Let’s Guess What’s Going on Nowadays at Area 51

We’ve explored journalist and author Annie Jacobsen‘s books here before, such as “The Pentagon’s Brain”, which covers the abuses of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and “First Platoon,” which covers her exploration into the abuses of surveillance by various government agencies. Her book “Area 51” is also a must read. If you don’t like reading, force yourself—it trains your brain to disconnect from the phone—or listen to the audio version. Her voice will hook you if your interest in planes, flying saucers, and aliens doesn’t. Oh, yeah, and she wraps up with what actually happened at Roswell. Jacobson uses declassified federal documents and interviews with government employees from various agencies to add color and detail to the official record.

Subtitled “An uncensored history of America’s top military base,” the majority of the book is spent exploring the development of such spy planes as the U2 and the Oxcart. The various versions of the Oxcart, when looked at from certain angles, clearly explains why there have been so many sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) since the 1950s. But it’s the final section of the book that will stun you, whether you believe in little green men or not.

Spoiler alert: You might want to stop reading this and go read “Area 51.” Or, charge ahead. You’re a free person. Nobody tells you what to do.

Lockheed A12 radar testing at Area 51. (Public domain image)
Of course there are UFOs. Those are simply unidentified flying objects that are at the cutting edge of technological advancement. “Aliens” could just be our government continuing its long history of experimenting on people without their consent. (Public domain image of a Lockheed A12 conducting radar testing in Area 51)

So, at the end of World War II, America and Russia essentially divvied up the German scientists. We didn’t know it at the time, but it was a deal with the devil and apparently, there’s still more to pay. If you want to understand more about the scientists themselves, where they ended up, and how and on what they focused their experiments, then Jacobsen’s “Operation Paperclip,” The secret intelligence program that brought Nazi scientists to America” is yet another must-read. Jacobsen’s research reveals that German scientists working in Russia not only built a flying saucer that they planned to crash in the U.S. to frighten the American people, but they manned that ship with “aliens.” Those “aliens” were severely disfigured boys, around 12 years of age, that the Nazi scientists has Frankensteined. Some died in the crash, but others were comatose after the flying saucer crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. All of their heads were oversized and misshapen, and their eyes were likewise enlarged. The U.S. scientists were instructed to prepare mentally, as much as one can, for what they were about to see and assigned the mission of reverse-engineering both the vessel and what had been done to the children. (At least that’s what Jacobsen can prove. It’s always the Russians or the commies. Always ask yourself if it could be the U.S. and they never got their spacecraft of mutated children far enough off the ground to go scare the Russians.)

Jacobsen writes under journalistic standards—a rarity—and will not include anything that she cannot back up with declassified information or interviews with participants. She doesn’t say what happened to the boys except to say that one scientist accidentally caught a glimpse of one through a small window in a door to a room. Being the astute reader than I am, I’m going to go out on a limb and surmise that perhaps one or more of the boys recovered from their comas, although Jacobsen says that when given their horrific mission, the scientists were informed that the boys were comatose and would never recover. Whichever way you look at it, American scientists or Nazi scientists working for the United States conducted research on both the living and dead “aliens” to figure out what had been done to them to make them so nightmarishly mutilated. I have questions.

Who cared for the comatose victims? How did they figure out what had been done to them? What had been done to them? Why haven’t those documents been declassified?

But that’s where Jacobsen’s exploration ends. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on in Area 51 today. DARPA’s predecessor, ARPA, the Advanced Research Projects Agency without the D for defense, was formed in order to prevent the U.S. from ever being caught off guard again. The Russians launching their Sputnik satellite before American scientists launched their own was perceived by the government and the populace as a national embarrassment and a threat to the country’s security. True to its mission, ARPA and then DARPA scientists were given free reign to experiment outside the box, far, far, far outside the box. That’s not really a problem if you’re working on developing reconnaissance aircraft. It becomes a little more problematic if you’re detonating countless nuclear and thermonuclear weapons underground, and by countless, I mean mind-boggling numbers, like hundreds each year for years on end. If you think no people or animals were harmed in the conducting of these experiments, you’d be naïve. And, if you’re looking for a possible source for ozone damage, look no farther than your own government.

