Herschel Walker!

If there ever was a more cooked up piece of nonsense to use in a political muck raking campaign against a good candidate, the left found it. But, that is nothing new, since the left has their misinformation army, and nothing to offer, but some guy who has the same flaws the left claims of Herschel. Last year or so, the communist preacher who won, amid the floundering of Republican Party politics in Georgia, in the last election, Warnock(I can think of a better name that kinda rhymes) had his moments of social, marital, or whatever tag you wish to label the problems as what the left claims of Herschel Walker.

Adding to the problem is a homosexual son of his, who just happens to be a conservative, and was raised not by Herschel and his then wife, but by his then ex-wife. Just imagine how that son feels about his father. Little imagination needed.

Some of the claims that the left came up with, against Herschel, could be true, but they could also be fabrications. Is the constant showering of one’s historical past, like all the high profile athletes who came before him, and there are too many to ponder, who came out as saints on the other side, if you believe all the garbage from the dung pile called the media.

We, as Republicans, should be concerned only with the actions of those candidates when they pull the lever, or push the button, in the august halls we send them to represent us, not excessively use Charmin from the past, that either was dreamed up by the weasels on the left, or was dealt with in previous times. The bottom line is that I am a sinner. I have made bad mistakes. You probably have too, and I know, just from the times when I used to read the papers and learned that a basketball player had sex with thousands of women, and maybe a horse or two, and got diagnose with AIDS, or was just lucky, I guess, you might consider what Herschel is campaigning for, and it has nothing to do with having anything to do with having sec with a horse, just voting correctly.

Whether or not the story that the left has created, just in time for an October Surprise, to keep a commie in the senate, is true, or it is just fiction, it is incumbent that we keep our sights on the goal: to get the right sinner in the senate, concerning comparing Herschel and Raphael, the communist preacher, and that comparison is so easy to make. One of them believes in God, wants to protect life and believes in God. Plus, he has admitted his sins and mental health problems in the past. I think Herschel has addressed that, and well enough. The other is a guy who is a communist, a preacher, a philanderer, who never owns up to anything, and his claim to fame is voting lock, stock and barrel for whatever Chuck Shumer tells him to vote for.

Tell me, please, all ye saints among the Republican Party in Georgia, hath ye not sinned? Then how about voting for Herschel, rather than listening to crap from the dung pile media? Whether Herschel made mistakes in his past is not what his campaign is about, and you people in Georgia need to realize that, before you get a full term of a communist US senator. Raphael Warnock needs to go the same way as that lying Stacey Abrams does, out to pasture. There is still plenty of pasture land in Georgia. Maybe, before you decide to sit out the senate race, you might dig up the dirt on the preacher man. It ain’t pretty.

Do you people in the good state of Georgia really like the look of blue coloring your state? Don’t make that mistake the left is trying to shovel down your throat. The only thing that really matters, at this moment in time, is who gets to vote in the senate, and nothing else, and Hershel is reliably to the right.

It shouldn’t really be that tough a choice to make, after you look in the mirror and consider yourself as a mere human. After the last decade of lies and propaganda, and you still could be swayed by propaganda? Vote for Herschel, please. Don’t be so vain to fall for a leftist dirty trick.

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2 thoughts on “Herschel Walker!”

  1. Great piece here! As a Georgian I look forward to voting for Herschel…& none of the propaganda has made me waver one bit. Bobby K, Lake Wildwood

    • Thank you, Bobby K. Get out and spread the word.

      When comparing one sin, even if it could be just made up, to one who preaches a pro-abortion stance in the church, senate, or just in public, it is just so easy for me to fight against the Raphael Warnocks of the world, by giving a vote for another, who has confessed before the Lord his sins, and that I know where his vote will be. The two things are just that important to me. I wish I could vote for Herschel.

      Rally the troops in Georgia for victory!

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