God, Family and Country

The world is upside down.  Everything the United States and Western Civilization has stood for these past thousands of years, God, Family, Country is being tossed into a bin like so much garbage. And we are now reaping a harvest of calamity.

Contrary to what the globalists may complain about, Western Civilization has given the world the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Industrial Revolution, the Scientific Revolution, the hunger for knowledge, Representative Democracy and Capitalism.  It is our capitalist system and our God-given rights that have given much of the world a standard of living unparalleled anywhere. Where it is not practiced, people live without in tyranny.  It is Western culture that is responsible for individualism, free speech, and the Great Commission to spread the knowledge of God to the world.

President Trump rekindled those values and his presidency was destroyed for it.  In 2018, Democrats, even the ACLU, railed against President Trump for how many times he mentioned America in his State of the Union speech.  By now, every reader of this article should be convinced that every form of apocalypse being experienced has been planned carefully by people of unspeakable evil.

Regardless of what Globalists, the New World Order crowd, may say, the reasons for their push is not climate change, poverty, saving the planet or protecting mankind from annihilation.  The truth is much more nefarious.  It is to lower the standard of living, and/or greatly limit the ability of ‘common’ people to compete with the so-called elites.  To this exclusive club, we are the problem in the world, not them.  We are too many, too ambitious, and using up too many resources they could be using.  Their intention is to lower the world population drastically and keep down whoever is left.


Anyone willing to dig for truth will be shocked to find deaths world-wide in the hundreds of thousands per week from the vaccines.  The CDC, The National Health Service, Global Research, and Office of National Statistics (UK) are reporting excess deaths, especially from heart damage, abnormally among the young, at shocking numbers.  Much of the information from Freedom of Information Requests.  Natural News, 9/29/22

Here at home, we are witnessing and having to live through the worst presidential administration in our history with a Congress to match.  This president was chosen for his lack of core values and his ability to comply.  Its come to a point where many political watchers are wondering if this is just incompetence or is it the greatest act of treachery in all of both antiquity and modernity….sabotage. The political opposition merely watches and in some cases doesn’t even take advantage of political opportunities to oppose this treason.

For too much of our history, and the world’s, its people have been better than their governments.  It has never been more apparent now.  Democrats point at our system and call it broken but fail to see the broken people running it.

Our borders are non-existent, millions cross over unvetted, we have no idea who they are.  Untold thousands have died, been assaulted or raped making the trip to get their free cell phone, medical care, food and the promise of a better life.  Other illegal crossers in the night make their terrorist plans.  An unknown number of migrants are sold into virtual slavery to pay off their trip to the cartels.  Yet the government pretends the border is closed. The drug pushers ship their poison unabated while tens of thousands a year die.  Crime is surging all over America, especially in Democrat strongholds.  Innocent people are attacked, many murdered for no apparent reason. I feel especially sick at heart for elderly people who lived their lives having dealt with any number personal struggles only to die alone on some filthy street.  Stores are ransacked clean by armies of bandits.  Criminals go free while conservatives and Christians are raided in the middle of the night. The Department of Justice and their FBI no longer fight crime, but political opposition.

We have uncontrolled inflation and still the government spends freely making it worse.  Our children are sexualized, indoctrinated in anti-American, immoral, depraved, and hideous behavior. Fully half of the country is labeled as enemies of the state.  Our military is no longer interested in winning wars, but establishing new pronouns and making it comfortable for all forms of indecent moral activity.  It’s no wonder recruitment is at an all-time low.

Our government is pushing Russia, a nuclear power, into war with the West.  Putin’s Nord Stream natural gas pipeline explodes with many inferring that Biden did it as he promised he would in February of 2022.  As of this writing, it is still under investigation.

Are there any people in Washington with even a morsel of sense, common or otherwise, or has the globalist push completely taken over Washington, not caring if several million people die?  All the better to the New World Order people who think we are over-crowded anyway.

Many people and political analysts look upon this Twilight Zone as just politics, as usual.  How is that possible?   To describe these individuals I’ll use the word idiot in the original Greek nuance meaning ‘anyone who distances themselves from politics’.  The Greeks knew very well that politics can have a dreadful effect on the lives of the people under it.  And so, it is.

The rallying cry, God, Family, Country is seeing a resurgence.  Giorgia Meloni of Italy will be the new prime minister because she revived in Italy what they already knew was vitally important in life.  It’s even becoming popular in music and art.  The media, of course, have labeled her a fascist.

This acclamation of God, Family, Country is living in the hearts of billions of people world wide.  It has been stifled by liberals, and globalists.  These are values we all grew up with, but we were made to forget them, deny them, by a godless, evil brood who have shown clearly their intentions…to enslave the world while guaranteeing for themselves the crème de la crème.
We now need to shove these values into the faces of our opposition.  We are not ashamed that we know and worship God and love our families as well as our country.  We proudly proclaim it.  They will not take it from us.  We will not worship any government.

God, Family, and Country are the enemies of the globalists.  To them God represents competition.  Family represents attention elsewhere.  Country represents other loyalties.  These values are on the chopping block by the globalists and now the Democrats.  They see the future of mankind as without identity, without a country, without God.  May it never be!

God, Family, Country…Forever!

This article originally appeared on Stand Up America US. Reprinted here with permission.

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