The Battle for the Mind Amidst Meaningless Elections

I’m going to ask you to push yourself beyond all that you are and believe. I’m a staunch political conservative and I believe deeply in God, despite my fatal flaws. Every time I’m asked to look at something from another perspective, I learn to think more deeply about God and country and end up right back where I started, only more firmly entrenched. I’m 100 percent against Democrats since I don’t believe there is a surviving classic liberal in the bunch. I’m also 100 percent against socialism because it degrades and enslaves people under the thumb of a select few who undermine all attempts as self-reliance and financial betterment amidst the peons. I’m also 100 percent against human trafficking, which is just a word abuse for slavery, and experimenting on people without their consent, which is total, inescapable, and soul-crushing enslavement. At the bottom of all the cruelty, once upon a time you could say that at least prisoners of war, at least slaves, at least those in the sex trade could escape into their minds. They were free to think, plan, dream, create positive emotions and energy for themselves. Not under psychotronic slavery. So, although I want Republicans to win, if they are for electronic social engineering, I will vote for their opponent. Politics is inconsequential if the only battle that matters is the battle for the mind of the citizen.

We know that the U.S. government, in an attempt to understand the natural progression of syphilis, tricked African-American males into participating in a 40-year study in exchange for health care and burial services. The men were never given an actual diagnosis, only told they had “bad blood,” a colloquialism for any number of conditions. When in 1943, 11 years into the study, penicillin was shown to cure the sexually transmitted disease, the men were never informed of the treatment. Researchers depended on illiteracy to keep the men ignorant of medical advances. (Like our politicians depend on us to be ignorant of the truth and just absorb what their lackeys in the Operation Mockingbird press tell us.) In 1972, after 29 of the 399 infected patients succumbed to the disease directly and another 100 died from complications, in addition to 40 wives becoming infected and 19 children being born with a congenital syphilis, the government finally investigated and declared the Tuskegee syphilis study unethical with scarce research gained at the cost of great harm to the unwitting human test subjects. We also know that this so-called study also opened shop for a few years during WWII in Guatemala, where foreigners had no standing in U.S. courts for any type of judicial recourse.


Declassified but still redacted MKULTRA document of government approval of LSD experiments on American citizens without their consent. (Public domain image / Wikimedia Commons)
In this declassified document from 1953, permission is granted to conduct studies on humans using LSD. The long history of the U.S. government conducting studies on humans continues through government use of civilian research proxies (universities, hospitals, private companies) which can skirt informed consent laws more easily. The battle for your mind is real. (Public domain image / Wikimedia Commons)


We also know that approximately 3,400 of Native American women were sterilized against their will during the 1960s and 1970s in obviously inhumane attempts to address other health issues within tribes. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that when between 25 and 50 percent of a demographic is forcibly sterilized that a form of eugenics is in play. The forced decline in Native American population resulted in a weakening of political power. From 1929 to 1974 eugenics was also applied overwhelming to African American women. In North Carolina alone over 7,600 people were sterilized. Today, forced eugenics takes a back seat to affordable abortions at strategically located clinics, disproportionate voluntarily accessed by women of color.

We also know our government took it seriously when Korea prisoners of war returned spouting communist ideology. Alan Dulles, head of the Central Intelligence Agency, was concerned that America was lagging behind other countries in its knowledge of brain science. This also explained how communism, with its horrors of depravation and mass killings, was adopted by the people who had to live under it. Clearly, not only were enemy prisoners of war brainwashed, but so were citizens living in communist countries. We needed to understand more about mind control, so experiments were begun under Project MK-Ultra whereby prisoners, people in mental institutions, and members of other underclasses were experimented upon without their consent, never mind informed consent. In other words, create boogeyman, inflict great harm on people in the name of “science.”

Project MK-Ultra ran from 1953 to 1973, utilizing psychedelic drugs such as LSD, hypnosis, verbal and sexual abuse, sensory deprivation, isolation, and physical torture on often unsuspecting test subjects. Over 80 institutions were involved, including prisons, colleges, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, some knowingly, some not. CIA and military personnel were also witting and unwitting participants, both as researchers and as test subjects. After congressional investigations, informed consent laws were enacted by which not only must a test subject give their consent to participate in the study, but they must understand the research and what they are signing up for. Informed consent is the ethical and legal right of all humans.

One, we can predict present and future behavior based on past actions. Two, we’d be naïve to think that the government has stopped experimenting on human beings since its past behavior is outright evil. The government can lie with impunity because it simply subcontracts the research and development to companies already invested in the areas of interest. Private entities can get around informed consent laws in ways that the government cannot. Neuropsychology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, biometric data collection and analysis, are all subjects that every country on the planet is racing to master for positioning in the global hierarchy, most notably, the U.S., China, and Russia.

Domestically, foreign entities could be conducting digital and neuropsychological cyberwar on U.S. citizens without their awareness, never mind their informed consent. And/or social engineering is being designed and deployed for domestic applications by our own government and carried out by subcontractors, be it to prevent civil war, suppress opposition to the communist takeover, or drive public thought. Or heck, to steal your every daydream so you can’t capitalize on money that the elite don’t want you to possess. Digital and neuropsychological no-touch torture is, without question, being applied for both control and continued research. All of the above can also be used to control purchasing behavior, but buying shoes hardly correlates to living in a surveillance state without privacy of mind. I’ve come to the point where I don’t care who holds office; all I want is the freedom to think my own thoughts and the privacy in which to do it.

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    • What you say is true. “Influence” may be what they’re doing on a mass scale, but for some poor souls in this country the control exert is much more intrusive that external influence. What they are capable of is terrifying. I’m working on learning the science, and I’m not very good at understanding the science, but it needs to be explained so people understand what they are doing to us. Thank you so much for read and taking the time to comment.

  1. The wrong people read Brave New World, and instead of considering it a warning, they considered it a template. The template is alive and kicking today, and in the future.

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