October Surprises and Voting Anomalies: Do We Ever Learn Anything?

Many or some-whatevs-may take issue with using an example of reloading in part 1 to make the perhaps too subtle point that election tabulation machines like the Dominion Voting System (DVS) are very similar to-and not at all dissimilar-to a reloading machine. Both are mechanical devices that when properly setup can produce reliable and desired outcomes like knocking out bullets or bottle caps with over 99.99% reliability. Which seems a bit counter-intuitive given that most feel an election is the opposite case, a mostly random event where the outcome is not known. I also used an example of a server and the modern standard of maintenance theory which helps keep the operational availability at or above 59 minutes and 59.9994 seconds per hour or better.

Skeptics may view these figures as overhyped or overblown. I belabor these examples because-number 1-you should be a skeptic-number 2-don’t get distracted by the squirrel. The squirrel is the fact that humans involved with machines aren’t perfect, stuff happens. But machines and processing pretty much are perfect-much moreso than humans. There is absolutely no reason-for instance-that information can’t be found, and causality determined when systems don’t perform to these standards. In fact, when they don’t, that is all the more reason to investigate and review the forensics that explain what happened (my favorite Who, what, where, when, why and how-five Ws and an H.)

Computer and processor problems are basically random events. Equipment breaks or malfunctions occur-sure-but in the government and the Army I worked in for four decades, you could always count on human error or stupidity to prove superior to the best laid plans and find a way to screw up the most foolproof or deliberately planned system or backup or redundancy plan.

I’m reminded of the Short-Range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Operational Test at Fort Huachuca, Arizona in ~1993 I’ve written about previously where the Hunter UAV perfectly executed a contingency landing to the prescribed location: the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, where SSG Dyslexia had mistakenly programmed it to land by inverting coordinates. That was kind of a big-old furry US Army/government embarrassing situation.

There is a great video that used to be on-line-and may still be-of a very important person, canine and equestrian event-I think it was at Fort Sill, or Huntsville, or maybe where the US Army was test firing an Honest John Missile out at White Sands Missile Range. “Somebody”-and if there is an Army guy hanging around with that name on their name tag or dog tags-look out-forgot to unlock the transport locking pins before the transporter erector launcher was fired. And there is nothing quite as impressive-or frightening- as an 8- or 10-ton fly-swatting, gopher squashing, ground thumping/pounding TEL to impress the natives: oh boy. You’ve never seen grandstands empty so fast or pants fill up so quick…

And what does this have to do with elections you may ask? Well, in each of these examples tried and true procedures were in place, but somebody messed up and the forensics is not difficult to do to figure out what happened (which is why we say in the military that “schtick happens.”) That is the raison d’etre behind military lessons learned: although our Wing King at the 26th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing used to say, “if you relearn a lesson, you learned nothing in the first place.”

Another great example that reportedly happened a lot back in the day when tank autoloaders were in vogue, is we were practicing in our Local Training Area with our relatively newly fielded M1-A1s, firing sub-caliber munitions, and there is a very speeecific procedure to follow to ensure the tank is out of battery-that much like any other weapon-does not involve pulling the “trigger.” Cause once the tank is off target and not specifically aimed at something, it is not good for it to fire where it may hit-say-Gerhart’s barn where his prize cow is stored: you can buy a cow for not so much unless it is a “champion cow,” in a barn the US Army took out with an M-1 tank round (that “prized” cow is like-family….)

So when you read that the Georgia Secretary of State sponsored bills/laws/statutes that dictate that audits must be done using DVS electronic image ballots, and not paper ballots, is it suspicious that many Georgia Counties failed to maintain such files post-election as required under both federal and Georgia election laws? Not only failed to maintain them, but many lack evidence they existed in the first place. Some may look at that and think-wow-that is rotten luck.

While others may think-that is why we used paper ballots in the first place, because can’t you just go to the paper ballots in a pinch? But that is awkward, because those same counties-in fact most counties-don’t have good accounting for ballots that had to be adjudicated-particularly-obviously-for those ballots that were adjudicated in software or ballot image space by “somebody:” and there is no log or tracking mechanism indicating who that somebody might be….and what actions they took to adjudicate that ballot (if any.)

Again, some see that as rotten luck-while others-like me-and the case I am making-consider it a poster child type event that Jimmy Carter and James Baker warned about as classic evidence of voting fraud potential with-among other things-mail-in ballots, and election tabulation machines (not voter fraud but voting fraud.)

