Trump Derangement Syndrome

TDS has not stopped, and is even worse after two years of Biden. In 2016, a close friend and I were discussing the upcoming presidential election. She was dismayed I was pulling the lever for Trump. I explained I was not voting for Trump, but against Mrs. Bill Clinton. Countless times I explained if the GOP nominated a passed-out crack head from Houston’s Third Ward, that person gets my vote. They would do less damage.

In 2016, the GOP had the strongest bench since at least 1980, and of them, for a change, I could vote for three of the candidates (Cruz, Walker, Paul). In 2008, I was beyond disgusted to pull the lever next to McCain’s name, and 2012 was only slightly less repulsive with Romney. But I was looking forward to the 2016 election, as we should get a strong candidate, and the Democrats were stuck with Hillary Clinton.

For multiple reasons, Donald Trump was nominated, and I was flabbergasted. But looking into the abyss, I could not vote for anyone else. After the disaster of the Obama years, another 4-8 years of Democratic rule would doom this country, and that couldn’t happen.

But my liberal friend was horrified I would pull a lever for Trump for any reason. Both being residents of Louisiana, I reminded her of the 1991 governor’s election, where David Duke entered, split the vote against Democrat Edwin Edwards, and knocked out the sitting governor Buddy Roemer. The day after the primary, then lame duck Governor Roemer went into a press conference and called on all Louisiana voter to, “Walk into the voting booth, hold your nose and vote for Edwin Edwards.” I explained this was a similar “choice,” and yes, Mrs. Bill Clinton was the Duke.

She suggested I vote third party, or perhaps write in one of the three candidates I wanted. A valid position, but, again, with the replacement for Judge Scalia on the ballot, Democrats and RINOs salivating for another amnesty, the budget and taxes out of control, us giving the Iranians the green light for nuclear weapons, and other foreign policy disasters, any Democrat could not be elected.

Now I don’t question her choice, she is a liberal woman, was a supporter of Clinton (with some reservations), and we simply agree to disagree on this matter. But the day after the election she was almost hysterical, saying her gay friends were afraid of being imprisoned, her immigrant friends were afraid of being deported, her Muslim friends afraid of being prosecuted (she was very distraught). However, none of those came to pass. Just another case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

Two other friends give me more pause, if you will. One is a man who despises Trump and would never give him his vote. I explained he would not be voting for Trump, but against her. I explained to this gentleman, a very devout Catholic, with Clinton in office and a radical replacing Scalia, abortion will never be challengeable again, not to mention the other courts would be packed with extremists. But he was not going to entertain the issue. He voted for a third-party candidate. Was it a wasted vote? Yes, effectively, his state went for Trump, as did most states.

What’s more curious is a few years later he left the Republican party and joined the Democrats. If you don’t like the head of the party, and it’s as big an issue you can’t stay with the GOP, fair enough. But joining the Democratic party. There are no moderates in the Democratic power base left. The Scoop Jackson’s are gone, and Jack Kennedy couldn’t be elected dog catcher in today’s Democratic party. Hell, Bill Clinton appears conservative when held up to today’s Democratic leadership.

My friend is embracing the radicals of the nation. If anything, he could have joined the Libertarians (they have the same view on abortion and amnesty/open borders), but not as radical as the Democrats. He’s siding with the extremists of the nation, because of Trump, who is not a declared candidate. TDS, again. Which brings me to my third friend.

This man is a retired cop and live in Harris County TX, as I do. He recently posted on social media he had just left the polls, “Voted straight Democrat. Won’t vote Republican until the stench of Trump is gone…” Now the man despises Trump and that’s his call. Frankly, seeing the years of Obama worship he’s posted on his threads, I really don’t think he’s voted for the GOP in his life. But more to the point, Trump is not a candidate in Harris County TX, and as far as I can tell, has not campaigned in the Houston area for anyone.

I voted last week, and counting a half dozen bond proposals, there were 97 votes to be cast. I voted straight Republican on the electoral candidates (County judge, governor, other state officials), and against every bond proposal (unless they are restricted on funding, I won’t put the tax payers more in debt).

