If It Is Not Already Too Late

     Looking at who decides what, in our own party, and not just passing it off on election fraud, the Republican Party, which I am still proudly a member of, needs to do the following: recruit leaders, get consistent messaging, be confident, but not presumptuous in predicting outcomes and keep our heads in the same direction. Simple enough!

     Sure, we always have the right to disagree on a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean to the point of nihilism, which is what a lot of our criticism ends up as, if it isn’t outright intended that way. We need to fight our political foes, which is within and without our party apparatus. If we see an obvious wrong, as in the actions of a leader, like Mitch McConnell, or a weaker leader, like Kevin McCarthy, we need to make it known that the part of the apparatus that elects those clowns needs to step up and remove and replace them with competent replacements. Not some time in the future, but immediately.

     We sure as heck don’t need to resort to Biblical “scapegoating”, as in blaming everything on one man, who is supposedly a titular leader of the party, one Donald J. Trump, who made endorsements, which are merely suggestions. We, the Republican members still have the ultimate choice. Where we go off the rails is when we go and blame Trump, or Bush, or Reagan for things we had complete control in, at the ballot box level.

Setting aside election theft, which is a crime in one way, and can be crimes that have been made legal, just not very legitimate in the minds of most people, who dare not question that decision they let someone usurp from them, we don’t do a very good job of accepting responsibility for our own actions, and take little care in being involved in recruiting good candidates, and backing them.

     Someone has to pick candidates, and someone has to lead the process. Someone has to fund them, promote them and do all the fighting for their success. Trump gets mad when he does something and people decide to undermine him, when those who do the undermining don’t get involved in picking up the job and running with it. I think, instead of jumping all over Trump, because you think he picked the wrong candidate, you might get yourself involved in the process, other than just disagreeing with him. Otherwise, there is no hope in winning another election, if all you will do is just keeping setting one aside for another. It is a matter of us being better organized than them. If you can’t handle that, go and become a Democrat. See how that works out.

Just remember how that will affect the country we call home if you so choose.

     We will never be able to fix stolen elections if we never win those elections, without someone starting a war. We either coalesce into a strong unified party, or we fail. Take your pick. Choose wisely, as if your life and your family depended on it. Everything rests on decisions based on wisdom, so if all that means is you think yours is the better wisdom, inject it in the party, not just for an argument to make yourself feel good for the expediency of the moment, but to try to improve the condition, knowing that it might be accepted and it might not, but that still doesn’t mean being stuck in your own trench. That ain’t the way it works in the real world.

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2 thoughts on “If It Is Not Already Too Late”

  1. One of the problems is that Republicans don’t think like Democrats. Dems reelected a dead man and elected a braindead man in PA. We can’t compete with that sort of robotic “thinking”. Dems march in lockstep (gooseStep). Republicans don’t. Uniting Republicans is like herding cats. We’re gonna need a lot of luck and God’s help.

    • If we can’t get rid of ballot harvesting those mail in ballots, plus change our leadership in Congress, it will be too late.
      I saw an article at Gateway Pundit that the people of Arizona are demanding a new election, on December 6, because of all the misconduct during this last fiasco, and a lot of the same thing came from the 2020 election. They don’t see this election as any more certifiable than the last election.
      We definitely don’t think like Democrats. They will do anything to win. We let them, because we are the ones who stay within the law, and the law is only a suggestion to the left.

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