Parody As A Political Weapon, Part LIV

Once again, the rapier wit of Albert Constantine shows how to use parody as a political weapon.

Previously, in Part LIII, the left’s desire for civil war in the event of election losses in November was spoofed in a song parody. This week, civil war for the United States of America may be averted, as it turns out, because Joe Biden is apparently the president of another country.

This week, in another demonstration of the rambling incoherence that he perfected in 50 years of politics, the current occupant of the White House identified the country that he was leading the effort to destroy as something other than the United States of America, as the self-identified “devout catholic” was breaking yet another commandment.

At other sites, the gaffe was also noted. It would be easy to chalk up Biden’s latest statement as another example of the mental confusion that seems to dominate both his words and his administration. Still, this is not the first time that someone has claimed their homeland as another United States, as this clip indicates.

That scene where Joe Mantegna claims his citizenship from the USKMA may have inspired the current occupant of the White House in more ways than one. It is part of the 1987 David Mamet film “House of Games”, where Joe Mantegna’s character Mike tutors Lindsay Crouse’s psychiatrist/author character in the world of confidence games.

When one considers the sources and methods of the campaign that installed Joe Biden in the White House, it is quite appropriate to compare this film to the current administration in what the great TLP would call a movie analogy. To demonstrate this point, the original plot should be detailed.

Doctor Margaret Ford (Lindsay Crouse) is a psychiatrist who has just authored and published a successful best selling book on obsession and compulsion. When one of her patients threatens suicide after a gambling debt, she attempts to intervene with his bookie, Mike (Joe Mantegna). Mike agrees to forgive the debt if Dr. Ford will use her well-honed psychiatric observation powers to help him identify the physical tics (or “tells”) that his opponents display when they are bluffing. It is during this game that the above clip introducing the “United States of Kiss My A$$”, however, Dr. Ford eventually discovers that the whole set-up is a con game designed to trick her out of thousands of dollars.

Rather than holding onto her money and fleeing once the ruse is revealed, Dr. Ford is intrigued by the gang of grifters, and is invited in by Mike to study their world. As she becomes involved more deeply with the crooks and romantically entwined with Mike, she eventually learns that she is now the target of a “long con”, and descends deeper into violence and deception. In the end, though, while it is clear that the con men correctly identified her vulnerability and suitability for their grift, they underestimated her pathology and ability to recover.

Joe Biden, his base, administration and campaign are embodied in this film as Mike and his band of grifters. Dr. Margaret Ford represents the independent voters- the soccer moms and others who were turned off by Donald Trump’s “mean tweets” and refusal to back down from mud wrestling his opponents. The lure is cast by the misleading notion that Biden is a moderate who will unite people, and once inside the grifter’s world, there is the seduction that the ends of real change and power can be achieved through their means. There is the denouement, though, when the target realizes that she is the target of the con and not a partner, and the resolution turns the tables.

It is difficult to write more without adding additional spoilers to the long list already included for those who have never seen this excellent movie full of great performance from a first-rate cast and crew. For those who don’t recall how it turned out, here is one of the climactic scenes.

Certainly no such literal outcome is wished upon Joe Biden (though how he could screw up the line “Thank you, sir. Can I have another” could likely fill an entire article on another day) or others in his orbit. Still, we can all look forward to a day when the grift is undeniably revealed to all of those persuadable independent voters whose votes were cast for the long con in 2020, and the independents turn on Biden and his enablers. It is then that the left will be inhibited in their ability to screw up this country, and they can be sent in exile to the United States of Kamara, for our sake and the sake of all future generations of Americans.

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