Doubt is the Weapon

The world is changed.  I feel it in the water.  I feel it in the earth. 

I smell it in the air.  Much that once was is lost…J.R.R. Tolkien

What Democrats have done these last several years is so villainous, so corrupt, so deplorable as to be the most depraved criminal activity ever perpetrated on our country.  That is no overstatement. 

If the United States was a racehorse, the fastest in the world, they have ceased feeding it, nurturing it.  It has been left to diminish and weaken.

What these traitors have done is the worst possible exercise in treason I can find in our past 246 years.  They have slyly, with malice, injected doubt and confusion into our entire system of governance, our institutions and culture.  It is hypnosis on a massive scale.  It has touched every fragment of our society, including many Republicans.  Even our Supreme Court has been touched with a justice that cannot define a woman and a Chief Justice that won’t look into the 2020 election for fear of backlash.  So, elections remain broken.

The Democrats have switched allegiance from their own country to a godless globalist establishment, determined to destroy the middle-class and to create a new serfdom worldwide.  What is even worse, the evidence is all around us.  Just connect the dots.

We no longer trust our government, all three branches, our weaponized justice system, our politicized FBI, public schools, military leaders, our checks and balances, certainly our election system, the backbone of our Republic.  Our government lies incessantly even when it’s obvious. They’ve spread a contagion of corruption into our corporate structure, turning corporations into political operatives…the very definition of fascism. Look at Disney, Facebook, Apple, the former Twitter, Big Tech, BlackRock, Vanguard, Bank of America, and on and on. They even touched, with dirty hands, our medical establishment, once the envy of the world.  On pain of dismissal, doctors still advertise their insistence on the COVID vaccine’s efficacy, yet the deaths pile up, increasing every month.  

Unvetted migrants are pouring through our borders, 5 million of late with 5 million more poised this coming year.

Our country, our ‘city on a hill’, is fading with a justice system unwilling to hear the cries for justice on a technicality.  Our military has become a joke to the world…more interested in social experimentation than in defense of our country.  Every leader in our current government from the President on down exhibits serious questions as to competence and/or allegiance.

Without a strong America, the world has been put in a very precarious position.  

The current leaders of the Democrat Party and this administration are some of the dumbest people you ever care to meet.  Either that or they are the most corrupt.  Which is it?  Both?

This Democrat administration talks Green New Deal (the job killer), and Save The Planet (propaganda) incessantly, assuming we even have a problem. They push electric cars, electric trucks, tractors, buses, battery backup wind farms and solar power.  The minerals to build these vehicles come from mining.  At the same time they are working to restrict mining.  You can’t have both!  You can’t demand EVs and restrict mining. Where do we get such morons?  We are going to need just in the next decade, 384 additional mines to produce the graphite, nickel, cobalt, and lithium we will have to have to produce the batteries. 

They want the EVs and yet don’t want the mining that produces them.  Is this the level of capable leadership we now have or is all this a smokescreen?  Do they really intend for us to drive electric vehicles or is it just for the elite?   

Where is the power grid to charge all these millions of batteries?  California can’t even handle a heat wave in the summer.  80% of our electricity comes from fossil fuels, the same fuel they want to restrict.  And they don’t want to wait for the technology to catch up.   

It seems they want to leave all of us middle-class types behind and take with them the millions of illegal, and uneducated, impoverished migrants. Are they going to do the manual labor, the cooking and cleaning?  What possible reason could this administration have to allow millions upon millions of unvetted illegal immigrants into our country with millions more standing by?…more Democrats?  More obedient servants grateful for any handout?

As strange as it sounds writing this, the globalist plan is to have fewer people occupying the planet…about 5 or 6 billion fewer people.  That’s a reduction of 65 – 75% in world population. They make no mystery of their intent.  Anyone can read their material.  Read Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, or George Soros, the self-hating Jew that spent his early years attacking other Jews for the Nazi cause. Heck, read Cloward and Piven, two 60s communist sociologists who wrote instructions on how to collapse our economy by intentionally overloading our system with welfare and spending.  Obama and Biden both are playing their roles, fundamentally changing America as promised, doing the bidding of evil globalist billionaires.  Is this what we are witnessing?

When you create doubt, you create antipathy.  And we have it in abundance.  The young today are not taught history, civics, or pride of country.  They are not taught that our rights come from God, not government.  Because they come from God, they are permanent, not negotiable.  Our Creator God determines right and wrong, good and evil, not man.  Take God away, our natural rights depart with Him.  The liberal, the progressive, the globalist says otherwise.  They say only they can impart and grant rights.  May it never be.

Understand this if you understand any one thing…people who have no faith in God, no faith in anything greater than themselves are capable of any crime, any barbarity!

This article originally appeared on Stand Up America US Foundation. Reprinted here with permission.

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  1. Excellent points. I am teaching Apologetics to a bunch of homeschooled high schoolers and am always looking for more examples of why believing in God matters beyond personal salvation but for the good of society too and you make an excellent point — without God, we cannot have inherent, God-given rights. I’ll definitely share that with them. Thank you!

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