Here We Go Again!

So. Here we go again! Here we are in another familiar situation. Voting machines that don’t work in mainly Republican strong precincts in Arizona, denying votes to thousands, once again. Drop boxes full of fraudulent votes in Michigan; delayed vote counting that should be accomplished on the night of election. Pennsylvania voters re-elected a dead democrat candidate, whose name wasn’t removed from the ballot. Didn’t we see this in 2020? What was fixed in the subsequent two years?

Voters in New York and Pennsylvania have to be some of the stupidest people on earth, the ones who voted for Hochul for NY governor and Fetterman for US Senate. Crime has increased in every category since Hoakill was appointed governor. Once beautiful, strong, vibrant New York City has become a crime ridden dump where ordinary citizens are brutally attacked, sometimes killed, and the perpetrators go free when caught….no bail required. Stores are trashed at will, but no punishment for the thugs. The police might as well be wearing handcuffs as they patrol the streets, for they have no power and authority.

And Pennsylvania people, great gobs of goose grease; they elected someone who cannot speak, cannot understand questions unless they are printed on a giant screen for him to try to read. A man who lived with and off his parents until he was 50, and then some demoncrat operative saw him as the perfect candidate to spout woke garbage and intimidate people and got him elected to a state wide office. And now he is a US Senator, to sit beside Chuckie Schumer and vote the straight communist ticket. And get this: msnbc is already floating Fetterman as a possible presidential candidate for 2024! Well, why not, brain dead and incompetent are the ones they love best.

I’m writing this two days after the latest poorly run election, and guess what almost every story is about? Why, it’s Trump’s fault that the voting machines in Arizona didn’t work, that New Yorkers chose Hoakill, that the Red Wave didn’t happen. All because he worked harder than anyone in a leadership position to encourage people to vote for people who loved America more than communism.

Article after article, it’s time for Trump to go, he must be replaced by DeSantis, the new Golden Boy for the media, for now. DeSantis is a great governor for protecting the people against the woke culture pervading our lives. He has done a fine job in Florida, making it a model state. No argument there. But he has no experience dealing with foreign countries, armed to the teeth and getting ready to strike us down.

I remember in 2008, the media promoted McCain till it made me sick. Oh, he was the one to lead the republicans against the nothing nobody obama. Tough military man, strong, principled, etc., etc. Then when he got the nomination, the media turned on him and Sarah Palin, for the media were in the obama camp all along. They did their job, got the weakest opponent for obama that they could find, then axed him when the final campaign began.

The demoncrats and the rinos and the media have purely hated Trump since he announced in 2015, for he would not kowtow to any of them. That’s why the American people elected him twice, the second time with ten million more votes than before. Ten million more Americans saw that he was a great leader, that he made America strong and safe and prosperous. But the demoncrats and the rinos and the media could not abide ordinary people being successful and solvent for a change. Trump and his leadership was anathema to them, but he didn’t give an inch.

After Tuesday, articles from the left wing New York Slimes to the Washington Compost and out to the feeder cities on the east and west coast, Trump has to go because his choices did not win 100% of the races where his support had gotten the nominee there in the first place.

Believe me when I tell you this, there is going to be a barrage of anti-Trump, pro-DeSantis written articles, and talking heads on television will be after Trump 24/7/365.

Meanwhile, they’ll ignore that biden needs to be put in a facility for dementia patients, that the economy is sliding ever downward, inflation continues to increase, our military is in rapid decline as our enemies strengthen theirs, crime is doubling and tripling in many areas due to no real law enforcement, our oil reserve is the lowest it’s ever been, and we are running out of diesel fuel….just for a few unpleasant items.

One last thing before my blood pressure goes off the charts. Do you morons out there who champion electric cars, windmills, solar power, realize that America really runs on diesel fuel? Big delivery trucks, trains, airplanes, ships, the huge motors of industry, all this depends on diesel fuel. Without fuel, there will be no store deliveries of food to restock grocery shelves, or any deliveries of the thousands of items that we use in our daily lives, farmers will be unable to grow crops for food and fiber. America will be basically shut down, because guess what, diesel tank trucks deliver gasoline to the stations across America. No coal, no diesel, no gasoline and America stops dead in her tracks.

Meanwhile the rest of the world that hates us will have a crippled America to dominate, and don’t think they won’t take advantage.

If this latest election shows you one thing, it is this: we ain’t gonna vote them out anymore.

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7 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!”

