GOP Congressman Turns Table on CBS Anchor Trying to Implicate Republicans

It took about a nanosecond for Democrats to start blaming Republicans for the brutal hammer attack on Paul Pelosi by a deranged man early Friday morning. Immediately and collectively, the left ran with the narrative that violent right-wing rhetoric had inspired David DePape, a mentally ill, homeless drug addict, to break into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco residence and fracture the skull of her 82-year-old husband.

Margaret Brennan, the host of CBS News’ Sunday morning show “Face the Nation,” was loaded for bear as she greeted Minnesota Rep. Tom Emmer, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. Two days prior to the attack, Emmer had posted a brief clip of himself firing a rifle at a shooting range with the caption, “Enjoyed exercising my Second Amendment rights with @KellyCooperAZ & General @JackBergman_MI1. … 13 days to make history. Let’s #FirePelosi.”

Right off the bat, a clearly agitated and adversarial Brennan asked Emmer, “just to be abundantly clear,” if he “denounce[d] any kind of attack on the Pelosi family?” 

Emmer replied, “Absolutely. There should be no attacks, period. There should be no violence in our society. Again, whether it’s political or otherwise, there’s no place for it in a civilized society.”

Next, Brennan referenced a CBS poll which she said found that Republicans were suspicious about the voting process. She noted, “A big majority of Republicans support the idea of private citizens challenging election officials as they process and report vote counts on election night. We’re seeing that on the screen now. Two thirds of Republicans support the idea of private citizens patrolling around ballot drop boxes and polling places. This is just Republicans. We don’t see this with Democrats. We do not see this with independents. Would you urge private citizens not to patrol polling places?” 

“Well, you picked the words, Margaret,” Emmer responded. “I would say that it is Republicans, Democrats, independents, all American citizens are very acutely aware, as your previous guest just mentioned, about our election process. I think this is going to be a very good election because people are awake. They’re paying attention. They should volunteer as poll watchers, it’s a state based system. Whatever your state requires and allows, you should definitely be involved. And I think it’s going to help the process.” 

And again, she wanted “just to be abundantly clear” that “poll watching is different than voter intimidation, which is unlawful.” 

After rephrasing the question several more times to make sure Emmer didn’t support voter intimidation, she tells him he is on a list of “307 Republicans running for office who have raised doubts about the integrity of the election.” She asks, “Do you regret sowing doubts yourself?” 

As Emmer tries to answer the question, she interrupts him five times. “What you’re referring to, I’ve never sowed doubts about the election. I have definitely raised questions–“

She interjects, “You signed onto this Texas amicus brief–“

“Absolutely, let’s talk about it–“

Again, she interrupts, “that went to the Supreme Court to overturn it.”

“What it said was, Margaret, what that said, that amicus brief, is that a lot of people, governors, attorneys general, secretaries of state, took unilateral action during COVID changing … (Interruption) “changing the election laws themselves” … (Interruption) “Again, if I can finish, changing election laws themselves to try and make sure that we were safe while we exercised our right to vote. That particular amicus brief, all it said was that we need to reaffirm that state legislatures and legislatures alone make their election laws. So as we go forward, once we’re out of COVID, we have to–.” 

“So to be clear,” Brennan asks, “[Y]ou don’t consider yourself an election denier?” 

“Absolutely not.”

She asks three more times just to be sure.

Emmer cites a poll which found that “Eight out of ten Americans right now think we’re on the wrong track. That’s what they’re going to be voting on.” 

“I know. And I would love to talk about something other than people being worried for their lives. But unfortunately, that’s where we are. I want to ask you about this when it comes to political violence.” She brings up his Twitter post and asks, “Why is there a gun in a political ad at all?” 

Note the petulant tone in her voice as she says the word “gun.”

He rightly says, “It wasn’t an ad. I was tweeting out – “

Abruptly, she asks, “Wouldn’t a pink slip be more fitting if it’s about firing her?”

In between what more resembled badgering than journalism, Emmer reminded her of the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise at a congressional baseball practice in 2017 and said he didn’t recall Brennan “or anyone else in the media trying to blame Democrats for what happened.  … Nobody tried to equate Democrats’ rhetoric- people–” 

She insisted they covered the story extensively, which they did. However, they never made the connection between the shooter and Bernie Sanders.

She shot back, “I’m not talking about your rhetoric. I’m talking about what you posted. You’re shooting a gun. Our viewers just saw it. … Do you not understand that that is suggestive to people who are in a bad state. And in this current environment, how risky it is as you’re talking about–.” 

This time Emmer interrupted, ” Well, I disagree, Margaret. … Again, I never saw anyone after Steve Scalise was shot by a– … –Bernie Sanders supporter. … Trying to equate Democrat rhetoric with those actions. Please don’t do that.” 

Brennan pivots, “Okay. Looking at your candidates, Republican candidates have spent more than 116 million on ads that mentioned Speaker Pelosi by name in their cycle. If this is about the issues, why shouldn’t make it about the issues? Why not depersonalize it?” 

“It is absolutely about the issues,” Emmer insists. “It’s about the fact that we have double digit inflation exploding, exploding cost of living. We’ve got a crime wave across this country that is a direct result, direct result –.” 

Brennan stops him, “In this moment, we are eight days out, don’t you think this needs to change? Why not pull some of these ads? Why not just delete your tweet?” 

Remaining calm, Emmer states the obvious, “I’m sure people like to talk about anything but what the Democrats have done to this country, which quite frankly is exploding cost of living, a crime wave in our major cities that is the result of this ‘defund the police’ nonsense and cashless bail. 

“I mean, you look at New York City where you put someone in jail at 9 p.m. for assaulting someone on the street and they’re back out on the street at 9 a.m. committing crimes. Again, you look at my state of Minnesota, Minneapolis, it’s has 6000 assaults since the beginning of the year. Margaret, Those are the issues that are top of mind for every voter in this country. That’s why they’re going to show up in – on the November 8th. And that’s why Republicans are going to win in the midterms.”

This interview is a classic example of journalistic malpractice and shows precisely why the media is held in such low regard by a large majority of Americans.

Brennan wasn’t interested in an exchange of political ideas. She had reached her conclusion long before she asked her first question.

The liberal media is full of hypocrites. And Brennan just proved she is one of them.


A previous version of this article appeared in The Western Journal.

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  1. Tim Russ is the actor who played Tuvok on Star Trek-Voyager. He is beyond leftist, and before the cops had finished calling for back up (slight exaggeration) he had the crime solved:

    As reported: The suspect in the attack of Paul Pelosi has been confirmed to be a 42-year-old right-wing extremist who spread 2020 election conspiracy theories, COVID disinformation, and hatred of the Jan 6 committee. Anyone surprised?

    Gotta say, I’m not surprised.

    Illogical to the end. Then again, we are talking Hollywood.

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