Would the Last True Conservative to leave the Republican Party Clubhouse please grab President Reagan’s portrait?

Would the Last True Conservative to leave the Republican Party Clubhouse please grab President Reagan’s portrait?

What is this? What am I harping on? First off, if you have read any of what I have published here before, and it has been awhile, you may know I am no Conservative and no Republican. But I know what the first person who I ever voted for President, Ronald Reagan, believed in. Among many other things he believed in all that is just and good for America, Americans and thus the World within the confines of our Constitution.

So, maybe I am a practical, middle of the road, Common Sense Constitutionalist? But that’s if you really need a label.

Resisting getting into all of the other specifics,it does seem that the very ideals that Reagan believed in vis a vis People of other Nations and their RIGHT to self determination without oppression, has been cast aside by many in the Party over a singular issue- support of Ukraine since last February.

They seem to forget or perhaps never knew, about how much money, manpower and weaponry Reagan committed to fighting the tyranny of the Soviet Union- Russia. And, he did it all without the constant and palpable dread of nuclear war.

And, do not forget, those Peoples and Nations he risked war with the USSR for; Afghanistan and Nicaraugua, were nowhere near as strategically or economically important as Ukraine is today.

In brief, what I see now is a chasm of fear breaking along the lines of who I call the Sean Hannity Conservatives and the Tucker Carlson Conservatives.

The Hannity group believed in placing sanctions in the construction of the Russian Nordstream 2 pipeline back in 2019. They believed in supplying Ukraine with lethal weaponry all the way back to the Obama Presidency. In fact, we must remember the first Impeachment of President Trump was centered around a shipment of lethal aid to Ukraine; Hannity Conservatives and Tucker Conservatives both defended Trump stating that the defense of Ukraine was not interrupted by “the phone call” and that the flow of weaponry then was never in any danger of being stopped.

But now we here from Tucker and his followers that we should not be helping Ukraine, to do so is courting National suicide both economic and perhaps nuclear! That perhaps we should have never armed Ukraine at all! Just like Obama DID NOT want to!

The Tuckerites now claim that somehow the US is the source of evil for Europe and the World because we dare to induce, fuel and inspire freedom. That “if we would just leave Putin alone, everything would stabilize; he only wants to protect Russian speakers in Ukraine; why can’t we allow Zelenskky to talk Peace?” and so much more drivel that is of no merit and highly based in fanciful speculation. One that purports Putin as an honest and reasonable broker. One that envisions a madman, President Biden lurched over a war map directing the forces of NATO to “get Putin!”

Do any of us really believe that Biden, or anyone in his Administration is capable of such leadership? It is most likely only by the leadership and effort of practiced logisticians in the Pentagon and NATO that what the US and its Allies have shipped to Ukraine has been received by Ukraine.

The fact that Ukraine is succeeding is not only good for itself, Europe and the World, its “gravy” for a Biden Administration desperate for some kind of success to point at.

But the Tuckerites will just continually verge on Putinism themselves over their hate of Biden. Support in a war should never be so politically partisan that one loses what should be their guiding, ideological principles.

With what Tucker and his followers are stating, how can they claim ANY lineage from President Reagan and his firm belief in the freedom of anyone, anywhere willing to fight for it?

And worse of all, no matter what you believe politically, that group of Republicans are spreading doubt and fear in the American and Western way of life, society and Governance.Causing us to question, without need, our centuries long National Commitment to Liberty and Free People’s = Reaganism.

Watch any Russian Media (available on YT’s ‘Russian Media Monitor’ channel) and indeed you will hear the same things said there, by Russian propagandists, all Putin insiders, that Tucker says! You can even see them replaying segments of Tucker’s show on Russian TV, calling him the “only honest American newsman”!

So, you True Conservatives out there, those who have put partisanship aside for this one thing for Ukraine, Europe and the World’s behalf– remember that you and those like me who believe in the Constitution and Liberty First, are the inheritors of Reagan’s legacy, not the Partisan hacks like Tucker. Those who our Founding Fathers warned us would undo our Republic if we did not guard against them.

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4 thoughts on “Would the Last True Conservative to leave the Republican Party Clubhouse please grab President Reagan’s portrait?”

  1. “…the US is the source of evil for Europe and the World because we dare to induce, fuel and inspire freedom…”

    I don’t think that is an accurate description of Carlson’s position. While I do not fully agree with Carlson; that WE, The People of the United States, do not have a dog in that fight and should butt out, I can see where he’s coming from. If history has taught us NOTHING ELSE, we should remember that within the lifetimes of most who might watch Hannity and Carlson and/or read pieces such as this, what started as a “Let’s teach those bastards a lesson they’ll never forget” incursion into Afghanistan turned into a bloody, costly, two-decade long rampage throughout the Middle East and Southern Asia that sent MILLIONS of refugees flooding into Europe and elsewhere disrupting and changing those nations affected for the rest of eternity and not in a good way.

