America Needs Donald Trump – But Not Like This

Donald Trump has decided to get started on his 2024 campaign early. He’s trying to position himself for the Republican primary by clearing the field early. He’s attacking his fellow Republicans – including those that are the current superstars of the party.

His excuse for the attacks is ingratitude. He’s unhappy with anyone who hasn’t shown sufficient gratitude for his help – which just happens to be anybody who might challenge him for the Republican nomination.

Before the midterm election he started attacking Governor Rod DeSantis (R-FL) – the man that turned a swing state into a solidly red state. He called him Governor Desanctimonious and accused him of being ungrateful for the help he had provided his campaign in 2018.

After the midterm, Trump broadened his field of fire to include Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) – the man that turned a blue state into a swing state. Again, the attack was for insufficient fealty to the Donald. Trump says Youngkin only won because he called on the forces of MAGA to support him during his campaign in 2021.

But here’s the thing. We are a free country, governed by free men – at least for a few more years. MAGA supporters are not Trump’s employees – to be ordered to support anyone. MAGA supporters voted for DeSantis and Youngkin because doing so advanced their cause’s objectives.

Trump may have given the movement a name, but the movement to return America to its former greatness does not belong to him. The movement selected him to run the enterprise – for a few years. Trump works for MAGA, not vice versa. Trump is merely the CEO, answerable to the shareholders – the voters.

As the movement’s current CEO, Trump will have that job so long as he’s the best man to promote its interests. But Trump needs to ask himself – is undermining the movement’s star performers promoting the interests of the movement?

Let’s say I apply for a job at a country club owned by some guy named Donald. He gives me a job to help out around the golf course and tells me to go gas up all of the tractors. I no more than finish the job than the head greens keeper climbs up on one of the tractors to mow the fairways. And the jerk doesn’t even bother to thank me!

Being upwardly ambitious I

  • Let the air out of the tractor’s tires while the greens keeper is on a break
  • Hunt down the club owner
  • Let the owner know I sabotaged the tractor because the other jerk was ungrateful
  • And suggest that the owner give me the greens keeper’s job

How do you suppose that conversation will go? Will I get a promotion for pointing out the character flaws of my fellow employees? Or will I find myself on the unemployment line before lunch for undermining golf course operations?

That is precisely what Donald Trump is doing. He is asking us for a job, while openly undermining others who are already doing a superb job for us. He is putting his personal wishes above the needs of the movement – not a winning argument during a job interview.

I understand that there is going to be a robust, aggressive, and healthy competition for the 2024 Republican nomination. But Trump needs to rethink his strategy to win that competition. If he thinks his leadership of the movement will be extended because he managed to undermine the movement’s stars, he has no grasp of teamwork nor patriotism. The quarterback is only sack practice for the other team without his teammates.

There is an ingrate in this scenario, but it’s not DeSantis nor Youngkin. Conservatives backed George W. Bush throughout his presidency. We defended him against the vicious attacks of the left, the MSM, and the Democrats. He repaid us by declining to defend us, siding with establishment politicians (of both parties) and attacking our new standard bearer – Donald J. Trump. He betrayed the movement that had remained loyal to him.

Now we have a new generation of conservatives. They are showing America that conservatism is a path to liberty, prosperity, and happiness. They are advancing the interests of MAGA. After we spent six years defending Trump from all manner of vile attack, he is repaying us by attacking those who are currently advancing our interests. How is that any less of a betrayal than what Bush did.

DeSantis and Youngkin don’t owe Trump anything. They owe their voters everything – and they’re repaying it with their performance. Trump also owes his supporters gratitude. He did some great things while in office. But undermining those who are advancing our cause falls considerably short of showing any gratitude.

I’ve often compared President Donald Trump to General George Patton. Like Trump, Patton was a flawed man that frequently achieved greatness under the most difficult circumstances. He was a fighter – just like Trump.

But occasionally his flaws were his undoing. On one such occasion in Sicily, Patton struck one of his soldiers – accusing him of being a coward. The incident cost Patton his command. He spent months in command purgatory – rather like what Trump has been experiencing since 2020 (though he was undone by mean tweets rather than a slap)

George Patton didn’t spend his exile screaming about the ungratefulness of everyone around him. He apologized to those he had offended, showed deference to his leadership, humbled himself, and waited for an opportunity for redemption. He swallowed his pride and did what he had to do to serve his country.