But thermonuclear is so yesterday—unless you’re China or some other country with a chip on its shoulder. Today it’s all about the mind; it’s all about transhumanism; it’s all about the combining of biology with machine. Jacobsen barely dances at the very edge of what might be going on at Area 51 today, but all you have to do is follow the transhumanist and state-level surveillance tyrannanical movements to figure out what is very likely going on as you read this. Let’s just ask some questions and see where it leads.

What happened to those boys? How long did they live? Who took care of them? In addition to the damage already done to them, what further damage—or improvements—did our scientists perform? Did those efforts establish a need for housing for test subjects? Were the test subjects exposed to massive amounts of radiation then housed in those areas? Were test subjects taken from other areas of the country? From where? What kinds of test subjects? Ones that wouldn’t be missed? Orphans? The handicapped? Then what happened?

How does one, exactly, meld biology with machine? It all sounds like so much progress for those who have lost limbs, but we know from reading “First Platoon” that it is not the veteran who stands to benefit from such science—no, never him or her—but the scientists who advance their knowledge of limb articulation. It makes sense that the U.S. would want to meet any cyborg soldiers of our enemies on the battlefield with our own, superior, cyborg soldiers. Only, those pesky Americans are so resistant to doing what they are told. If you want to know why the officer corp of the U.S. Army was gutted under Obama, it was because hardcore badasses actually said, “Um, I like being human. I’m going to pass on even incorporating untrustworthy robotics in my battle plans. Thanks anyway.” You know, like when during the Invasion of Iraq how Patriot missile batteries were so unreliable that they were shooting down our own pilots. In 2003, the algorithms were screwing up—horribly. On March 23, a Patriot battery shot down a Royal Air Force Tornado fighter bomber; on March 24, an F16 pilot had to fire a HARM anti-radar missile to destroy the battery zeroing in on him; and on April 2, a Patriot battery shot down a U.S. FA18 fighter over southern Iraq. Whose side is our government on anyway? Obviously, not ours.

Listen, the robot cleaning your floor or the one lookin for spills in the produce aisle of the supermarket are the first steps in getting you used to being around robots. Same-same sex dolls. Which brings me back to what is actually going on at Area 51 today. The government’s ability, or more specifically, the FBI’s ability to tap into your noggin is not dependent on proximity or anything physically invasive. The science is highly sophisticated, not just to constantly surveil but to control minds—from afar. It’s only a hop, skip, and a jump from there to controlling you so that you subject yourself to anything, even non-voluntary transhumanistic experimentation. The most common one that keeps popping up is the downloading of your brain into a bank that can than be uploaded into a robot.

The point being, the mad scientists are running amok. Science is not only a church; but its believers want to be God and create life, life that lives forever. Life everlasting for the technocracy, and enslavement for the rest of us. If “The Matrix” was more truth than fiction, then I wonder if partial-birth abortions are ever really carried out. Why would people fight so hard to murder newborns? We already know that eviscerated fetuses are sold for body parts for science’s sake, but what if there’s a new method of conducting abortions? Where are all the missing children? Are they all being trafficked? Or are scientist using human trafficking as cover for the test subjects they gather? When the truth is not known in full, imaginations will run wild. It’s best that the American people know what went on and is going on at Area 51 so anything that immoral and unjust can be stopped in its tracks. Ask questions!

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8 thoughts on “Let’s Guess What’s Going on Nowadays at Area 51”

  1. When Flying in Red Flag (USAF Air War Games) which skirt Area 51 the rule was one could not go near it even if your aircraft was on fire. You were told to eject rather than try and land on their runway. If you can imagine an aircraft and/ or it’s capabilities they probably already have it operational and are are version 2.0 of it.

  2. Ask questions, indeed!

    The amazing thing about Area 51 is the coverup that went alongside the building and improvement of the facilities. Understanding that there are needs for secrecy, there are also safeguards that are needed to keep secrecy from running amok and building on the things you wrote about. We can’t be sure about either.
    I’m only supposing because I heard that there is some kind of book of secrets passed from one president to the next, probably excluding Trump, that contain information that if ever let out in the wild might stop a lot of what we see happening around us. That gets talked about in the rare History Channel rerun about presidents, and that is where I heard it first. The amount of information we have no knowledge about is probably so immense that if we ever heard it we might tear down the country ourselves.
    In the meanwhile it is all just one big conspiracy compiled in the mind of Art Bell.

