Why many Christians are failing in their Christian Faith, by Freeland_Dave

Why many Christians are failing in their Christian Faith. by Freeland_Dave, 

Simple stat. 200 different Christian Denominations on the US alone and 45,000 worldwide. No unity in the Scriptures and most all of them hold the mistaken belief that if you don’t follow the dogma of their denomination that you are pre-consigned, by them of course, that you are destine to an eternity of torment in Hell, apparently to the delight of “saved” members of their denomination and God.

The vast majority of these denominations have painted God to be some type of maniacal tyrant that is just waiting to “zot” the people out of existence, who get out of line, as in the Anteater in the cartoonist Bob Brownie’s strip BC. They dwell on the punishments that God has used, for good reason as described in scripture, and have taken it upon themselves, inappropriately, to judge and condemn others, which God Himself has told us through Jesus and the prophets that we should not do. Sort of like a club of exclusive membership.

Hate the sin but love the sinner, is a teaching of God/Jesus, that shows mercy and compassion, which is good as all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God. If this were not true no one could ever be saved.

Worship, for the vast majority of people, has largely become a Social Gathering where a few minutes of actual worship is done and the rest of the time is devoted to social things. The leaders of their respective congregations all seem to be more concerned with how many butts are in the pews and the amounts of monies in the offering plates than they are of Godly things. Instead of concentrating on the problems of sin and what the remedy to sin is, they politicize it to make those continued sins palatable and acceptable in the church.

There are 168 hours in the 7-day week, yet most attendees of all Christian Churches today only spend about 2 to 3 hours even thinking about God. Want evidence? Pick any denomination, go there after their 45 to 60 minute, largely poor attended, Sunday or Sabbath School and watch them intermingle with the larger group I call Christers, who start flocking through the doors of the church for the “social” worship service that promptly starts at 11 AM to be done, hopely for no Godly reason, at 12.

Christers? Sorry, it’s a term for the alleged “faithful” that only attend on Christmas and Easter and only then if they have a child or relative participating in an acting or singing event on the platform in front of the congregation.

A couple of warm-up, new age, progressive, not so “Christian” songs, a prayer, a children’s story on how we are supposed to treat others, where the children are doing something and not really interested in what is being discussed, followed by another prayer, and possibly a song and the pastor/speaker starts to deliver his 35 to 45 minute talk. Meanwhile, about 25 minutes into his talk, 95% of the congregation restlessly start to check their watches to see “when will this guy stop talking so we can get out of here” takes place while their children entertain themselves with their smart phones during the worship services.

So, what’s the real problem here? That question can best be answered with the question, “how can you stand on the promises if God if you don’t know what they are?”

So, what does that mean? Instead of reading and studying the scriptures for your selves, and studying them as the scriptures, The Holy Word of God, instructs, and studying them prayerfully with the aid of the Holy Spirit of God, most people are lazy and depend on the words of other people they look up to, to tell them what it all means. Social dogma, instead of The Word of God.

Simply put, if you are not found in the Word of God on a daily basis and having the Holy Spirit minister to you, you may be a Christer, but that does not mean that you are a Christian follower of God/Jesus. Basically, Christ is indeed knocking at the door to commune with you. But the door is locked on the church and none of the members can take the real effort to open the door and let Him in.

So, how do you deal with it to find a good church, and don’t get me wrong social is an important thing in any church because we are social beings. However, the focus of any church related activity should probably place more emphasis on the Creator God and His Son than any social event and that is simply not happening in most churches today.

If you enter a church that doesn’t follow the teachings of God’s prophets and the words of Jesus; the words that actually tell you how to determine what those teachings are telling you, and yes they are all there without the interpretations of man, if you follow the instructions contained in the Word of God; you probably should take your Bible with you and literally run away from that church that pays more attention to the social events happening around us instead of teaching from the Word of God.

We are admonished by God that 10% of our increase belongs to God. Is that just money or does that also include increase in knowledge of God by spending time with Him on a daily basis? In short, if you are not daily feeding and nourishing yourselves from the Word of God, you are spiritually starving yourself to death and are not growing in the faith that is a gift from God and the only thing that can save you. Then, without that faith you most assuredly will die a death for all of eternity.

Assuming the average person is awake for 16 hours per day, if you are spending 1.6 hours for a day in the presence of the Lord in your home, which is about the maximum time a church attender spends in a weekly worship service, you’re spending only 1.6 distracted hours of time with your Creator God/Jesus and cheating Him, who loves you and wants to save you, out of the 9.6 hours that should be devoted to your weekly communication with your maker. Now don’t cheat and think, “when I attend the worship service on the Sunday or the Sabbath I’m better covered on that time. But the 4th Commandment indicates that the day of worship/communion with our Lord God/Jesus is a 24-hour event where all of the time spent not sleeping, is devoted to a communion with our creator so that we may build a proper relationship with Him, in deference to other people or ourselves. This is not to say people are not important but simply placing God/Jesus in the proper hierarchy of importance in our lives.

Now many will say those decrees were in the Old Testament and they were done away with at the cross. But consider this, when Jesus walked this Earth, He taught from those scriptures and 2/3’s of the New Testament verses can be found in the Old Testament. Simply put, when there are important matters, God does not and never have or ever will change. The greatest love story ever put to pen is God’s Word and He provided it all for your personal salvation. That being said, what’s your problem?

In parting, there are a few good churches out there that have resisted the temptations to go with society and stand steadfast with God. Now, your problem is to find one.

Might I offer a suggestion that you take the matter up with God and stop the foolish thoughts about what others think about you. It’s not what they think about you that matters. No, it’s what God thinks about you as He witnesses what you are doing every moment of your mortal existence. Your church and your friends won’t save you. Only God can and He already has, if you know how to claim that gift of His love. It’s all there in His Holy Word, the scriptures.

Lastly, if you harbor hate for anyone, based on their current worship practices, you definitely are not of God. This is because Jesus already paid the price for sin for every human that has lived or will live. Hate is a sin, as defined by God, and if you harbor a sin, no matter how small you may think it to be, you have no hope for salvation.

“For the wages of sin is death,” and that statement does not define or measure out which sin is more egregious than any other sin. Keep up the good fight, confess your sins daily to God/Jesus, even the sins you don’t know are sins, ask for forgiveness and the strength that can only come from Him, to resist the temptations that are causing you to sin.

Always remember, your sins are not any worse or any better than the sins of anyone else. But there is a difference in that the sins of the true follower of God/Christ, can be forgiven by Him ,whereas the unconfessed and unrepentant (to give up) sins will separate you from God for ever and for ever.

Remember, “If we are faithful and just to confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive them” and that does not involve confessing to any man and receiving absolution for those sins for only God can absolve sin. It’s also good for you to confess your sins/trespasses and forgiveness to those who have sinned/trespassed against you, which is imbedded in the meaning of The Lord’s Prayer. If we cannot forgive the sins of others, can we really expect God to forgive us?

Thank you for your time and may God bless all of you.

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1 thought on “Why many Christians are failing in their Christian Faith, by Freeland_Dave”

  1. Despite the large number of denominations, or perhaps because of it, there really isn’t that much difference between them. Perhaps a theologian can tell me the difference between the Christian Church and the Church of Christ, but it pretty much escapes me.

    The real problem is that so few Americans, even those professing to be Christian, actually attend church. And let’s be honest about it: the problem is largely men not attending church. How can we expect children to grow up Christian if only their mother, and almost never their father, takes them to church?

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