Or like in Colorado, where Mesa County Elections Clerk Tina Peters was trying to figure out what went wrong with the election software. It seemed awfully anomalous for the system-software-to randomly produce additional data bases to those already accredited and in use for the election-implement them within the system, and then populate them in some type of arbitrary manner from the existing voting file and records in the record data base that was replaced through some magic that neither Peters’ nor her team responsible for the election had initiated or could explain: particularly since no election official associated with Mesa County initiated the action.

That at the very least should strike any reasonable person as odd that the DVS executed a random data base replication, replaced the existing election data base of record and then started somewhat arbitrarily-in a way that no one responsible for the election to Mesa County or Colorado voters could explain- started replicating the existing vote tally from the replaced data bases in some arbitrary way that-also-nobody could explain.

You’ve probably heard of Tina Peters-and the song comes to mind-“She did a bad, bad thing”-and God bless her for it. When Tina Peters and her staff were unable to explain what happened, nor to track the subsequent actions that occurred, she raised an increasingly bigger stink with DVS contractors and the Colorado Secretary of State. It went for naught-they outed her as a troublemaker and went ahead with plans to update DVS software that would have erased evidence of the shenanigans far in advance of when federal and state law allowed them to take action to destroy 2020 election records.

Interestingly enough many more republicans than democrats went after Peters, all seemingly incurious about how it was possible for the DVS to do such things independent of the government team responsible for running the system and the election. I can hear the DVS contractors explaining it was all a mistake caused by rubes implementing technology like so many pigs admiring a football. After all, the leader of these “contract experts” was the brilliant part-time ANTIFA acolyte Dr. Eric Coomer (link to greatest self-own police video in history)

Why would these election officials and supposed republicans disregard such blatant and anomalous election activity, so seemingly incurious that they didn’t and don’t even want to talk about it?

Much like the Georgia problem with the lack of ballot images to audit, any county like Mesa Colorado who had these types of problems that resulted in an inability to balance cast and counted votes and to certify results, simply can’t and could not certify the results: but it somehow did not flag in the process nor stop certification of any of the 62 DVS equipped Colorado Counties.

Tina Peters is a national election hero, willingly putting her standing and professional career at risk by having an independent audit capability look over the results that nobody in Colorado-from the official responsible-the Colorado Secretary of State Jennifer Griswold-on up and down-thought warranted any special looks or investigations.

Why would an SOS working for the people put his or her reputation on the line like this and not take action to get to the bottom of such a problem with a vendor that was being well compensated-by taxpayer dollars-for their participation (Peter Pan and Pollyanna asked)?

The somewhat equivalent situation to what happened as documented by the audit of Mesa County is you went to get money from the ATM, only $40 of your $100 came out, but the slip says you received $100 so the bank shrugs their shoulders: you lose. Oh, and the video security did not work like it is supposed to, or better yet they refuse to show it to you-or it is disappeared quicker than Jimmy Hoffa, so it is your word against the bank-and they decide to go somewhat high order on you and accuse you of making it up to beat them out of $60 bucks-and security comes after you, your cell phone and smears you. And you are now the enemy and a bad person: the bank says so.

The Gateway Pundit has done a lot of reporting on it and the Mesa County report is damning, but not according to Colorado officials who seem hellbent on casting Peters as evil incarnate and a threat to democracy and the sanctity of elections in Colorado. She was raided, arrested, records confiscated, smeared.

Note for the record that it was Griswold who approved a DVS plan to upgrade software in a ploy that would result in erasing major parts-if not all-of the 2020 election records as early as January-February 2021-notwithstanding federal election law that requires maintenance of the records for 22 months from the election date. And also, notwithstanding the information that many of these systems have plenty of storage and still retain earlier election data from previous years: but not 2020.

She is also sitting on an estimated registration overage of some 103% of eligible voters-a perennial target of folks like Tom Finton and Judicial Watch that is trying to remove dead voters from voter rolls, she who brazenly sent mail-in ballots to some 4.6M voters in the 2020 election when it is virtually impossible for Colorado to have more than about 3.7 million registered voters by their own counting.

Some of that seems strange, but mistakes happen, right? Well recently Griswold came public with a confession that “Colorado” inadvertently sent many illegal aliens, immigrants, non-US citizen persons in Colorado voter registration paperwork: some 31K people to be exact.

This is the consequence of automagically linking increasing or cascading ever increasing liberal policies for the treatment of illegals. It starts by granting illegal immigrants drivers licenses-cause-they are driving anyway-or like the homeless, we need to give them some type of identification to keep track of the taxpayer giveaways we are giving away (I guess.)

