Of, By and For The People: Chapter 1

Greetings my Fellow Americans!

As I am writing this, our front-line adversaries in the virtual war we are currently fighting appear to be in somewhat of a retreat, with the gracious lifting of infringements of our Creator-endowed rights which had been imposed under the guise of “flattening the curve” of COVID-19 infections.  While I will take heart in any positive step toward liberty and away from tyranny, I can’t help but also see this as a way to lull us back into relative malaise toward our American heritage and historical novelty as the next attempt is being crafted to erase our discourse of self-government from human history through the next “crisis”—most likely to start just after the upcoming mid-term elections.

But I digress; I mentioned this news merely to reinforce the notion, upon which I’ve based this series of articles, that the longevity of America as a way of being on this Earth fundamentally depends on deepening people’s knowledge of both its philosophical architecture and practical value, and for as many as possible.  Victory in this war depends on our getting back to the basics of the American philosophy, as swiftly and strongly as possible. 

As I stated in the Prologue to this series (and echoing the assertion made by W. Cleon Skousen in his book, The 5000-Year Leap), 28 Principles of Liberty provide the foundation for this unequaled level of human civilization we call America.  Furthermore, each of these principles is individually indispensable to the strength of the whole; i.e., any compromise of one will lead to the dissolution of all.

In this, Chapter 1 of this series for AFNN, I am focusing on the first five of those principles:

  1. The only reliable basis for sound government and just human relations is Natural Law.
  2. A free people cannot survive under a republican constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong.
  3. The most promising method of securing a virtuous and morally stable people is to elect virtuous leaders.
  4. Without religion the government of a free people cannot be maintained.
  5. All things were created by God; therefore upon Him all mankind are equally dependent, and to Him they are equally responsible.

Natural Law, Virtue, Morals, Religion, God, Individual Responsibility:  is it any wonder that individual and societal Liberty flow from these foundational elements?  Is it also any mystery that the successful practice of such naturally inherent freedom is directly proportional to the both the individual and collective strength of these elements in the People of that society?

WE THE PEOPLE.  America is about US, not our geography.  This is as true today as it was in the days of our Founders.  Our natural resources have certainly enabled us to reach the historical pinnacle of human civilization (and we have been blessed to have had these at our disposal), but none possessed any intrinsic or objective value; we needed the underpinnings of the American project to learn how to use these effectively and responsibly.

This superior course to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness started with the basic shared beliefs that (1) there are things outside of ourselves which we are incapable of fully explaining, and (2) we are ALL fallen souls, as Adam and Eve were fallen.  The five Principles outlined above are premised on the humility borne of these beliefs; these five are the moorings upon which the remaining 23 are anchored.

But Jeff, the world around us and the people in it are much more complex than that; can the road to American renewal really be that simple to follow?  Simple, yes; easy, no. 

And made all the more complex by a fundamental flaw (i.e., Satanic lie) within our current culture—the presumption that everyone is inherently “good”, and all are who are otherwise “bad” are taught to be so.  We are 180 degrees out-of-phase with Natural Law (and the Holy Bible) on this, and it is this lack of synchrony (and a large dose of arrogance) which has many in our opposition believing they can “reinvent” what it means to be human merely by forcing suppression of anything they consider “bad”, in favor of allowing the intrinsically “good” people (like themselves, by the way) to naturally flourish, uninhibited by those corrupted, intolerant others who seek to keep them from reaching their natural divinity to which they are otherwise entitled (e.g., gender)–Natural Law and its real consequences be damned.

Something that has become all the more obvious to me over especially the past year-plus, with the devolution of our civilization here in the United States, is that the natural, uneducated, lazy tendency of humans is to behave animalistically, seeking instant gratification by any means necessary, and with no thought or care for the well-being of others.  What has also become very obvious is how willing some are to take advantage of others’ ignorance or rejection of these principles, and how susceptible those who are not solidly moored to these can be cast adrift, and led around by the nose, by those with nefarious intent.  It is only through education provided by other people that basic Man can be taught to think critically and CHOOSE to fight these temptations and tendencies.

The health, prosperity AND civilization of any society is directly proportional to the number of people in it who know and accept the framework of Natural Law, Virtue, Morals, Religion, God and Individual Responsibility.  These qualities are greatest in societies which prioritize and maintain the teaching of these foundational elements, and whose members consistently hold each other to the standards of conduct demanded by it.  Only this enables us to rise above the level of our fellow animals, and to get closer to truly and mutually enjoying the unalienable  rights endowed by our Creator

We’ve got to get back to these founding Principles of Liberty, starting with the five I’ve listed in this article.  WE THE PEOPLE need to do that—NOW.  For all of the drama and intrigue being spewed by those who do not or cannot accept the beautiful simplicity of the American ideal (or the notion that there are things in our universe which they are simply incapable of comprehending and/or controlling), we have the roadmap provided by our Founders, rooted in our faith in God and the need of EVERYONE on this planet for salvation through that which is greater than ourselves.  We need to ensure that WE, individually and collectively, fully embody the principles upon which America stands, if we have any chance of survival, let alone renewal, of this optimal way of being for ourselves and our posterity.  WE need to take responsibility to turn the tide back toward liberty, and away from tyranny.

If you are reading my articles, I’d appreciate any comments and/or feedback, positive or negative.  Let’s learn how be more American together.

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