The GOP state candidates are a mixed bag, but they are light years ahead of the Democrats. But the issue with my third friend is the local elections. Harris County has a county judge (head of the board of supervisors, akin to a county mayor) who is completely incompetent and corrupt. She tried to send an eleven million dollar contract for “Covid outreach” to a campaign staffer for both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. Three of Judge Lina Hidalgo’s staffers, including her chief of staff, have been indicted from the investigation. The rumor is Judge Hidalgo will be indicted after the election, and one of the indicted aides reportedly has turned state’s evidence against her. Donald Trump has nothing to do with the investigation of a Democratic district attorney looking into the corruption of a Democratic county judge. But don’t confuse the man with the facts.

Houston TX used to have a reputation of a law-and-order community, and one reason was we would require significant bail for most violent crimes. If you violated a term of bond while out, you likely would hear three words after return to the court, “Remand to custody.” A murder suspect rarely got bond, and if so it was very steep.

In 2018, we had a blue wave election and all the county offices were taken by democrats. Critically, all the district judgeships (the ones who run the trial courts) were now held by democrats for the first time in decades. That, along with the county signing a consent decree for bond “reform,” a misnomer worse than military intelligence. The changes were sold as a way to help poor people who committed minor offenses. An excellent series by Fox 26 in Houston called Breaking Bond documents how felons, released on bond, have committed over 150 murders.

My friend voted to continue this program, which has led to countless murders, assaults, robberies, etc. And Donald Trump is responsible for this, how?

Trump is a flawed man, flawed politician, and was a flawed president. Like every other occupant in that office. But he was arguably the most conservative president in my lifetime, with the exception of Reagan. I know with friend number one she will not change her views in the foreseeable future. Friend two is supporting a party that is without redemption and supporting policies against everything he stands for, but he can’t stand Trump. And friend three, a retired cop, is voting to continue the chaos in our streets because of…Trump.

Trump is nowhere to be found in the Houston area. He’s not running for office, and his only in state appearance was in Robstone TX (Near Corpus Christi) one week ago. But assume Trump is not the nominee in 2024. All three of the people I’ve mentioned will walk into the voting booth and vote for the Democratic candidate, in spite of the disaster of the Biden years, and the party being radically against their views (at least friend two and three).

Trump Derangement Syndrome. A form of Gaslighting that would make Orwell, Stalin and Mao all smile.

Michael A. Thiac is a retired Army intelligence officer, with over 23 years experience, including serving in the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the Middle East. He is also a retired police patrol sergeant, with over 22 years’ service, and over ten year’s experience in field training of newly assigned officers. He has been published at The American Thinker,, and on his personal blog, A Cop’s Watch.

Opinions expressed are his alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of current or former employers

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4 thoughts on “Trump Derangement Syndrome”

  1. I too, live in Harris County and since the 2018 elections, where the dems were swept into office by straight ticket voting, things have gone to hell. The dem county judge and her 2, dem cohorts on the court. have rammed through all kinds of SJW crap, at the expense of law enforcement and infrastructure. (There are 5 members of the county commission). I voted as you did, straight “R” and against the bonds. I read the official county description of what the bonds were intended to do, and there was vague language about parks, law enforcement, and roads and bridges but no specific project list. On the chance that the same trio remains in power after this election, I am not going to give them $1.2 BILLION dollars to feather their own nests. Harris County needs a political house cleaning, from the county commission to the dem criminal court judges, who run a revolving door court system. I have had a LTC since the law was first enacted in Texas in the ’90’s. I only carried sporadically. But since this band of fools has taken over, I carry almost every day.

    • 1. My view on the bonds. Unless they are completely restricted (e.g., build 50 miles of mew road in these areas), I don’t give them a dime. Give a politician a buck for a certain “requirement,” he will spent 5 on everything but that.

      2. You’re carrying, good, I hate to say. The crime problem is beyond absurd. Hopefully the judges are swept out. More than half of our crime problem will be solved with decent judges on the bench.

      3. Assume Mealer wins as the county judge, and the Rep’s take back control. Hopefully the first thing they do is hire an outside accounting fire to audit the last 4 years. Did you hear that BS of having to cut a sheriff’s office academy class? We can pay for two with the money they tried to funnel into that Dem operative from Montrose.

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