Is Trump capable of humbling himself before those he has offended as George Patton did? Let me ask that another way. Does Donald Trump love the country enough to put his personal feelings aside and do what is necessary to advance the American exceptionalism agenda? We’ll find out the answer to that question in the coming months. The answer will determine if Donald Trump is worthy of another term as the leader of the movement that has stood by him.

I sincerely hope that Donald Trump shows the character, humility, and gratitude that General George Patton did. There is a lot of fighting ahead of us to make America great again. We’ll be better off if Trump is in that fight – but only if he can learn to distinguish between opponents and allies. We need him on our side, fighting the opposition. We do not need him on his own side, attacking in all directions.

This article was first published by American Thinker.

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker,American Free News Network, and The Blue State Conservative. His work has been featured on The Dan Bongino Show, World View Weekend Broadcast with Brannon House, and Steel on Steel with John Loeffler. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

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5 thoughts on “America Needs Donald Trump – But Not Like This”

  1. t’s time to move on. The 2020 election is over, good or bad. I shake my head at the media, Democrats, and administration that keeps blaming a guy who has been our of office for two years for everything from inflation to wanting to eat your children. He got many things done while in office despite EVERYONE, including the Quislings in his own party, working against him. It is time for the Republicans to eschew the cult of Trump and look to someone who can unite the party and win.

    I think DeSantis will make a great President, but I really don’t want to lose him in Florida. I have gotten to the point where I don’t want to travel to or through Blue, fascists states. I enjoy living in the increasingly Red free state of Florida. That is a selfish view. DeSantis or Youngkin would both make strong candidates.

    A spiteful Trump who runs as an independent because he didn’t get the Republican nomination will cause incredible damage to the nation by guaranteeing another eight years of the Leftist junta running the nation.

    Now if the Republicans could just rally around a unified, positive message, that would be huge. This is not some sort “the good Stalinist will all say the same thing message” as a friend suggested. This is having a party platform that provides positive, actionable policy alternatives to the Communism of the woke elitists and robber barons who are currently running the nation.

    If Trump wants to continue to make an impact, I will go back to what I said three years ago. Trump should shut up and spend his money doing three things:
    – Create an organization that gets conservatives on school boards all over the country.
    – Purchase media outlets and turn them from Democrat propaganda machines into real news organizations again.
    – Quietly make Soros, his family, and a lot of dark money go away.

    But he can’t do anything quietly or without self aggrandizement.

  2. Touché, I say, on this article. Now us Reaganites (& we are not dinosaurs!) will support the new R’s for the 2024 POTUS run…that is the ticket back to the WH! Deadduck Komlo, USAF (Ret)

  3. The huge following (thousands) of Patriots who consistently attend Donald Trump’s rallies are expressing their devotion and loyalty to a man who has worked tirelessly to save this country from evil forces that are surrounding us. This country thrived in every way under his leadership. He has shown his strengths and weaknesses and has had the courage to continue fighting for those who treasure freedom and the American way of life. How he interacts with politicians who betray him and his loyalty to them is irrelevant to most freedom loving citizens. We want our country back and Donald Trump has shown he has the ability and determination to fight for us every step of the way. He has walked the walk and deserves our gratitude and not contempt, in my opinion.

    • I agree with you! This blaming everything on Trump, even his anger and criticism from those who ran on his ideas. It wasn’t his fault that the red wave didn’t materialize, but it was for continuing to allow ballot harvesting, which I hear nothing about. Pundits just align themselves with popular ideas from those who will appease any leftist idea god they can, and it needs to stop.
      Maybe when Mark Levin, Ted Cruz, and those kind of pundits and leaders start saying to ditch Trump, but they are defending him, right now.
      Republicans can be very squishy, at the very time they shouldn’t. Yeh, Trump could put a lid on some of his criticism, but I’d take one of him over ten of the next in line. I’m not sure DeSantis is even talking about running. He needs to put Florida in solid red territory so that the left won’t do to the next Republican running for governor ends up like Kari Lake, in Arizona. That should take a full term to do that, not just a part of a term.

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