We Are One And The Same; Who’s Our Best Friend?

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Humans are all different. We each have different strengths, deficiencies, dreams and goals. Are we different from animals? How about other humans?

Dogs are different than humans, they eat and do other stuff, but do they want to be an engineer? The same with cattle, they eat and “destroy the environment”, but do they dream of starting a new ice cream dairy? How do horses find racetracks?

Only humans can reason, some not as well as others. Reason allows humans to solve complex problems using thought and their senses. Animals may have instinct, but they do not have reason. For me, that proves the existence of God, who made man in His image.

The idea of evolution does not make sense. While man may look like primates, how does the cognitive function of reason evolve? And why did not all primates evolve? Are there monkeys in the zoo watching humans walk past? One monkey says, “Why didn’t we get the memo to become human?” Another monkey responds, “It just is not fair, so play with your poop.”

Because I am capable of reason, which could be warped, I have questions. What is race? What is species?

The 2020 US Census asked people to identify their race. They stated that the race categories are more about social definitions, than about biological, anthropological or genetic differences. They pointed out that race categories could be racial, national origins or sociocultural groups.

Why do we allow the US Government to waste money on a question that has no basis? “Please state your race so that you feel good!” Here is a more valuable question with a YES/NO answer — are you a United States Citizen?

Therefore, according to the Census, race has no meaning. So, we are indeed a melting pot, defined in the 1780’s to note how the diversity across America worked together for all to prosper. Teddy Roosevelt agreed, calling for the elimination of all hyphenated Americans. Amen!

Today, there is the WOKE argument that racism exists across the color boundaries of skin. Let’s discuss.

If a strong male horse is walking down the street after eating a fermented bag of oats and sees a good-looking female donkey, he may think “maybe I can get lucky”. So, he approaches the donkey, they talk and whatever happens. Months later, there is the birth of a mule. Mules are unless to everyone, except Army people, because mules cannot procreate. Horses and donkeys are not in the same species or race. And neither are cows and buffalos. The same with the offspring of lions and tigers, oh my!

Then there are dogs. The American mutt is loyal, lean, mean and very smart. The mutt is a combination of every breed. If a German Shepherd runs around with a Collie, bingo! A male and a female dog of any breed, will make a mixed breed of mutts, capable of making more mutts. Years ago, they were given away, but not in the WOKE culture. Today we spend over $900 to own a mutt that is 50% Labrador and 50% Poodle – the Labradoodle. Is a name worth that money?

And humans? Are there races or are there breeds? For thousands of years, the specific differences in the “races” has diminished. I believe we came from Adam and Eve, or maybe they were named Fred and Ethel, but the fact is we came from a male and a female. And the United Nations agrees. They identified the area in Africa where Eve originated based the generic material of mankind. There is still no word on Adam.

Some of you say NO! We must be different races; how else can we PROTEST? Great question. I believe we are all the same race because of Tiger Woods, yes, Tiger Woods. His mother, the female, was Asian. His father, the male, was black. Together they made Little Tiger, a male, who grew up and met a Swedish lady, a female, and bingo! Today we have offspring from Tiger. Making multi-generational offspring proves they are all members of the Human Race.

Finally, we have the gifts from God, our senses. The WOKE crowd accuses persons of “racism” if they notice skin color differences, but not hair color or eye color differences.

God gave all species different characteristics, looks and shapes. (Except Golden Retrievers, they are all identical, just look at them.) Are we to believe that God does not want us to use our sight to notice similarities or differences? Seriously, are we to smell and touch everyone to evaluate differences? Wait, don’t we have a President that does that?

Noticing differences is the reason man survived! When those first cavemen came out of the cave, they saw a huge cat with big curved teeth. They wanted to approach, but a bias they did not understand nagged them, so they retreated to the cave to discuss the issue with their wives. Their wives suggested a weapon – a spear, only bigger.

The next day, the cavemen ventured forth, finding a pack of dogs. Again, they were afraid of the differences. They threw their spears, missed everything and immediately ran back to the cave to be berated for not having meat for supper. The next morning, the leader of the pack was staring at them from the mouth of the cave, his tail wagging and the spears laying at his paws.

That is when DOGS became a man’s best friend.

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