Dear GOP; Breaking up is hard to do

Dear GOP, breaking up is hard to do (thank you, Mr. Sedaka). Most things, good or otherwise, eventually come to an end.

I’d thought about softening the blow, dear GOP, trying to assuage your feelings by telling you that “it’s okay, it’s not you, it’s me”; but that wouldn’t be true. So, in all truth; “GOP, it’s not me, it’s totally you. GOP, you broke my heart and my hope for a restored America. You have failed as a partner, and I think no amount of counseling is going to help keep us together.”

It’s not like I’ve just decided to leave the relationship. My improved vision started around 2016 and was responsible for my renewed look at what I believed was the best political party in the free world. Funny how the first couple of years of the finest ‘America First’ president didn’t result in much to write home about… just where were all those DC-experienced, trusted, conservative, well-funded and patriotic GOP leaders who would support a new MAGA President? Seems to me that over those ensuing years we got as much chaos, bogus investigations and impeachments as we did wall built and wait-in-Mexico programs. Okay, we did get some conversative judges and apparent fossil fuel energy independence, as fleeting as that appears to have been…. I gave you so much of my heart GOP, yet you ignored me for what, the politician in the mirror? I guess I just missed the fact that you really weren’t all that into me.

I counted on you GOP; counted on you for stability, one of the foundations in any good relationship. We were supposed to have each other’s backs. I had yours. You got my money, my vote, my outward and vocal support. What did I get in return? I got RINOS and squishes voting for impeachment of my President. I got GOP representation that told me getting along in DC (with the opposition party) was more important than the promises that were made to me in the last election. I now get GOP support for profligate spending (inflation reduction?) and very, very large sacks of my tax dollars going (unaccounted) to support a country in Europe involved in a war no one wants, much less understands. Promises, promises. All you wind up giving me are excuses to justify your disappointing behavior(s).

GOP, I wanted so badly to meet all your family, especially the ones you say you cherished. You’ve spent years supposedly building a network of candidates for local and state elections, promoting those successful guys and gals from the state level to the Federal arena for elections. I always wanted a family system with deep roots and verified ethos. What happened? A couple of years ago you gave me an ex-fighter pilot trying for the second time to win a Senate seat. Twice baked, twice failed. So, what did we get this time around? A Dr. from Oprah tv? What’s-His-Name ex-football hero? Hooh boy, there’s a couple of winners with credible leadership experience and bona fide America First credentials! You didn’t care enough to introduce me to the ones inside your family that should have really mattered to you, the ones that might have made a majority difference…did you even see that they exist? GOP, you left so many supposed members of your family out in the cold, wanting campaign funding, desperate for a chance to get their stories told. They lost their races and you lost me.

Our relationship became too one-sided. You ask me for money and my vote, my time, my volunteerism, my endorsement, my confidence and my trust. Okay, I initially saw it as a fair request, one that a real partner expects. So, what did you give me, as a real partner, in return? … I’ll wait.

No GOP, don’t tear up (either real tears or those convenient, practiced crocodiles). It’s not like I am leaving you for Debbie Democrat. Debbie D is a gold-digging, race-hustling ‘wokster’ who won’t even give me half of the attention that you claimed you gave to me. Debbie D abuses everyone, her partners and opponents alike, and doesn’t even try to hide it. I’ve been hurt enough, and I am not looking for anymore abuse. I am leaving you because of who you are, not because a different party turned my head.

I’ll play the field for an election cycle or two… Will my next political relationship be with one of those ‘less popular’ parties? Maybe Liz Libertarian would like a new relationship? I’ve also heard that Ida Independent would like a new friend and partner. As much as I desire a quality relationship, I think both of these parties will do nothing to earn my trust. Liz will demand complete, unquestioning fealty to her narrow, ideological posture and as for Ida, well don’t get to close to her, because she will change positions more often than a Chinese acrobat. No, I am not holding out for Gloria Green, either. Gloria is so bat-guano-crazy that she would rather see her partner freeze to death in their immobile automobile than chance a fractional millimeter of a rising sea level caused by carbon emissions.

GOP, there is no hope left for us. Ronna and her ilk need to go. When you finally hire someone with the skills and discipline to build a party with a working system of candidate identification and promotion, I’ll give you another look. When you have party platforms that reflect core ‘ethical’ (conservative) values, routinely supported in the visible actions and the decisions of your elected party members, we can talk. After the party begins to weed out the self-interested, go-along-to-get-along fossils who continue to be elected and hold GOP leadership roles, I’ll show up for that coffee date with you.

I am not breaking up with you lightly. This isn’t my first (or even second) relationship rodeo. I know what recognizing and ‘resolving’ a bad relationship is all about. GOP, you say I should have been more careful about getting hitched in the first place. Fair enough. In all my previous relationships, I believed what I was told (too easily) and then was too patient, even after the truth of the relationship emerged. I’ve followed that same path with you. Unfortunately, you gave me too much (grief), too little (hope), (way) too late. (Thank you, Johnny Mathis, for that wonderful song). Another tough, life-lesson.

GOP, I know you’ll stay on your feet without me. Most likely, you won’t even miss me, much less realize that I am gone. You’ll just say to yourself, “Com’on man, how important is a lost relationship with a Joe average?” (Probably not much more important than a lost relationship with a Joe median – I know, I know – but how often do you get to attempt a math joke?).

Overall, it’s kind of a shame – thoughtful, willing-to-be-loyal partners aren’t that easy to find. Maybe eventually, you’ll miss my vote, and the votes of other dissatisfied former partners like me?

At some point, I am betting that you’ll either eventually understand how to become a loyal partner to conservative Americans or simply cease to exist as a political party. I sincerely hope it’s the former

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  1. “Dear GOP, breaking up is hard to do (thank you, Mr. Sedaka)…”

    A proper hat tip to Neil, but don’t forget that Jerry “The Ice Man” Butler expressed the same sentiment in “Make It Easy On Yourself” (which had Burt Bacharach, Hal David and another on the song credit).

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