  1. In the 2022 Pennsylvania primary, Dr OZ beat Dave McCormick by 971 votes in a field of about 5 candidates. Trump supported OZ which provided the winning margin. McCormick is a much better candidate. He is from PA and a decorated war veteran, but Trump supported Oz. Fetterman refused to debate until late October after about one million had alread voted, and the early voting was for Fetterman. He adoped the Biden strategy to hide.
    As for governor, we had several good candidates, including Lou Barletta, who was an early Trump supporter in 2016, and one of the first, as a mayor, to call attention to the border crisis. Yet Trump supported Mastriono who has a record of comments that doomed him.
    Here in Allegheny County the Dems elected a dead man, Tony DeLuca, who died in August, to the state legislature. DeLuca was a decent representative for over 40 years, and on the bright side, he is an improvement over Biden and Fetterman.

    • What it seems is you think Trump is the fault that keeps all the Republican voters from ever coming together to win an election. That says more about Republican voters than it does about Trump or DeSantis.
      In pre-Trump politics, I can’t see that anything was any different. And blaming this on Trump is just projecting blame to Trump, which is not accepting the state or local responsibility of the party and voters.
      If the Republican Party, and the bulk of its members has to do this game every time, what’s the point?
      Whether it is cheating to get the fool over the line, or it is a coalition, it seems Democrats picked a way to beat us. The energy was supplied for the midterm campaign season, and in many states, it appears that the local voter was the one who chose not to participate.

      • Trump is not the fault, but he did not help in Pennsylvania. He supported to lousy candidates, Oz, who is not from Pa, and Mastriano who is one of the worst candidates to run for governor.
        In my local Republican Party, many were uspet with Trump for supporting Oz over McCormick, a much better candidate.

  2. No, I DO NOT think Trump is at fault for working harder than any other national figure to help elect republicans; don’t know how you came to that conclusion. My premise is that Trump will be castigated for every bad election outcome, while DeSantis is going to be promoted by those who hate Trump and MAGA. The talking heads rushed to the microphones to start blasting Trump and praising DeSantis before the dew was off the grass on Wednesday morning. You know the game, plant those seeds of doubt, water them with lib tears, and watch the lies grow so fast that ordinary people are snowed every time. Look at the covid crisis and see how many easily led people there are in this country. They’ll be the same ones saying, well maybe we do need to move on from Trump. When you consider the average IQ in this country is 100, you’re not working with thinking people but with those who require leading to the trough.

    • I did not say that you said Trump is at fault.
      I said that Trump did not help in Pennsylvania, but hurt with his primary choices.
      I praise Trump for his work during his administration, but at this point he is thinking only of himself by attacking DeSantis personally for no good reason.
      Why attack DeSantis when we have the Walker runoff election?

      • Perhaps you can explain why the Democrats, using their authoritarian top down picking of candidates work better for them, without using any kind of justice related factor, and when Trump endorses someone, it’s his fault when the people determine otherwise. All Trump does is point out that Republicans don’t counsel wisely, including himself, and we argue too much about what our individual tastes are.
        We are fighting against misinformation, something that the left projects upon us by saying we are the ones causing the misinformation. I think we just aren’t as determined to win as our leader is, and refuse to take any counsel. I know, because I have been guilty of it, too.
        Sometimes, a leader who was duly elected, and traditionally becomes the party leader, needs to be followed until he is unworthy of being followed. It is the fault of the people in the Republican Party, in Pennsylvania, who failed to follow that course, not Trump. If they despised Oz as much as the media and the Democrats want us to believe, they would have had more input in their primary, and picked a better candidate.
        I don’t recall Trump using strong arm tactics in endorsing Oz.

        The way I see it is that the people of Pennsylvania went along with more of the media, instead of protecting their state, and their own common interests. Not just in Pennsylvania, that happened in to many states.
        And, if not for the criminal part of the process, the outcome would have been different, unless Pennsylvania has collectively gone off the rails, because I can’t see how that Fetterman guy won anything in a sane world, without someone stuffing those ballots illegally. If that happened in my state, it would be partly my fault, not Trump’s.

  3. Fetterman, as well as most Dems nationwide, ran numerous ads saying that Oz would ban abortion. Oz never really reponded clearly that he would not. Shapiro ran ads quoting Mastriano that women who get abortion should be charged with murder.
    It turns out the Rep strategists were wrong in saying that abortion did not matter. It turns out it mattered especially with single women.
    It became too complicated to counter that abortion is up to each state and the feds cannot outlaw it. But Lindsey Graham did not help by introducing a bill to ban abortion after 15 weeks, with exceptions for the mother’s health. This gave the Dems the openinig to say the Reps want to ban abortion.
    The bottom line is that Trump should have stayed out of Pa primaries. He backed Oz, a guy from New Jersey, to run in Pa. And Mastriano has a history of saying dumb stuff that hurt him.


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