Then the legislation passes laws that implement automatic voter registration tied with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Of course, we stop using the term “illegal” in front of immigrants and attempt to use all manner of obfuscator terminology to get the term illegal and maybe even immigrants expunged, and preferably migrant, operative: it more invokes the plight of poor racist bigots and terrorists like the Palestinians, and in America, the better to smear the xenophobes.

The real tragedy here is some 18K of the notices sent went to valid green card holders. If those on temporary visas or work permits get confused and actually vote-they may forfeit their opportunity for citizenship by breaking the law by responding to the Colorado SOS action: who knows. Although she insists there are safeguards in place to prevent them from voting. And I guess we should believe her, given that she acknowledged it was furfed it up in the first place and our elections have been anomaly-free (hahahaha.)

Interestingly enough, Colorado voters-2 million strong-overwhelmingly voted in 2020 that you have to be a US Citizen to vote in Colorado. Apparently, the SOS did not manage to put any safeguards in-place to ensure the will of the people was carried out. And why would she? Many of these elected officials have seemingly strange allegiances these days that always seem to involve outside forces and political agendas to that and those of the people of the state.

Read the Mesa County audit report for yourself if you get the time. There are granted a lot of pieces and parts to it, but the Gateway Pundit (above) has covered the complete report. It does not take a genius to figure out what the problem is when only two twenties come out of the ATM and no bank in the world should get in a position where they are having an argument about such a thing with a customer.

Even the most useless and partisan committee in US history-the 6 Jan Faux Insurrection Committee-has somewhat admitted defeat in the wake of an inability to make a compelling case up in time for the 2022 election. Now there is one October surprise of the “pleasant” variety.


13 October 2022

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8 thoughts on “October Surprises and Voting Anomalies: Do We Ever Learn Anything?”

    • Thanks for reading! Yup-and forks made me fat! And OBTW-sorry, but my link didn’t work to the glorious self-own police video of Dr. Eric “DVS” Coomer. I fixed it here and within the original article (that I thought I fixed before.)

  1. We are rapidly approaching the day when all elections will be just fraudulent tabulations, because, like others have said, “it is up to who does the counting”.
    Let them get away with lying and cheating, and eventually we will have to face he fact that it becomes our fault, because we let them get away with it. They sure as heck won’t stop if we won’t stop them. And the problem compounds when our side sees a certain advantage in letting them steal elections, so those who survive can still have their little part of the gravy train. That’s you, Mitch, Lindsay, Jon, and that idiot from Cali who expects to be the next Speaker.
    The enemy of the people are within and without the Republican Party, and that’s actually worse that the ones in the Democrat Party.

    I’m expecting so little from the midterms that it is becoming meaningless. Yet, I still push for people to voting for the person on the right.

  2. Vote harder!…….the many and varied the 2019 Pres.election was “manipulated”is truly astounding!…..Well past time to make oaths of office have recriminations for failure to uphold…..

  3. I think that is unfortunately right Mark. In any endeavor I’ve seen over the last 50 years or so where there is an issue of accountability, my experience is it just takes a few public “hangings” to turn the tide on such behavior. Much like the scandal that has propagated on Epstein-if names were named and restitution ordered and made good for those who did those egregious deeds-it would make the next perp think twice about it. If a Secretary of State was held accountable and indicted and publicly shamed and chased from office for not doing their job-starting with just 1 of them-this election malfeasance problem could be turned around quickly. It has become a political game over the last 60 years-and yes-going back to JFK, LBJ and right on up to Norm Coleman, the state elections in Colorado in 2018, DJT and Biden. I can’t wait for the first DA office to chase one of these malfeasance cases down–it would be a precedent that would resonate for decades. But as long as you have the “schtick show” of Sussman, Clinesmith and malfeasance ongoing with the DOJ and FBI-and nobody being held accountable-there is no disincentive to any of it. I think it is easily changed-but we will have to see evidence that it is so in the way of actions, sanctions, reprimands and resignations.

  4. I’m not optimistic–we seem to be on the side that needs to be taught all the lessons, while our opponents are on the “benefit of doubt, good intentions, suffered enough” side. If a lawyer working for the FBI under oath with a clearance can get away with a wrist slap for changing documentation and lying in a FISA application that ruined another’s professional life and career-and was back as a member of the bar within a year-while his boss who was fired for lying and misleading his own organization-retired and has a lucrative gig on TV, etc., etc., this is evidence of doomage. Who is going to initiate the Church-like Commission needed to get the FBI and DOJ back in the box focused on a blind Ms. Liberty and out of the dirty tricks intel and counter-intelligence/political enemies and friends business? Albeit-it could happen…But we are also on the “aww schucks, let bygones be bygones” side: let it go…..


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