The Kraziest Kandidates Ever

If you’re wondering what the “K” is for?  It stands for Kooks.  That is what the Democrat Party is offering voters next month, Kooks.  It would actually be funny if it weren’t so serious.  But this is not a laughing matter.  One organized, governing political party in this country has abandoned all reason and logic.  Common sense is no longer allowed in the Democrat Party.  The leftist party has had zany characters in the past, but this year takes the cake.  Where to begin?


You can tell how desperate the left is to maintain the majority in the Senate by how nasty and vicious their attacks are.  The Dems and their fake news media are like cornered rabid animals.  In Georgia, they throw out unprovable charges against Hershel Walker then call on him to prove his innocence – When did you stop beating your wife type charges.  Throw enough mud, maybe some of it will stick.  His opponent is Raphael Warnock, who supposedly is some kind of preacher.  Yeah, he’s a preacher alright. The only kind of preacher Dems can tolerate – fake ones like “Rev.” Wright.  When he’s not using his car to run over his ex-wife’s foot, he acts on behalf of his god, big government.  What kind of preacher is sympathetic to communists and abortion into the tenth month?  The polls are tight, but Gov. Kemp is riding high and should help get Hershel over the finish line.


In Arizona, the Democrats have put forward the laughable yet nasty Katie Hobbs against the Republican, Kari Lake, in the contest for governor.  Hobbs is conducting a Biden basement campaign, refusing to debate Lake and hiding from voters.  She’s running from her racist past and she’s running from a Project Veritas reporter and even hides in the bathroom.  As governor, would she stand up to the coyotes and cartels at the southern border, if a little reporter scares her into a restroom?  You can see her run and hide here:


Kari Lake gets nothing but tough, snide, rude questions from smarmy liberal reporters constantly because she’s a Republican and because she’s endorsed by President Trump.  But poor Little Miss Hobbs and her campaign consultant can’t take the pressure from an honest reporter.  Kari is a shoo-in at this point but get out there and vote, Arizonans.


We all know how utterly pathetic the Democrat candidate for senator in Pennsylvania is, John Fetterwoman Fetterman. I’m going to take a professional risk and assume Fetterman’s preferred pronouns are he/him, although I’m not sure.  If not, he can sue me.  Actually, he was a pathetic candidate before he had a massive stroke in May that has left him debilitated.  This week, a liberal NBC News reporter named Dasha Burns did the unthinkable, she did her job and conducted an honest interview with Fetterman, his first in person interview since May!  Liberal “journalists” are rallying around their gal guy, however, and throwing Burns under the Democrat bus.  Burns is being attacked by her fellow fake-newsers all around the country for telling us the truth that Fetterman couldn’t even hold a coherent small talk conversation with her before the formal recorded interview.  Oops.  Fake-newsers – Hey Dasha, we don’t do real interviews with Dem candidates.  And we don’t tell what really happened.  C’mon!  He had to use a computer monitor for closed captioning since he can’t understand questions spoken to him.  In a rambling, incoherent thirty-minute Q&A, he gave a great imitation of President Brandon.  In fact, he made Joseph Robinette seem lucid by comparison.


At one point, he gave two different answers, “No” and a “Yeah, of course I’m going to”, to the same question about debating his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz.  How’s that for clarity?  He also compared his pardoning of hardened convicts to the movie, The Shawshank Redemption.  Hollyweird will now dictate Pennsylvania prison policies.  That should make everyone in that crime-ridden state feel really, really safe.  


Separate and apart from his outlandishly kooky ideas on crime and punishment, drugs, abortion and the environment, (all of which are disqualifying) he is incapable of comprehending others when they speak to him and has trouble processing what little does get through to him.  How is that supposed to work in the Senate, that most august of deliberative bodies?  Well, that may make him indistinguishable from other Democrat senators, but the voters of Pennsylvania deserve a capable senator and so do the American citizens.  Fetterwoman ain’t that man.


Tim Ryan (D) Ohio is doing his best chameleon impression as he tries to win that states senate seat against his opponent, JD Vance.  As a Congressman, Ryan has disguised himself as a moderate every two years at reelection time.  He claims that he stands up to the kooks of his party, yet his voting record shows that he votes with the biggest kooks of his party, Nancy Pelosi and The Big Guy Joe 100% of the time.  If that’s standing up, he needs to try sitting down.  JD appears to be in command in that race.


These are but a few of the truly nutty and extremist Democrat Party candidates running for office this year.  Fruitcake Dems can be found running for office in Texas (Beto), Florida (Demings), New York (Hochul), Michigan (Whitmer), Wisconsin (Barnes and Evers), Georgia (Abrams), New Hampshire (Hassan) and the list goes on and on.  The Democrat clown car is long.


Across the country Dems are running away from their own policies – defund the police, siding with criminals, grooming kids, tax and spend, open borders, attacking fossil fuels, Green New Deal – just in time for the midterms.  Of course, they are only seeking votes.  They have no intention of governing as moderates or conservatives or turning their backs on their leftist agenda once in office.  The country is not as leftwing as they are, and they know it.  With inflation rising, crime rising, international tensions rising, anxiety rising, Democrats are rising to the occasion and disguising themselves.  It’s Halloween time but Americans won’t let themselves be fooled by the Democrat costumes as scary as they are.  These costumes can’t hide these crazy kook candidates.  A Red Wave is coming.




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    • Thanks Fletch 74. Praying for a miracle Nov8, then Nov ’24 and ’26. Dems need to be humiliatingly defeated.

  1. Democrat clown car? How about the Greatest Show on Earth? I pulled that train, one time. Talk about a zoo, a menagerie. At least the Greatest Show on Earth had real animals. This show is more a fantasy about communism, and little entertainment value, past that, and the animals are not the kind you might take the children to see.


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