Neocon Off The Deep End

As we have previously noted, the old ‘neo-conservatives‘ turned #NeverTrumpers like Bill Kristol, Max Boot, and Jennifer Rubin have shown themselves to be very much on the political left in the United States, moved to the Democrats due to their #TrumpDerangementSyndrome.

Crime has shown up as one of the major issues in the upcoming election, so naturally Mrs Rubin has made a silly claim trying to blame Republicans for crime, due to the rather odd attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, by a Canadian nudist hippie who somehow has morphed into an evil reich-wing extremist.

The tweet to the left is actually a screen capture; when someone like Mrs Rubin tweets something dumb — which is fairly frequently — I always assume that she might decide to delete it, but, alas! the internet is forever when there are [insert plural slang term for the anus here] like me around.

As we have reported previously, Pennsylvania’s firearms control laws are pretty much uniform across the Commonwealth; state law prohibits municipalities from imposing restrictions which are stricter than those provided for under state law. In 2020, there were 1,009 murders in the Keystone State, 499, or 49.45%, of which occurred in Philadelphia. According to the 2020 Census, Pennsylvania’s population was 13,002,700 while Philadelphia’s alone was 1,603,797, just 12.33% of Pennsylvania’s totals.

It got worse last year: with 562 homicides in Philly, out of 1027 total for Pennsylvania, 54.72% of all homicides in the Keystone State occurred in Philadelphia. Allegheny County, where Pittsburgh is located, was second, with 123 killings, 11.98% of the state’s total, but only 9.52% of Pennsylvania’s population.

The other 65 counties, with 78.11% of the state’s total population, had 33.30% of total murders.

In 2020, Philadelphians gave 81.44% of their votes to Joe Biden. The Mayor, Jim Kenney, is a Democrat, as have been every Mayor since Harry Truman was President. The George Soros-sponsored District Attorney, let ’em loose Larry Krasner, is a Democrat, and won re-election in 2021, by a landslide. Philadelphia is by every possible measure, a heavily Democratic city.

It’s more than that. Those 65 counties other than Philadelphia and Allegheny? They gave 54.98% of their two-party votes — meaning: third party candidates excluded — to President Trump! It seems as though those evil, reich-wing Republicans whom Mrs Rubin claims are “inciting violence” are inciting it in heavily Democratic areas!

I’m far less familiar with our other murder capitals, like Baltimore (87.28% of vote in Baltimore City to Mr Biden) and St Louis (80.85% of vote in St Louis city to Mr Biden) and New Orleans (83.15% of Orleans Parish to Mr Biden) and Chicago (74.35% of vote in Cook County to Mr Biden), but it seems like most them are not exactly Republican strongholds.

It’s clear: Mrs Rubin somehow sees the assault on Mr Pelosi as somehow a far, far, far worse thing than the 441 murders in Philadelphia so far this year, or the 562 who were killed in 2021. I suppose I can only fault her partially for that, because that’s pretty much the way the Democrats as a whole see things.
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  1. You will never convince people like Rubin, and her lot, with facts and data. The know what they know, because they learned it at the latest ‘cool kids’ , east coast, cocktail party, and that becomes their facts. There is no room for any other opinion.


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