Where Do You Stand on Ukraine?

There appear to be three views on the Russian Ukraine battle. There is the camp that wants total war. Another camp wants to ignore the conflict and focus on the home front. And finally, there is the group that wants to be supportive without being really involved.

Three choices, in which camp do you pitch your tent? What has history shown us? Can we draw from previous mistakes, adventures and conquests?

When was the last time a sovereign Nation invaded another sovereign nation? Perhaps it happened in some African country, but it did happen in Afghanistan and Iraq, by the United States. Was it justified? Did the wars have the backing of the American people? Or was it a testing ground for weapons created by the military industrial complex?

I will agree with those that believe we needed to cut the head off the beast that unleased the September 11th attacks. But did that require over 20 years of sending our troops into an urban warfare area and an asymmetric warfare theatre? Did it require our troops to be targets, and then prove that they were targets before they could return fire? Seriously, we purposefully take causalities so that the world knows we are a good country! What did it prove?

Did Congress ever approve those two wars, other than funding the weapons programs. Does funding equate to an “up or down” vote regarding a declaration of war, as dictated in the Constitution?

Beware of foreign entanglements. If only we had the elected officials that understood the meaning of that concept.

It is sad what is happening in eastern Europe. But what set the stage? What was the catalyst?

The catalyst was Ronald Reagan and his policy of peace through strength. The United States re-stored its economic engine and created strength; strength in weapon platforms, strength in intelligence, and yes, strength in nuclear delivery systems.

The Soviet Union could not keep up. The Soviet Union did not have a free citizenry with God-given freedoms. No, the USSR competed with shackles placed on their people, and it failed. American Strength defeated the Soviet Union without firing a shot! The walls tumbled down, with the creation of distinct sovereign Nations from the remnants of the collapse of the Soviet Empire.

But we forget President Teddy Roosevelt – talk softly and carry a big stick, we forget Reagan. So many in leadership simply forget the lessons of history, the lessons of failure and power, the lessons of freedom and happiness. So many are afraid to be the world’s only super-power. So many in Washington DC want all people and all Nations to receive a trophy, get a ribbon and equally share in the power.

The result is a weakening of America and a strengthening of communist fascist nations, such as China, Russia, Iran and so many other godless nations. Trump understood this, that is what scared all the communists in this Nation. His adversaries stated that he was “mean” for wanting to restore American greatness. His adversaries throughout the deep state would swear that he was evil, for Trump did not hand out participation ribbons and trophies, instead he unleased the power of American greatness which diminished the power of the elites, while elevating the power of the free.

The progressive communist democrats and republicans in this Nation believe that “good intentions” are all that matters, that is how they get elected. Yet we know that good intentions simply pave the road to hell.

What our Founders understood, what Reagan and Trump understood, is that this Nation was created on a four-legged stool, strong legs, a never before used concept supporting each other with one another. This Nation was created with a unique foundation comprised of

  • Faith in the Almighty
  • Belief in the Family as the basic structure of civilization
  • The knowledge that we were blessed with the God-given rights of Freedom
  • Protected by the Formation of a Constitutional Republic with limited powers.

When we as a Nation forget our founding and fail to live up to the high expectations of American greatness, a beast gathers strength in our midst. That beast weakened the United States after WWII, that beast weakened the United States after Reagan, and now, that beast that weakens the United States after Trump.

The beast is equity and fairness. The beast is equality no matter what. The beast is sharing. The beast is feelings. But most of all, the beast is deception and control. The beast is godless. It is the same beast that rules Russia, the same that rules China and it is the same that rules the United States.

It is the beast of corruption and greed. We speak of the corruption of the Ukrainian leaders, the Russian leaders, the Chinese, Venezuelans, Iranians, but have we truly looked at the leadership in Washington DC?

Now, we have a discussion concerning the conflict in the eastern Europe region, where ethnic forces seek to dominate territory based on corrupt leaders, national lines drawn by the United Nations. Yes, Vice-President Kamala, Russia attacking the Ukraine is wrong!

Where do you stand on Ukraine? Circling back, there is a fourth option: peace through strength, energy independence, equality under the law, and thanksgiving to the Almighty.

I want to help the Ukrainians, but I also want to help the Russian people, and the Chinese people. I could care less about the leadership, they can go to hell for all I care, but the people deserve better. The people need a guide, the people need that shining light on the hill and that is only achieved by the demonstration of American greatness; a greatness founded on Faith, Family and Freedom, protected by the Formation of a Constitutional Republic.

Tom Weaver, Patriot © 3/8/22

The elections are around the corner, make sure you get involved, make sure you vote and then help secure the polling places.

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10 thoughts on “Where Do You Stand on Ukraine?”

  1. The head of this beast is not Vladimir Putin, but our current president. It is this administration that has caused all of this. Using NATO, climate change, EV cars, petroleum products and Hillary’s blaming Trump and Russia, this administration has waged war against, first, the American people, and secondly, made good on their attack on a foreign entity, by making it so easy for Putin to invade Ukraine. May not be the most favorable position to take, but, if not for a stolen election, none of this would ever happened.

    Buy into the belief that we will win by a landslide, in the midterms, and stop all this war, gas prices and inflation, and you are buying into a lot of baloney. I hope to see us win in the midterms, but this entire administration has to go, one way or another. Look at everyone in it, laughing and lying about everything they are doing, to our country.

