No Time for Sunshine Republicans

We don’t have time for Sunshine Republicans. Because America is in an incredibly important phase in its history, shying away from political debates in public for private forums is a bad idea for committed conservatives. For far too long, conservatives have erred on the side of being polite and avoided discussing religion and politics. Unfortunately, that has allowed the discussion in both of those arenas to be dominated by left wing zealots who have no problem offering their opinions 365 days per year in whatever forum they possibly can.

As the old saying goes, “Silence gives assent.”; and conservatives need to start making sure that people know that we do not give our assent to radical liberal policies and increasing government control of our lives. As part of that commitment to advocating for conservative policies, conservative (including libertarian) Americans need to support candidates who run on platforms that align with their political philosophy. No candidate will be a perfect match for all voters, but if the preponderance of the candidate’s positions align with a voter’s core values, that candidate should be able to count on that person’s vote.

Instead, and way too often, conservative voters get into the voting booth and vote based on personality, not platform and policy. That is what happened to Trump, and based on rhetoric from a lot of so-called conservatives, as well as known RINOs, those voters are planning to do that again if Trump is the nominee of the GOP in 2024. I know at least a dozen self-proclaimed conservatives who state flatly they will vote for Biden if Trump is the GOP candidate!! Frankly, that is just nuts and strong proof that TDS is real and virulent.

Under Trump we were energy independent, we had control of our borders, he was demanding the Europeans pay their fair share to NATO (which they actually started to do), we weren’t overrun by crime (until the criminal Democrat party unleashed their BLM/Antifa thugs in 2020) and our economy was humming.

For the most part he let state governors handle the Covid epidemic, which revealed the vast gap between blue and red state governments. He appointed great judges at the Federal and Supreme Court level, he reduced  government regulation, he strengthened our ties with Israel and advanced peace in the Middle East. He didn’t get us into any new wars, he pushed  Covid vaccine development (although that is a mixed blessing) and he put the kibosh on all the green energy /climate change foolishness.

Most importantly, he gave average Americans the courage stand up and tell the woke establishment to get lost because parents will have the primary say in how they raise their kids and educate them, etc., etc., etc.

The issue is that RINOs and TDS afflicted moderates consider themselves part of the elite and far above the average American. So, when RINOs see hundreds of thousands, collectively millions, of Americans cheering for Trump they see them as a bunch of ignorant, stupid rubes. However, they are the people who are totally misguided in this situation.

They have a similar blind spot for Tucker Carlson and other conservative commentators and leaders. The problem is that they are too much impacted by the style versus the substance of what people are saying or doing. True conservatives do not give a rat’s fanny how often Trump calls Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig, especially since they think Rosie O’Donnell IS a fat pig. Meanwhile, RINOs think that that makes Trump a classless boob who is undeserving of the office of the presidency.

On the other hand, conservatives think Obama proved himself unworthy of the office by regularly making racist remarks about white people, but because he did it cerebrally and using pseudo intellectual language, RINOs apparently have no issue with Obama’s racism.

Choosing a president should not be a referendum on how whether candidate follows Emily Post etiquette. The only thing that matters is policy, and what they get done once they’re in the office. On that score, Trump is the best president we’ve had in the White House since Reagan. Considering the opposition and criminal actions of the deep state to undermine and destroy him and his family, Trump is the best president we’ve had since Truman. Success is not measured by Heights achieved, but by obstacles overcome.

Under the same pressure as Trump, 99.9% of the people in Washington DC right now would have gotten on their knees and started kissing rings as fast as they could while caving in completely to the deep state. Not Trump. Trump fought them, and he is still fighting the scoundrels, including a lot of the guys at the top of the military, especially Austin and Milley. Conservatives detest those scoundrels nearly as much as libfools and RINOs detest Trump.

However, conservatives have a strong case for the incompetence of Austin and Milley because neither one of them has accomplished a darn thing (except brown nose their way up the ladder), but they have presided over failure after failure. Austin is an ignorant, racist token, and Milley is a seditious disgrace. The fact that RINOs never call people like that out, while constantly bashing away at Trump for ancient political history, just shows the depth of their TDS.

Trump lit a fuse that leads to a bomb that can destroy the modern Democrat party, and conservatives hope does not fizzle out. If that means Trump needs to be president again to make that bomb explode and devastate the Democrat Party cabal of anti-American, racist, heterophobe, socialist, baby killing, criminal perverts, grifters and thugs, conservative Americans will vote for Trump a million times. By the same token, if they ran on the same platform, they would vote for DeSantis 1 million times, or Tim Scott 1 million times, or Kristi Noem 1 million times, or Greg Abbott 1 million times. He’s not the perfect weapon, but Trump is the weapon conservatives have for now, and we need to use him against America’s worst enemy, the Democrat party, until he’s no longer effective. 

Ensuring Trump remains effective means supporting the candidates he endorses, knowing his policy platform and being willing to defend and support it publicly, and reliably voting Republican. Democrats do it and it has given them political control in many states and cities all over America. Sadly, Democrat voters continue to vote the same way even as the policies they vote for are plainly ruining their communities. Conservatives must be just as dedicated to implementing their agenda of limited government, individual freedom, and the Constitution. Part of showing that dedication is advocating for those principles regularly and passionately, and voting for candidates who support those principles, even if they have a loud mouth, orange skin, and bad hair

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4 thoughts on “No Time for Sunshine Republicans”

  1. Trump – Fuse – Bomb
    People – Constitution – Action
    Wisdom – Confrontation – Results
    Worth – Dignity – Hope
    People must engage themselves into action
    Freedom requires living active effort from within

  2. There are a lot of self-proclaimed “conservatives”(Hannity ring a bell?), including some high profile people who have national audiences on radio and television. Starting with them, they should be ashamed of themselves. If they are so self righteous, arrogant and vain as to make that claim, when the political winds blow, they are nothing to add to a base of Republicans.

    I agree with you.

    what bothers me, just enough to keep mentioning, is the use of the word “democracy” when anyone who can read, and practices it, knows it is a republic that is our form of government. Another is a so-called conservative who doesn’t care whether he is a majority leader or a minority leader, and doles out campaign funds to friends, rather than support Republican candidates. Yeh, you guessed it: Mitch McConnell. Another who aggravates me in the same vain is the House minority leader who has to use that wet thumb technique, just to go to the Republican cloak room in the Capitol.
    Between those two, there are enough in Congress who are just sunshine Republicans, but might as well be daisies in a field, because that’s the kind of Republican they give their money to.

    All those who vote Republican should strongly consider quit calling themselves independents because that just tells me that they are as confused as that Stonehenge Democrat running against Dr. Oz, and in Pennsylvania he or she being the staunch independent, they have good odds of voting for Stonehenge, who can’t speak without looking at a computer screen, and has no clue what it is, on any given Sunday!

    “Independent” is like “Moderate” anything, which means they are just confused. We need clear battle lines.

  3. RINOs are as big a danger to the GOP platform as the media are. They are nearly as big an enemy to the GOP as the Democrat party. I am hopeful that as more GOP members and other conservatives get out to vote, they will stay engaged and hold their candidates accountable AFTER they elect them. Time will tell, but first we have to deliver a landslide in November.


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