    • I recently heard the concept that without access to information, we cannot think about things rationally, and therefore we have no freedom of speech. We’re just kids, perpetually without the “need to know.” I, too, believe there are genuine military secrets that deserve to be kept under wraps, but if they would just tell us what happened in 1947 that precipitate the National Security Act, then perhaps we’d be more ok with legitimate military secrets. However, using the NSA to deny people access to justice–and I’m talking the victims of experimentation by ARPA/DARPA/CIA/DIA etc.–is evil and must be changed. And I’m not falling for the Armageddon script they’re running on people either. You got me thinking and I’ve strayed from your initial though. I truly appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment.

  3. “It” never stops. From many sources over time means there’s nothing of value outside of what’s readily available and readily understood.

    Being in semiconductor manufacturing, I’ve seen the advances and they are dramatic only if you blink too much. Otherwise, it’s all simple progression – advancement over time. For those outside of the technology field things appear as they are perceived, depending on one’s ability to comprehend. There’s no magic at all, just a simple progression over time.

    In 1944 a calculator was 51 feet long and 8 feet high – the Harvard Mark I, or IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (ASCC) using 3.7kW of power.

    Secret projects exist, but they must not be withheld from the Public. Divorcing the People from their government sets them apart from reality.

    • Boy, is this ever true! Without access to the information, we are not knowledgeable enough to participate in our own government. And if mom and dad are fighting (two sides of the intel community, or good vs. evil, or however you want to look at it), they send us outside to play (drugs, tech, sex). The National Security Act is protecting them as they experiment on people without their consent, and if those people seek justice in the courts they are “denied access due to reasons of national security.” Here’s the progression–advancement over time: Nazi experiments in concentration camps during WWII … Operation Paperclip brings those same Nazi scientists to the U.S. to experiment on American citizens without their consent … Congress exposes MKULTRA … now it’s whack-a-mole with hundreds of project names at hundreds of bases, universities, and hospitals … and the shock treatments for mind control are now scalable by the hundred different methods. It’s way past GO time! Thank you, very much, for reading and your thoughtful comment.

  4. Ethan you are a must read-half the time I’m not sure what to comment. All the so-called government areas are interesting and most of them have been well documented by NGOs over time (non-government observers who specialize in these things.) The NGOs have gotten pretty good over the years and many of them can tell you the mission and the orbit/eccentricity pretty quick after a space launch these days, although with satellite maneuverability and small sats it has gotten somewhat more challenging. We’ll have to talk over drinks someday and I will regale you with my Tonopah experiences… It is much more pedestrian than many are willing to believe but that is what keeps these mysteries-well, mysteries! My wife and I were driving back to Huachuca from San Antonio in 1989 or so and we watched an ogive shaped, wingless aircraft pass-by at low altitude-I was very excited-told my wife (as a photo/image interpreter)-that is not a military aircraft in the current world inventory. That weekend shopping with the kids they actually had a model available that was the concept of the F-117-I showed it to Cindy-it was the aircraft we had seen. It was a staple out at Tonopah and was revealed to the public when Desert Shield/Desert Storm happened. I haven’t been out there since the late 90s when we did somewhat of a joyride in some Czechoslovakian Maz-543s that were based out of Kirtland-that was a trip-but we’ll do drinks one of these days if you make it out this way or whatevs….

    • Hi Max: Thank you so much for your encouragement. I, too, think it’s all very terrestrial, and that anything “extra” is a cover for more nefarious activities. Yes, not only is there a book of underGROUND bases, but there’s one on underWATER bases. I’m actually ok with there being a means to protect our military advances. What is horrific beyond measure is the testing of technological “advancements” on humans. I’m trying to learn the science; once I can explain it to myself, maybe I can presented it in understandable terms to the public. It goes by so many names; it is deployed by so many different means–the ultimate weaponry in the forever war. I would love to meet you one day. By then, I’ll probably be back to drinking–LOL! At present, I’m sticking to quinine water to ward off COVID, or aliens, or holographic Jesus. Thank you, sir, as always for writing and commenting! It’s greatly appreciated.

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