exhibit A is John Fetterman (D) PA, U.S. Senate candidate.  He’s proof positive that even the most lazy, unthinking loafs can make it big.  That’s the Democrat way.  Fail and move up.  Tucker Carlson laid out Fetterman’s pathetic life story on his Fox News program Wednesday night.  You can see it here.


The condensed version is that Fetterman fed off his rich daddy’s teats for well into his mid 40’s.  I guess I was wrong, men really can breastfeed.  My apologies to Transportation Secretary, Mayor Pete.  Of course, Fetterman’s rich father paid for all three of his degrees from Albright College, UConn and Harvard.  Why stop as long as the milk keeps flowing?  The only real job Fetterman has ever held in the private sector is a two-year stint as an underwriter for Chubb Insurance Company.  The rest of John’s career has been spent at government type jobs suckling from the public and his father simultaneously.


He spent his free time freeloading off his father in Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the obligatory, modern day Kennedy Peace Corps, the Clinton’s AmeriCorps.  It’s there that the privileged white kid from the other side of the state got his big idea to help the mostly black town (70%+) of Braddock and their underprivileged kids.  He ran for mayor and his first act was to add to black unemployment by ousting the incumbent black mayor, Pauline Abdullah, from office winning the Dem primary by 1 vote.  Braddock is an impoverished megalopolis southeast of Pittsburgh with a population now of under 2,000.  During Fetterman’s tenure as mayor (2006-2019) he never garnered more than a whopping 304 votes.


Fetterman married a once illegal alien “dreamer” in 2008 yet continued to get handouts from his father as late as 2015, a year in which he received $54,000 from daddy.  Presumably, he is no longer receiving largesse from his father, but Fetterman hasn’t confirmed that.  As Lieutenant Governor of PA he is currently making over $217k per year and has a net worth of over $1.5 million by some estimates.  As a top 5% PA income earner, he still tries to portray himself as one of the little people.  He wears a street thug outfit of hoodie and sweats for most public appearances and reportedly owns only one suit for his duties presiding over the PA legislature. He also has tattoos on his forearms of his failed time as Braddock mayor.


He founded an arts non-profit, Braddock Redux, while mayor and failed to pay his property taxes ($25,000) until the county placed a lien on him.  Why do so many loudmouth, liberal Democrats demand we pay more taxes while they skirt paying them every chance they get?


For such a tiny town as Braddock, crime sure is rampant there.  Part of the Lurch-like (Fetterman is 6’9”) former mayor’s thug motif is a tattoo on his forearm of the dates of the nine murders in Braddock while he was mayor.  Remember, Braddock only has around 2,000+/- citizens, yet had nine murders during the wondrous Fetterman years.  By comparison, my town has a population of a little under 10,000 and I can count the number of murders or suspicious deaths on one hand in the twenty-five years I’ve lived here.  But he’s a Democrat – Fail Up.


When Fetterman wasn’t busy cheating on his taxes or supporting the arts in town or adding to black unemployment, he was chasing innocent black men with his shotgun.  Mayoral privilege.

After a miserable, tax-cheating stint as mayor of PA’s version of a violent Mayberry and only 2+ years as LT. Gov., Fetterman is ready to move up in the Dem ranks to the U.S. Senate.


In case you haven’t heard, Fetterman is not in the best physical condition.

“In 2017, Fetterman’s feet suddenly began to swell and he went to the hospital for testing. At that time, he was diagnosed by cardiologist Ramesh Chandra with “atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rhythm, along with a decreased heart pump”, although that diagnosis was not known publicly until Fetterman’s stroke in May 2022.

In 2018, Fetterman spoke publicly about a substantial weight loss. The 6-foot-9-inch Fetterman, who had weighed more than 400 pounds, had lost nearly 150 pounds.

On June 4, 2019, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Fetterman “collapsed” while presiding over the State Senate; he became wobbly and grabbed the lectern to prevent himself from falling over, and a member of the Capitol’s nursing staff came to examine him.  Afterwards, Fetterman’s spokesperson said the lieutenant governor became overheated and was now “back to normal”.

On May 13, 2022, Fetterman suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. According to Fetterman’s campaign, the stroke was found to have been caused by a clot caused by atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rhythm); he was subsequently fitted with a pacemaker combined with an implanted defibrillator. Doctors informed Fetterman that he did not suffer cognitive damage, and a full recovery from the stroke is expected.  He was discharged from the hospital on May 22, 2022.”