    There’s my position, which happens to include a solution that no one seems to want to deal with. Putin is a bad guy. Xi is a bad guy. So what!
    Joe Biden is the one steering the ship, causing everything that is destroying our ship.

    • Amen Mr. Berwind. We, collectively, have elected a “one D ten T” as our imbecile in chief. He is hell-bent on screwing this country in ways we can’t even fathom right now.

      • And there is not a simple way to deal with Ukraine, or anywhere else, until this current administration is completely excised from governance. I’ll wager that this administration will only lead us into a nuclear exchange, instead of preventing it. Leftist ideology believes in death and destruction, among its other bad attributes.

  2. I look at history. In he spring of 1939, after Neville Chamberlain finally realized that Adolf Hitler’s word was not to be trusted, the United Kingdom and France gave to Poland an unconditional guarantee in the event that Germany invaded. On September 1st, the Wehrmacht rolled in, and after two days of dithering, on the 3rd, the UK and France declared war on the Third Reich.

    But what did that guarantee actually mean? Neither Britain nor France were in position to actually help the Poles, and when Poland was finally liberated, in late 1944, it wasn’t by the UK, or by France, or even the United States; it was liberated by the Red Army, liberated into 45 years of Communist rule, hardly a better thing than the Nazis. Instead, Der Führer turned his attention to Britain and France, and France fell quickly, while the UK survived by the skin of its teeth, and would not have absent American Lend-Lease help.

    Today, we can do little: we can send military equipment to Ukraine, but we cannot enter the fight ourselves, not with Russia. While Germany could not threaten us in 1941, Russia has a strategic nuclear arsenal which could, if things went very badly, entirely destroy the United States in thirty minutes. I’m not willing to put 330,000,000 Americans at risk of nuclear death to save Ukraine.

    Vladimir Vladimirovich has exposed the inherent weakness of NATO, the founding principle that an attack on one is an attack on all. It made sense, in April of 1949, when the North Atlantic Treaty was signed, and all the USSR had were conventional weapons. But the Soviets detonated their first atomic bomb just 4½ months later — far earlier than we had guesstimated they could — and if they lacked the means to actually deliver the bomb to the United States, that shortfall had disappeared by the late 1960s.

    After the fall of the USSR, NATO began an expansion, and we are now committed to defending not only the Federal Republic of Germany, but Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Who here thinks it’s reasonable to go to war with Russia, with a nation with a strategic nuclear arsenal, if the Russians roll into Riga?

    I certainly don’t, and everyone who thinks about it ought to realize that it doesn’t make any sense.

    And so I see this war: we are not in any position to actually save Ukraine.

      • “Neither Britain nor France were in position to actually help the Poles, and when Poland was finally liberated, in late 1944, it wasn’t by the UK, or by France, or even the United States; it was liberated by the Red Army, liberated into 45 years of Communist rule, hardly a better thing than the Nazis. ”

        While the US and its allies like to claim they “won” World War II, Poland is the country that truly “lost” it, both in 1939 and again in 1944/1945. Both times, Russia played a role in that loss.

    • I respectfully disagree sir. You say you’re not willing to put America at risk of a nuclear conflagration if things went “very badly”. Well things are already going “very badly” for the Ukrainian civilians (mostly women and children) who are being shelled in their homes, in their schools, and in their hospitals.
      I believe we have a moral obligation to do EVERYTHING we can, up to and including committing the forces of NATO and the U.S. to alleviate that suffering at the hands of a glorified thug.
      There are more than TWICE the number of NATO troops as Russia has. For us to do nothing, to turn a blind eye to these atrocities, is unacceptable.

  3. We need strength, the willingness to use it, and the wisdom of when to use it, or not.

    I don’t see much room for optimism when I look at our current overall situation against that list.

    • We do, and wisdom is rare and depleting. It went down the drain after a stolen election. With all the left’s wokeness, and all their other problems, wisdom will remain in severe short supply.
      Any support we could offer Ukraine was spent well before the day Biden became the occupier of the White House.
      Which reminds me, that until the day comes, when we defeat a domestic enemy of the state, there will be no solution to the mess called the Ukraine war.
      Even the nuclear angle, that Putin has opened up, is no solution for Putin or the rest of the world. He knows that, but NATO seems to have forgotten the days of the Cold War, where nuclear this and nuclear that only costed the economies of Russia and the West. We have no choice on how this gets resolved until Biden, Harris and their administration is removed from office, completely.
      I, too, have empathy for the people of Ukraine, and don’t give a damn about any of the leaders involved in this mess, but that doesn’t seem to matter much to this current administration, and many selected RINOs and Democrats who always see war as the solution. My solution would be to take a permanent magic marker to all those currently in positions of power, starting with our domestic bunch in Washington, DC, and put a line through their names, all of them, and you know who I mean, because they are the ones wanting to escalate instead of de-escalating.
      All we will do, if we continue to aid Ukraine is cause misery on them, and us, and if we can’t take care of our own, we sure can’t deal with the rest of the world.
      We have too many enemies, foreign and domestic.

  4. Great article, thank you. Towards the beginning a new article I was seeing a description of adults versus children… the left think in a juvenile (and destructive) manner while the right tend to think like “the adult in the room”.
    I pray for restoration of our Judeo-Christian Representative Republic.


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