Glenn Beck Needs To Pray Some More – And Then Act

On his September 15 program, Glenn Beck reversed his position on an Article V convention of states. He had been a longtime supporter of this movement to have the states take the lead in amending the constitution, to constrain federal government overreach. However, he has had a change of heart and no longer supports the movement, saying:

When we have demonstrated our humility and our obedience to God, and I am afraid it is going to take a massive beat down of our country to get to that place, then I will be for it (an Article V convention of states) again.

He continued:

It is because of the fact that the Constitution is wholly inadequate for anyone other than a religious and moral people. We are not those people, and we should not stain this document.

I say this with great affection for the man — shame on him. He is playing into the hands of George Soros and Common Cause, who have assembled over 200 organizations to work against a convention of states — because they fear it may actually work.

Glenn’s apprehension about a convention is technically misguided. Numerous safeguards are inherent in the process to prevent a “runaway convention” from destroying our Constitution or our republic. If Mr. Beck doubts that, he should read this rebuttal by Dean Clancy.

But what concerns me the most about Glenn’s statement is not the technical errors in his argument. It is the tone of his statement. He has judged that we have failed by not living up to the vision of our founders. There was utter despair in his statement. While I accept that we have spent too many years asleep at the wheel, I reject that we have failed — for the simple fact that not all of us are giving up. I would caution Glenn that his defeatist tone signals surrender to his many followers. He seems to be giving up to the forces that would destroy our country — at the very time that we need to redouble our efforts.

I get it. America is under attack by those who would destroy the greatest hope the world has ever seen. They have made alarming progress towards its destruction. But America will not be lost until we give up. However, that struggle will not be won if we are guided by despair. Most Americans are still patriots, and there is more cause for hope than defeatism.

I pray that Glenn Beck can look beyond his disappointment in the American people and see the hopeful signs and progress that has been made in just the last two years.

The MSM has been exposed as the propaganda ministry of the Democrat party. With that revelation, they have lost their influence over the citizenry. CNN now draws less than a quarter of the nightly viewers of Big Bang Theory reruns. They, along with other members of the MSM, are no longer in a position to guide our political discourse.

Parents are reestablishing control over the education of their children. Home schooling is at an all-time high. Parents are actively auditing the lesson plans of their school systems. Conservatives are retaking control of school boards throughout the country.

Constitutional conservatives such as Glenn Youngkin are in ascendancy in historically blue states such as Virginia. Under Ron DeSantis’ leadership, one could argue that Florida isn’t even a swing state anymore.

The deep state swamp has been exposed as an enemy of the people. Citizens have become alarmed at the level of overreach. Politicians and pundits have actually begun to discuss the need to constrain and reorganize the federal bureaucracy. That’s a discussion that would have been unthinkable only two years ago.

More importantly than any of the above, people of color are beginning to turn against those that offer only socialism and servitude. Hispanics are turning against the left in record numbers. Blacks are beginning to question their loyalty to the Democrat Party. Their minds are opening up to a debate about the goodness of our Constitution. We need to give them a message of hope, not despair and defeatism.

Joe Biden’s “red speech” was not a triumphant celebration of victory. It was a desperate attempt by a scared man to mask his weakness and appear relevant. The Dems are beginning to realize that their position is unsustainable — unless we give them hope.

The reality on the ground that Glenn Beck may not see is that Americans are awakening to what has been done to their beloved country. They’ve taken the red pill. They’re angry and becoming engaged in the fight. Hope is alive and well.

But when competing for the soul of America, it can’t be a limited engagement. It must be an all-out, unrestrained fight to preserve the vision of our founders. We need to:

  • Do the long-term work of educating our children about the virtues of self-reliance, liberty, and self-governance.
  • Win elections — electing leaders with wisdom and character.
  • Utilize legal means to defeat an ever-expanding bureaucratic tyranny — including the use of an Article V convention of states.
  • Take back the media so that Americans can use their God given wisdom to make informed decisions.

No country in history has done more good, or served God more faithfully, than the United States of America. We have not been perfect. But America, and the people who comprise her, remain worthy of the fight. To abandon her now would be to accept the counsel of evil.

We’ve lost some battles and we’ve been derelict in defending our republic, but we’re not beaten until we surrender. A great (and growing) number of Americans are in no mood to surrender.

I pray that Glenn Beck sees that there is reason for hope, refolds his white flag, and rejoins the fight. He needs to remember that we are God’s instruments. His will is only done while we work to serve him. It is no service to God to patiently wait for our “beat down.” If Glenn truly believes that our republic is divinely inspired — as I do — we owe it to God to do more than pray. We must act with all peaceful means at our disposal.

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