Bill Nygard: Vaccination…My Theory

Vaccination…My theory…

I’ve noticed through observation, in fact it has almost become an avocation, lately I’ve been watching the obits, for the last two years or so observing the following trend; We had a period of time in Northern New York where ~30 to 60% of the obits were for people “under 60”, all the sudden the last couple of weeks deaths in this cohort has diminished to almost nil. Most of people passing recently are again of healthy age, late 60s into the 90s, maybe occasionally a low-level Centenarian.

My theory: the younger people that are “vaccinated and boosted” (vax injured) and were going to die in the short-run have done so. Obits should be required to list the decedent’s ‘vax status’ (IMHO). Ask your personal undertaker about clots….

I pray I’m wrong on both my current observation and future prediction. Some sources in the medical community predict long-term disability and early death. Vis Dr Robert Malone, Dr Simone Gold, Dr McCullough and non-medical commentators including Dr Naomi Wolfe. Nota bene the almost cult following of Dr Zalenko (RIP) and others that laid-out alternatives based on therapeutics and supplementation.

The next couple years will be very interesting especially as the push to vaccinate little children has been off the hook. Again, I’m prayerful that these people, all age-groups, will not be lifelong injured. What kind of dystopian nightmare has been foisted upon us by the CDC, NWO, Lamestream media and the Obama 2.0 puppet show?


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1 thought on “Bill Nygard: Vaccination…My Theory”

  1. believe we have just begun to see the effects of the vaccines and boosts, from all makers, not just Phizer. It was a very hard day when I learned the part about the vaccines having a high incidence of cardiac problems. I won’t elaborate on how close it is to me, but it is very close, and I think wouldn’t have happened if not for the vax.

    Let me put it this way. When you begin to see otherwise healthy young and athletic men and women, drop dead, or just not wake up, after they go to bed, and you find out they were vaxxed and boosted, you just have to draw a conclusion that there is a relationship. There are too many dropping dead who should not be.
    Then, after you listen to that asinine billionaire, Bill Gates, talk about how he thinks the Earth’s population should be about ten to fifteen percent less than it is, and you see him sadly saying that unfortunately, the Omicron variant was more like a virus, something has to be going on.
    I’m the only member of my family who did not take that vax, and I’m really concerned for my family, because of that.


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