The Case Against A Donald Trump Candidacy

Surprising absolutely no one, Donald Trump has declared himself a presidential candidate for the 2024 election. I wish it were not so, not because I believe Trump proved a bad president. He didn’t, and I voted for him twice. 

I wish it were not so because I want Republicans to win in 2024 with a president who can hold office for eight straight years. That is what it is going to take to reverse the economic and woke morass that Obama, Biden and the Democrats have created.

Some Republicans respond, “No problem! Trump can serve four more years, and then someone else (usually DeSantis) can serve eight years.” This ignores recent history. There has been only one 12-year run (Reagan-H.W. Bush) by any political party since Truman. Today, voters simply tire of one-party rule beyond eight years at the presidential level, and they’ve proved this time and again.

Then there’s the issue of what another Trump candidacy would look like. The enemy is the MSM. We know the MSM would attack any Republican candidate, but they’ll go after Trump with a vengeance, just as soon as they help him secure the nomination. Then the MSM will attempt to scare all independent voters. 

And there lies the rub. Neither major political party can win without majority support of independent voters, which is now the largest voting bloc and still growing. Trump runs the risk of losing independents and the 2024 election, which I believe would be a shoo-in for DeSantis or Pompeo.  

“But what if Trump wins?” That’s easy to predict. We’ll have a four-year circus with Trump waking at 3 a.m. to argue with some no-name reporter or Congresscritter. We’ll have a president who already professes problems with Republicans in Congress. We’ll have dysfunction, especially if the Republicans lose either house in 2026. And, then, we’ll have a lame duck for two years.

Why would anyone want to encourage this nonsense? Just so Trump can have another four years? I readily recognize that Trump was treated despicably by the MSM. That won’t change. I recognize that his own executive branch turned on him. That won’t change. I recognize that the 2020 election was fraught with the potential for fraud, which has never been proved only because it has never been properly investigated. That could repeat itself. I recognize that Trump was undone by China’s release of COVID on the world and advice from Dr. Fauci and others. That won’t happen again.

Regardless, even if Trump could win in 2024, another four-year Trump circus could cause independents to change horses once again in 2028. Independents are fickle creatures. You have to get them while the getting is good, and the getting couldn’t be better right now. We’ll have an opportunity to start fresh and go for a candidate who can serve eight years. That can’t be Trump. 

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13 thoughts on “The Case Against A Donald Trump Candidacy”

  1. Even though I write for my site, I don’t think I could have put it better. Every time I try to write something similar but with the same meaning, I just get all twisted up. I’m still new to this side of the line (former Democrat), and I feel the same way.

    • Thank you. The mere fact that you are a disaffected, former Democrat — and I believe there are millions like you — tends to prove my point. We Republicans have to cast aside this belief that we can only win with Trump and his fervent base. If Trump’s “base” is only for Trump, then Republicans don’t have a future. However, if that base is for winning, then I believe they can be sold on how best to do that. I never expected my essay to be popular among some readers. I only sought to offer well-reasoned honesty. If you put up a lightening rod like Trump, then why should anyone act surprised when its struck? We Republicans have a wealth of political talent today. We’re crazy not to use it to achieve a more substantial victory.

  2. Bob,
    You seem to be saying that we should allow the MSM to choose our elected representatives. Though I can find no fault in the facts you present I simply cannot accept the notion that we should allow a cabal of crackpots who are so un-original and unimaginative that they feel compelled to affix the suffix ‘gate’ to every political scandal that comes along, that swallows whole the Camel of Anthropogenic Climate Change whole while totally ignoring the fact that every deadline for the total destruction of the planet ticks by like the slats in a picket fence as we careen towards our manifest doom.

    I have always hoped for, and we now have available, the means to fight against those in media who have anointed themselves the arbiters of our fate; THIS platform and hundreds of others like it where free-thinking conservatives and libertarians can overpower them with clear logic and sound reasoning.

    Let us not surrender to these clowns, these morons, whose main talents are their vocabulary and their ability to spell correctly (thanks to spell check) and to convince the gullible that the chicken sh** that has been served up is actually chicken salad.

    As for Trump vs DeSantis, Ron DeSantis has made a commitment to the People of Florida to serve for four years as their governor. I believe he is a man of his word. I recognize, however, that he may be persuaded by circumstances and close advisors to seek higher office before his next term as Governor expires and that those who elected him may forgive him for wanting to use his talents to move the nation forward rather than just the state of Florida.

    But my hope is that should that come to be the case that he would be willing to accept an invitation to serve a single term as Donald Trump’s VPOTUS before seeking the Presidency. Such runs are, indeed, rare but, obviously, not unprecedented. And, very much unlike the ReaganGeorge H.W. Bush pairing, Trump and DeSantis are much more closely aligned, philosophically, that the Gipper and “VooDoo Economics” Bush.

    We should all work to unite the party and bring some libertarians into the fold toward toward that end.

    • I’m saying no such thing about the MSM, and I certainly don’t want them determining the vote. However, one would be naive to believe that the MSM lack the influence to reach and sway the most important demographic Republicans need to win national elections: independents. I wouldn’t have labeled the MSM as the enemy if I wanted them to choose our national politicians.

      Removed from my original article because of word count is the fact that independents aren’t like Republicans or Democrats. They don’t generally seek out “partisan” media sources, especially MSNBC or Fox. Such plainly partisan sources turn them off. So, they get their news and views from the national alphabet networks, the Washington Post, New York Times, Associated Press, etc., believing them to be more objective. I know I made you laugh, but I recommend you talk to some true independents and ask them how they remain informed. We’re fighting a losing battle for access to the voters we need to win, and that cohort is growing from disgust with politics.

