Joe Biden, The Manchurian President

Joe Biden, the Manchurian President

The way to crush the bourgeoisie [the middle class]

is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation[1]

– Lenin

In our opinion – as a former senior civilian together with a senior military strategist with over four decades of experience in national security – is that President Biden is not only compromised but exemplifies the ultimate Manchurian President. His actions and deeds, controlled by those we do not see (but who we know who they are), are purposefully destroying our democracy, our legal system, our freedoms, independence, and our republic. To use Lenin’s quote – as it exemplifies the Communist Manifesto tactics using today’s information-age technologies (information warfare). In concert with adversaries, they are destroying our nation, advancing their vision of tyranny, and subjugating the people into pre-defined enclaves (divide and conquer). One enclave for the self-anointed liberal elites with security, protection, and wealth for them and their socialist supporters. The other for the subjugated masses to be forever pitted against one another to ensure the longevity of the self-anointed global elites.

Our question is, will America and conservative Patriots wake up, use their brains, and their spines, to hold this Manchurian President, his Vice President and rogue inept cabinet to account? And will those in the democratic party, wake-up from the woke party, or allow the woke minority to control them and most Americans, and impose tyranny over freedom?

The purpose of this article is to highlight the strategic nature of the left’s threat to our freedoms, democracy, and our republic. As Obama stated, “Changing America Forever.” The objective of this article is to warn all Americans that what is occurring is not normal or typical politics. It is a war, an on-going cognitive war[2], for the soul of your country, your freedoms, and your independence. Will you listen? You must listen!

The Marionette – It is obvious that Biden is but a simple puppet, a marionette catering to the global elitists (some call the “Global Shadow Government”). The question is who exactly are the puppeteer(s) pulling his strings? Can anyone legitimately question whether this man is compromised, or colluding with the Chinese, after seeing details about the “big guy” getting his take from various deals that were arranged by Hunter, a son who has a multitude of issues related to substance abuse, shady deals and sex that provide a litany of areas for extortion by both Russia and China?

The Puppeteers? – The question we must ask, must delve into, and understand, is who the global puppeteers are – and engage them directly with the transparency of sunlight. We must first identify then disable and disinfect them from further action. We know many of them by name and country. They are the same crowd who gave us the “summer of love,” label parents as terrorists, conservatives as fascists, and freedom loving Americans as racists. And many are simply those we know as the “Davos Group.” They want to move to a one-world government. The homegrown want destroy our energy independence while driving dependence on our adversaries. They cry for social justice by releasing felons to murder, rob, rape you and your family – who they consider the perpetrators.

They applaud as Biden surrendered in Afghanistan, giving the Taliban billions in high end weaponry, while leaving thousands of Americans and allies behind. The Manchurian President and his followers let over four million illegals, with hundreds of known terrorists, into our country while claiming a secure border, as they regularly ignore our laws. They ignore our constitution, as they have weaponized our national security against any dissenter regardless of party. They applaud, fund, and call for hate and violence against conservatives, the SCOTUS, and claim that those who wish America to be great are a greater threat than Al Qaeda. They condone the attempted assassinations against SCOUTS members by left wing nuts, and former members of the executive branch by Iran – as they seek anarchy, chaos, and intimidation of any opposing them – by their silence. This is not about social justice, as much as social control.

Scorched America Policy – While the Manchurian President Biden feigns support for the middle class, minorities, and our constitution – he, his puppeteers, are doing everything they can to undermine the people, our laws, economy, national security, and family structure as they implement a scorched earth – scorched America policy – to destroy our middle class and the very soul of our nation.  

Their scorched America policy is exemplified by efforts to:

o   Undermine American economic strength via inflation and decimation of our energy independence.

o   Advance surveillance of citizens using our FBI, IRS, and others.

o   Undermine America’s position as world leader by pulling out of Afghanistan with no plan.

o   Cover for China under the guise of the “green new deal” sending billions for solar panels.

o   Sabotage our national security by ignoring our laws with open borders for four million illegals.

o   Killing Americans by enabling Mexican drug cartels.

o   Conducting propaganda and disinformation campaigns with the social (socialist) media companies and their failed Ministry of Truth.

o   Undermining America’s military strength, readiness, and comradery by ignoring the real extremists, indoctrinating our troops, promoting transgenderism and CRT, vice unity.

o   Enable adversary aggressions by ignoring Iran’s attempted assassinations, Chinese and Russian cyber attacks

o   Indoctrinating America with Equity, CRT, 1619 project, normalizing pedophiles (as Lenin stated “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world”[3].).

o   Undermining the American family by redefining mother as “birthing person,” and defining biological males as “female” and by perpetuating and expanding welfare state.

o   Driving anarchy, chaos, and crime by defunding the police, enabling criminals, while removing citizens’ rights to protect themselves.

o   Enable Extremists Violence by supporting real extremists who’ve killed, looted, assaulted, committed arson, or advance anarchy – like Marxists, BLM, fascist Antifa, and the socialist comufascists teachers’ unions (as Lenin stated “It is necessary – secretly and urgently to prepare the terror[4]”).

The puppeteers are smart, very smart, as they put their scorched America policy into action across several fronts. One must give them proper credit for their level of teamwork, planning, detailed execution, to include back-up plans, to achieve their tyrannical vision. Concurrently, the conservative establishment remains in a solely reactive posture. If you are only reacting, not driving others to react to your initiatives, you are losing.

A Warning – we may very well may not make it to the election, as it is highly likely the comufascists will create another fabricated crisis to either enable their skewing of the election or other actions to negate the 2022 elections. If we are lucky enough to see real, safe, and secure 2022 elections, what is the conservatives plan?

Act or Acquiesce – The purpose of this article was to highlight the strategic nature of the left’s threat to our freedoms, democracy, and our republic. The objective of this article was to warn all Americans, that what is occurring is not normal or typical politics. In closing, we wish to convey that all hope is not lost, but we must act with purpose, quickly, and do so in supporting a strategic vision, strategy, and implementation plan that sustain America’s freedoms, independence, and opportunity indefinitely. We must take the long-view, and act accordingly. For the road we now travel is long and hard. Reclaiming ground lost to the comufascists[5] will not be easy or quick. As they have spent decades building the platform to realize their dreams of despotic rule and subjugation, we must be willing to do the same. The alternative is tyranny. The alternative is replaying the last one-hundred years, and three hundred million and more slaughtered, murdered, tortured, and abused by despots.

© 2022, Edward L. Haugland and MG Paul Vallely All Rights Reserved

This article first appeared on Stand Up America U.S. Reprinted here with permission.

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4 thoughts on “Joe Biden, The Manchurian President”

  1. OBama was the original Manchurian President, I read a book years ago by Aaron Klein postulating that… This current wrecking ball/puppet is the spawn of OBama et al.
    When is enough “enough”?👺

    • Obama, and HIS handlers, are pulling Biden’s strings. Biden is a senile, empty suit, parroting what is written on his Teleprompter by his Obama handlers, Rice and Powers. Biden has no idea what is happening, but rest assured, his handlers do.

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