    Carlson has stated, convincingly, that ‘Regime Change’ in Russia might well bring about something far worse than Putin just exactly as happened THE LAST TIME there was a regime change in Russia, in 1917 and that resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of civilians. NATO was established to ensure the security of Western Europe and Scandinavia from the hegemony of the Communist Soviet Union and that Putin’s, admittedly distorted view of history and Russia’s place in it, is what drives him to resist further expansion of NATO at, again in Putin’s view, the direct expense of what USED TO BE Soviet territory.

    While I agree with you; that Tucker probably goes too far in his laissez-faire approach to the Ukraine/Russia, question, I don’t think he actually believes that he goes as far as you suggest in that re-quoted statement above. But there’s considerable risk in this deadly dance where we are contending with Putin for the affections of Ukraine and that risk is not a small one. Russia, after all, has the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet and that if Putin is pressed, he may well take the risk of launching a strike. He points out that not since October of 1963 have we been this close to a nuclear exchange with a Russian Totalitarian.

    Russia, by which I actually mean Putin, must be restrained from pursuing its/his hegemonic dream of uniting Ukraine and the Baltic states in a Pro-Russia alliance that would give him control over that part of the world, its ports, waterways and seas but not at the expense of the destruction of Russia as it now exists. We could not afford the exorbitantly expensive, two decade long war from which we finally have emerged and we, sure as hell, cannot afford a NEW war with the Russians in which the stakes would be greater by more than an order of magnitude.

    • thanks for your reply

      I “struggle” with these two groups of Conservatives elsewhere on the net:
      1- it frustrates me that they will not engage each other over the issue. those who support the arming and supply of Ukr- the “Hannity” group as I called them in shorthand, seem to be afraid to comment in public for fear of looking like they ar somehow “Biden supporters” . Thats a big stretch to call a person otherwise devotedly Conservative, who happens to agree with the current President on ONE issue that Russian aggression cannot stand, and that they cannot profit from it.

      2- that the other group- the ‘Tuckers’ seemingly are unknowingly repeating what is being said on Russian media to their people. I mean when it comes from a trusted longtime tv friend like Tucker, why wouldn’t they trust him?

      I do not think he is an “agent” of Russia, personally I think its about ratings. The real active people working for Russia I believe have been excised from FOX news- people like Col MacGregor and Scott Ritter

      Nonetheless, this other group of COnservatives, is actually only in opposition to the arming and supply of UKR because Biden is President– at least that is THEIR reason when asked. “Tucker says Biden is messing it up” And the words they are listening to from Tucker and often the same ones on Russian TV

      And, the one guest I had mentioned. Jackson Hinkle, This young man, a self avowed and still registered Communist in California, who he had on air, I had noticed him on YT months ago.

      The man is a deeply devout supporter of Putin. All of his videos are about Putin and justifications for war in Ukraine. And somehow, he and others like him on the far left and others on the far right have recently formed a new political movement called MAGA Communism, working for the re-election of Trump.

      Now, when he was on Tucker, every word he said was a direct take from Russian State propaganda. And Tucker was nodding his head in agreement!

      What was also interesting is why Tucker nor his staff did not vet this guy , or did, and then did not disclose to the viewers that he was a Registered Communist (Socialist Workers) PARTY member and that he did YT videos in constant support of Russia only ever based on Russian media sources? Is this not dishonest on Tucker’s part?

      I see this as a huge divide in the GOP… its not about tax rates, or legalizing marijuana, etc.. minor issues.. this is Globe Effecting stuff. Issues that if Reagan were here now I do not think the GOP would be supporting him on

      hey, thanks again!

      • This is not our fight. Brandon’s Gulf of Tonkin moment, Nord Stream 2 pipeline sabotage, didn’t get Putin to take the bait and didn’t rally the American people around the Doofus in Chief. Casually tossing around “Armageddon” shows how unserious this fool is and how much none of us should be following his policy prescriptions.

        • Your reply and its massive use of Domestic Politics as a Fool’s Crutch to “short circuit” actual discussion of the real issues that have been ongoing with Russia, Ukraine and Europe for years- AND our direct involvement in them since the 1990’s, indicate just how unserious and overly Partisan of a person you are.

          But, thanks for playing.

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