      My argument about a Trump campaign is predicated solely on my understanding of how these particular MSM, upon which independents rely, will treat another Trump campaign in ways in which they will not be able to attack and disparage other possible candidates. You also need to face the fact that Trump feeds such nonsense, thrives on it.

      Am I suggesting that we should run away from such MSM propagandists? No.. I’m suggesting that we offer someone who doesn’t feed them with a silver spoon, especially someone we want who can serve eight years. Three consecutive one-term presidents will not be good for this nation. Another Democrat President in 2024 — I don’t believe Biden will be that person — will be a disaster.

  3. The so-called msm should not determine who our nominee is. The msm will attack DeSantis, Pompeo et al, just as viciously as they will attack DJT. I agree voting in a 4 year term limited President isn’t ideal, but with DeSantis or Pompeo as the VP will guarantee a 12 year Republican run, contrary to what you predict. The Dems only have more Michael Dukakis’ waiting in their wings. Let the voters decide.

    • Should not and do are different considerations. I invite you to return to 2015-16. The MSM elevated Trump to the nomination. How do I know this? Simply analyze the number of column inches and air minutes the MSM devoted to Trump compared to other Republican Party contenders. Such analysis can easily be found on the net. Investigate that and you’ll know that Trump dominated the news cycles. Second place wasn’t even close. Trump hardly had to spend a dime to keep his name in headlines.

      The MSM thought they knew exactly what they were doing: elevate the most sensational, polarizing candidate on the Republican stage, then tear him down and allow Hillary to walk all over him That is exactly what the MSM did in 2016. The moment Trump won the nomination the false Russian collusion narrative was pushed and dominated the news. The only thing the MSM couldn’t control was public hatred for all things Clinton and her own idiotic mess with the private servers.

  4. All you wrote could be true if the msm and the Democrat Party anmd all of its subsiodiaries hadn’t stolen the 2020 election through twisting laws because of the supposed Covid pandemic. And if that wasn’t enough to make one resolve behind Trump, what about the 2022 midterms? More of the same.
    Our problem is that we too easily dismiss problems that come from criminal activity, and we simply let it go, so it gets to be repeated. I’m sure as heck not going to allow the msm to pick our candidates for us. Trump has a strong and reliable base, and nothing that the Paul Ryans or the Karl Roves of the world can say will ever convince me to change my mind. Trump has announced his campaign. Let’s see who enters the race and let the games begin.
    I’m really tired of seeing things get brushed under rugs, and Trump is the man for the job. I think he is more determined than ever to right the ship. DeSantis’ day will come, right after Trump cleans house, and that means at least twelve years of conservative control over the destiny of our country.
    Take out all the fraud in elections, Trump wins by a landslide, just like he should have in 2020, until the ballot harvesting screwed it all up.

    I’d rather clean up electoral messes, like fraud, than to be arguing over Trump or DeSantis. Justice has to prevail, or our country is lost to socialism.

    • I would like to believe that what I wrote is applicable precisely because of what occurred in the 2020 election. Ask yourself this question: Which potential Republican presidential candidate in 2024 is most apt to lead progressive ne’do’wells to volunteer to risk arrest to harvest ballots?

      Widespread mail-in balloting is subject to more fraud, especially where voter rolls are not kept current. After all, voters move and die. I have fewer problems with early voting conducted in a polling place because such votes are no different than election-day, in- person voting. Florida and some other states tightened up mail-in balloting, and the results show. But I believe I read that seven states now conduct their elections either solely using mail-in ballots or have loosened restrictions so that any voter may request such a ballot regardless of necessity. That’s a problem that can only be solved via respective state legislatures, but don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. The only real solution to this issue would be a Constitutional amendment limiting absentee or mail-in balloting. Good luck with that.

      • Arizona is a mess, and if the people have their way, the electoral system might just get changed. Crimes were committed there, along with very interesting counting procedures, for the second time in a row. Wisconsin was a mess, but their State Supreme Court ruled that the mail-in ballots were only to be used by the absentee method, and with health related provisions only, like it was pre-Covid. Covid was their excuse, plus Mark Zuckerberg plowing illegal money to election officials. Correcting problems takes time, but it does happen. And no one has to hold their breath.
        Justice has to prevail before any of the problems we have go away. You can’t fix that by making a case against Trump. He had nothing to do with it. You can say that he was the one who got the Democrats to go full bore and start stealing elections.

        But that means they are stolen, which is a crime. It is all a justice problem.

  5. The MSM/Dems/Hollywood will attack any Rep candidate, whether it is Trump, DeSantis, Pompeo, Santa Claus, Tom Brady, etc.
    They attacked Bush 43 as an evil idiot reminiscent of Hitler, attcked their former buddy McCain as mentally unbalanced, attacked Romney on false charge that he did not pay his taxes, etc.
    They do have more animus against Trump becaue he fights back and he is not afraid of them. It seems DeSantis triggers the same reaction from them as does Trump. DeSantis may be more civil and temperate in his responses but he will fight them as Trump did, and they will treat DeSantis as they did Trump.

  6. Team! This is exactly the example of CONSERVATIVE discussion I like to see on this site…a discussion on how best to advance conservative thought. Discussing whether or not President Trump is the right guy in 2024 is a good thing. Becoming an arm of RINOs & Democrats who seek to destroy whichever candidate we settle on, is not.

    Regards to All,



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