This Is Just One Election

A Republican wave in this election, November 8th, would be the best of all possible victories, it’s an election to celebrate and emulate over and over until the Great U.S. Culture War is won. That war won’t be won by elections alone, but they’re a necessary part of the grand strategy to make America into America again. Enjoy the W! Then get to work. It’s just one election. There’s much more to do.

Happy Election Day 2022!

Make America “America” again. The words don’t make for catchy head apparel, because they aren’t about political flash. They’re about the substance – the real deal of what must be done for America to survive and thrive through the rest of this century. We must win the Great U.S. Culture War (1962-Present) for America to become America again.

Our “Kulturkampf” domestic enemies are almost half the country who are consenting cult members or ignorant slaves to Human Secularist Totalitarians and our small population of irredentist Islamist Totalitarians.

Furthermore, five of the seven institutions (1.Government including Military,2.Business, 3.Education, 4.Media, 5.Arts and Entertainment and 6. Some of Religion, 7.Some Families) which shape American Society to create what is our, formerly, consensus culture are controlled by thoroughly “Woke” Cultural Marxists – a.k.a. Human Secularist Totalitarians. These institutions, call them “Mountains” if you like, must be reconquered or alternatives have to stand taller and stronger. That’s the Culture War in brief – seven key objectives.

Taking this high ground means more than having a Red Tsunami in 2022. It requires the following:

  • Make America Biblically Literate. The overwhelming majority of Americans must know the Bible as stories, language, and the moral-ethical foundation of American Civilization. The ideas which are uniquely American are inseparable from the teachings in the King James Bible. Regardless of the personal religious faith of any American or absence or hostility thereof, removing the Biblical foundation from what makes America – America – is like removing one leg of three-legged stool.
  • Keep American Christian and Jewish. America is the place where it’s been safe to be a proselytizing Christian and believing Jew. The whole country doesn’t have to profess Christianity, but a healthy plurality have to practice it and a working majority acknowledge its validity in the public square. “Christian” as the adjective modifying America could have many meanings. Consider the most positive, historical influences as the intent.
  • Make the Rule of Law Rule. Use today’s huge, FDR-like, transformational, commonsense coalition of America’s huge middle class of wage-earners, small business owners, and professionals to truly drain the swamp in Washington and state capitols, limit government with Constitutional federalism, restrain Judicial tyranny, pull out the racism of CRT and the nihilism of the Climate Cult root and branch in every institution, re-focus the military on war winning, control the Tech giants and Social Network oligarchs like the 19th Century Trusts and Ma Bell were “busted” appropriately, and honor free speech as well as all of our individual freedoms.
  • Make Identity Politics into Idea Politics. Shift the unity within the diverse groups of Americans to become their shared ideas – not their superficial appearance. Mock and make anathema the bias of racial, gender, and class (privilege) identity politics of Cultural Marxism. Celebrate the individualism and family success that comes from real achievements.
  • Make Life Make Sense. Use the political power of the populist coalition to fix the economy for a generation. No fix lasts forever. We’re still early in this Information Era of humankind. If the world can get to the end of the century without a devasting world war with China or some other cosmic upheaval, like a “Jacquerie” across Europe or Iranian nuclear attack, or overwhelming mass migrations, then good on us. I’ll be long gone, but my grandchildren’s families should be alive. They’ll be well, if
    • America becomes a fuel exporter. Develops more nuclear energy and, possibly, cracks the code on safe nuclear fusion.
    • America grows its way out of debt deliberately by reducing taxes to let capital create capital.
    • America cuts spending greatly, grandfathers the Third Rail recipients of Social Security and Medicare while reforming, Constitutionally, the social safety nets, and doing whatever is necessary to keep the U.S. dollar the world’s reserve currency.
    • America secures its border against illegal alien invasion and drug poisoning. Deport the law breakers. Build a gated pathway for those brought to America as minors. Thoughtfully make the transition from policing to war, if necessary, to crush the Narco Cartels.
    • America supports families. Make a one income family workable again by cutting taxes and incentivizing better communities of common interest for social services, welfare, insurance, education, etc. Make the “Trans” mutilation and maiming of children illegal and expose its absurdity as well as its manifest evil. Restore commonsense solutions to everyday living – like giving addicts help, the insane shelter, and removing the violent criminal from victims for long periods of time.

It took America sixty years to get to this critical juncture in the Great U.S. Culture War. It might take forty years to make America become America again.

Makes me wish I was forty years younger to stay in the fight until our victory.

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2 thoughts on “This Is Just One Election”

  1. I believe that Tennessee is going to tackle that trans-mutilation topic. I only hope it spreads like a wildfire. Thanks to Matt Walsh for that. Someone famous said that politics is downstream from culture. There is a self correction in the culture that may take too long, but will happen, just hopefully not too late.
    Maybe things have to get so bad that even the dumbest individuals begin to wake up and see that this just has to change. From my excursions on freight trains, it seemed that there are plenty of both very smart and very dumb people, so something had to jar a few away from their stupidity. I could write a book on all the absurd conversations I had rolling down the tracks. Trouble is that no one would believe it.
    But our culture just might be making a right turn. I sure hope so.

    • I’d like to hear about your experiences on the rails.

      I wrote a resolution for my church to stand up against mutilation. We’ll see where it goes. I’m sure it’ll be an issue in our General Assembly elections across Virginia next year.

      Thanks for commenting



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