Since his stroke in May, Fetterman has pretty much kept himself off the campaign trail, but for a few brief speeches in front of small, friendly union crowds of sheeple.  He has literally spent only a few minutes campaigning since his stroke.  His staff has kept reporters away from him also.  Has the media complained about the lack of access?  No.  In May, his campaign called the stroke a “bump in the road” and that Fetterman was “well” on his “way to a full recovery”.  Pardon me if I don’t believe them.  The above cited laundry list of medical problems was not revealed by the campaign until his unavoidable public stroke in May.


To date, Fetterman nor his doctors have released a status of his full medical condition and prognosis for recovery.  What glimpses we have seen of his recovery thus far are not good.  His cognitive processes are debilitated, and he is incoherent when he speaks.  (This is the perfect spot to take a shot at the President, but I’ll pass)  Even the liberal Philadelphia Inquirer has been forced to admit Fetterman’s struggle to speak and think clearly are evident in his few campaign appearances.


Because of his obvious health problems, Fetterman has been dodging debating his opponent, Dr. Oz.  His hide in the basement campaign strategy made famous by Brandon worked until this week when he finally agreed to debate at some nebulous point in the future in mid to late October, date still uncertain.  This is just another feint by the Fetterman campaign because they know full well that early voting will have begun in September.  Early voting is a Democrat scam, perfect for just this type of situation.  There should be an election day, not election month(s). As evidenced by this campaign, too much can happen right up until election day for voters to make a fully informed decision before then.


Even Sen. Biden was coherent, unintelligent but coherent, when he was in the greatest deliberative body, the U.S. Senate.  Pennsylvania voters deserve a Senator who is physically and cognitively able to assume the duties required of such a position.  PA voters deserve better and they deserve a full accounting of Fetterman’s health.  However, the Democrat Party doesn’t care about all that.  They don’t really care about the voters of PA or other states.


Fetterman is not unique among wholly unqualified Democrat candidates, however.  Like Fetterman, Wisconsin’s Democrat candidate for Senate, another radical leftwing Lt. Gov., Mandela Barnes, wants to release half of Wisconsin’s prisoner population.  FYI, 68% of Wisconsin’s prisoners are labeled as violent.  Fetterman thinks releasing 1/3 of PA’s prisoners will make PA no less safe than it currently is.  That’s not a typo.  I’m serious.  The former communist community agitator activist Barnes agrees with the sadistic Gov. Tony Evers’ policy of releasing over 270 murderers and attempted murderers from the states’ prisons.  One of those Barnes’/Evers’ paroled “gentlemen” decapitated his wife and threw her head into a wood burning stove.  How romantic.  After his parole, I’m sure he’s now a loyal Democrat voter, if he wasn’t already.  The current Democrat crime wave is going to get even worse beginning January 1, 2023.  That is when the Illinois criminal Governor Pritzker’s (D) so-called Safe-T Act (Orwell is lost on these fools) goes into effect ending cash bail for almost all crimes!  Jail cells will have a revolving door installed.  Move out of that state now, if you want to be safe.


Not to be outdone, South Carolina’s Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate is Krystle Matthews, a prisoner-loving, white-hating, race-baiting, black bigot.  The Democrat Party condones racism and bigotry, but only in one direction.  After being secretly recorded by Project Veritas in February of conspiring with a prisoner to infiltrate the Republican party, this racist is now caught again by Project Veritas, this time on video, demeaning and disparaging all white people in South Carolina, you know, some of the people she says she wants to represent in D.C.


With three Democrat knuckle-dragging knuckleheads like these running for the Senate (and they aren’t the only ones), the Democrat Party has proven beyond a doubt that it is the party of hardcore, radical, dangerous, truly un-American ideas.  Ideas that will destroy this country we love.  What about Republican leaders?  The Turtle Mitch (D R) KY has taken time out of his busy schedule, sucking up to China and the Democrats, to disparage the quality of Republican candidates.  Huh?  If the Turtle can’t bring himself to say anything nice about Republicans, he shouldn’t say anything at all.  As well, if three totally unqualified, unaccomplished, racist Dems can be taken seriously as candidates for the U.S. Senate, then the Democrat Party’s distorted version of the American Dream is alive and well.  What a country!  Heaven help us.




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