World War III; Does It Matter?

I’ve been reading and viewing so much propaganda and speculation about the possibility of us already being in World War III, and about that Nordstream pipeline damage, and about Victoria Nuland and Bin’s(the Fetterman pronunciation) statements well in advance of that event, that I don’t believe it really matters, at this point. The left has succeeded in the destruction of the US, but that is the end result of a lot of bad political moves by this administration and Swamp creatures in our government. And I am thoroughly sick and tired of hearing anything more from the mainstream media. I hope you are, too.

A while back, I wrote a piece called, “A letter to King Joe,” where I did a little modification to the original Declaration of Independence. Others have done the same, so I know I am not alone in what we see as the solution to this problem, even at this late stage in the game of global totalitarianism.

We can no longer allow this administration to exist. It has corrupted everything good in our country, by standing it on its end, placing unconstitutional restrictions on our way of life, causing transportation disruptions through manipulating oil exploration, forcing the crap on us about electric vehicles, and even the food we eat every day is showing signs of stress. Go to the grocery store and see for yourself.

There is no valid reason to allow this to continue, since there was no reason for it to be allowed to begin. When a political party wins elections, that doesn’t give that party the right to go and destroy institutions. The saying “To the victor go the spoils” is not how it is supposed to work. There is nothing written in the Constitution that gives any political party the right to destroy institutions. All it can legally do is manage what Congress gives it, in the form of passed legislation, and existing legislation

It has no legislative authority to weaponize agencies against the opposing political party(ies), and anyone associated, and that is being done every day. This madness about Trump being the problem just reveals why the left should be taken out with the rest of the trash, and that means by Article 5, or, using the words of some of the left’s radical groups, By Any Legal Means Necessary.

Cowards who have had a taste of power are the same ones who will lead you to the showers. They will ultimately be the ones who will send others to jail you, kill you, or worse, kill a class of people. History is the lesson and the left even tries to erase history to cover up their true intentions.

And then call you a racist! Because that is literally all they have to back themselves up. The problem with these cowards is that they are drunk on power, for the sake of power, have nothing good to say about anyone, but their own narcissistic rants, their adolescent fantasies of utopia( the same that Marx wrote about), but their charge is all about maintaining power. These drunken fools have pushed their nonsense to the point that they are now trying to start World War III, because they have backed themselves in a corner, and the rest of the country be damned.

Where I sit, this morning, is that it doesn’t matter who started what, but it does matter who we have leading the mess that this old buffoon, who has never had a successful piece of foreign or domestic policy come from his lips in the senate, House or the presidency, in almost five decades.

From trying to “Rule Over”, instead of leading a nation in the right direction, this fool has made war on anything connected to the word “Right.” And he is willing to let it get to the point that the FBI is now the Stasi, for the Democrats, same as his goal of the IRS taking every penny you and I have. And if he doesn’t get his way, he sics the STASI on you and I.

No! I’ve had enough of this crap. It is time for him, his entire administration, his Vice President, the Swamp and all that has been made permanent through the Civil Service System, to go, and stay gone! Before we go into WWWIII and face down nukes from other countries, we need to be dealing with this mess in Washington DC, who has become the enemy of the People, instead of servants of the People.

This is simply a battle between good and evil, and evil has very distinctly identified itself. It doesn’t matter who the puppet master is, but that one will be identified very soon, and he will be defeated, also.

Life matters. Defending liberty matters. Defending yourself and others matters. Crushing anything Marxist matters. It all matters! Why are we letting these evil fools destroy good? That really makes us evil, if we won’t fight back, and I don’t mean waiting for some election that can now never be trusted.

All the left can do, is silence me. I have broken no laws. But they can silence me, because we, as a society refuse to stand up solidly for what this nation was founded on. When are they coming for you?

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4 thoughts on “World War III; Does It Matter?”

    • Thanks. I was just getting wound up, and there was a spot or two that had to be left off.
      You know? There are those who will come and say to you that “we can defeat them if we do this, or do that, and please give us more money”, and every time we try this or that, it only kicks cans down the road. It’s as much those people who I have come to despise as those who just seemed to have quit caring, altogether. If we ever collect our spines, and decide that the right thing to do is based on destroying the evil, will we ever accomplish anything good in the eyes of God.

  1. “…And then call you a racist! Because that is literally all they have to back themselves up…”

    The label of “racist” is the first refuge of scoundrels these days.

  2. And they think they are true intellectuals, who can rule over us with fervor. That “Racist” is all those fools have to offer, and well, Greta Thunberg.


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