Hallmark Sells Out

Hallmark has decided that it is no longer the channel for just traditional family entertainment. This year Hallmark will be presenting a gay themed “Christmas” movie featuring a romance between two men. One wonders why Hallmark limited the relationship to a two-man love affair rather than a rousing, round-robin orgy. After all, monogamy is so… “hetero” and terribly boring. Why should Hallmark confine itself to the strictures of traditional, pair based, monogamous romance? Doing so only perpetuates the current bigoted cultural preference for a heterosexual, nuclear family society. How blasé! How narrowminded and exclusionary can one get? Thank goodness Hallmark is doing its part, albeit timidly, by broadcasting a gay romcom during Christmas. That will send a message to all those nasty Christians (not to mention Muslims, Hindus and Jews) wallowing in their heterosexual prejudice.

It is not certain that Hallmark executives were thinking along the lines of that intro paragraph, but it also quite possible they were. It will be intriguing to see what the response is among Hallmark viewers. It might be a big yawn, but one wonders why Hallmark, and media companies in general, are obsessed with pushing libertine sexual values into every venue possible. It is not like traditional heterosexuals are demanding that “Leave it Beaver” reruns, or “It’s a Wonderful Life” be screened in LBGTQ+ night clubs. Heterosexual couples are not demanding to have dance exhibitions at gay resorts, or in front of young children. That begs the question why it is now considered mandatory that straight people MUST watch exhibitions of gay lifestyles. More intrusively, the same mandatory exposure is being pushed onto children without parental consent, which is completely unacceptable.

As Christmas approaches and Christians generally (and other Americans tangentially) are feeling the spiritual uplift associated with the birth of Jesus, talking about sexual sin and dealing with the intense emotions that typically accompany that discussion is no one’s favorite thing. Almost everyone would rather talk about “brown paper packages tied up with string” than two men French kissing on national TV, but such is the level to which the Democrats have taken our national discourse.

Cynically, one must conclude that they are purposely pushing their agenda at Christmas, counting on the reluctance of Christians and traditional Americans to be confrontational during the Christmas season. Ergo, they assume their gambit to push a radical gay agenda will be unopposed. That is not an unreasonable assumption on the Democrats’ part because conservative Americans have been reluctant to confront Democrats on social issues for the last 50 years. When challenged on such topics, the standard Democrat dog whistle tropes are rolled out: “homophobia”, bigot”, “hater”, and worst of all “intolerant”. The prospect generally makes conservatives cower.

Americans who believe in traditional morality and heterosexual marriage need to stop being timid and uncertain about their beliefs. Christian or not, Americans who support monogamous, heterosexual families have over 2,000 years of history which prove that it is a great institution for a society that wants to provide a safe and stable foundation for itself and its future.

The question that looms over this whole issue is why. Why is the left pushing gay, bisexual, transgender, and a host of other nontraditional sexual lifestyles on America? Bluntly, it is a simple grab for power. If they can assert themselves as arbiters of the most intimate relationships between people, then telling people to stay home and wear mask becomes child play. The power mongers in our society know that, and they will not stop until they face massive resistance. So far, they have been facing relatively little.

Despite left wing lies to the contrary the vast majority most Americans have no issue with homosexuals because, NEWS FLASH, they do not think it is any of their business!! The government and Democrats talk more about homosexuals in one day that most Americans do in a lifetime. Heterosexuals generally keep their love lives to themselves, especially after they are married. They also have NO desire to know what their friends and relatives like to do with their intimate partners. Frankly, they have progressively less desire to know as the activity being engaged in departs from a fairly narrow range of behavior.

Heterosexuals are not offended or uncomfortable if another couple talks about giving each other a passionate embrace and kiss, but even adding in the detail that a tongue was involved is way too far most. Conversations about having oral sex, threesomes, role playing, spouse swapping, bondage… Just STOP!! Has everyone abandoned the idea that intimacy is sweeter when it remains intimate?!? If the couple is healthy psychologically, and both partners are happy, can we just be happy for them and skip the details?

Apparently telling every adult in their sphere of influence about what it takes to satisfy their carnal desires is not enough for LGBTQ+ crowd. Nope, not even close. They feel they must share their desires and fetishes with young children, and that is undeniably perverse and aberrant. Almost as perverse and aberrant is a parent who would put their 6-year-old child in the lap of a man dressed as a stripper after that man performed a twerking demonstration for a bunch of other 6-year-old children.

Any parent walking in on that scene 50 years ago would likely have attacked the performer and then called the police who would promptly have arrested the miscreant dancer for sexual abuse of children. Then, all the “educators” (they are actually groomers) responsible for arranging that disgusting demonstration would have been fired immediately. That should STILL be the reaction, but that would not be the reaction today and that is a sad commentary on the degraded state of our society.

The left loves to laugh at conservatives who warn of slippery slopes on moral questions. They act like such warnings are ridiculous and the product of inhibited, intolerant traditions and values, as well as a low IQ. In fact, slippery slopes abound, and we are at the bottom of many of them: abortion; pre-marital promiscuity; drug use; extra-marital sex; no fault divorce, pedophilia, etc. are all issues on which conservatives failed to vigorously defend long accepted standards.

The result has been that the behaviors that the standards were meant to discourage have become rampant, and all the social ills that accompany them are eroding the fabric that held families, communities, and this country together. America is facing record drug overdose deaths, massive numbers of abortions, STDs are epidemic, divorce is a commonplace, pedophilia now has public advocacy in political and academic circles, and out of wedlock births are rampant.

Looking at how far we have already fallen, it might seem that Hallmark airing a homosexual romcom is a trivial thing. However, it is significant as another marker indicating the slide into pagan immorality is continuing, and another organization that formerly supported traditional values has sold out those values for cold cash and the praise of child abusers and groomers. It feels a little harsh to address such a topic at this time of year, but the left plainly does not take a vacation from pushing this agenda. That requires conservatives to be aware and prepare to respond. Be brave and bold in the fight against the culture Hallmark has now embraced. Remember, “The truth hurts, but lies can kill.” Lies kill nations as well as people.

Merry Christmas to one and all. Do not forget reason for the season: Christmas celebrates the arrival of the Way, the Truth and the Life. Every American should embrace and defend those three things. If most Americans do that, this country will prosper for as long as they continue to do so. That is a fact that should brighten anyone’s Christmas.

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4 thoughts on “Hallmark Sells Out”

  1. The number of those who revoke the Bible is on the increase, just like was prophesied. They don’t wish to live under anyone’s rule, except those who wish to deceive them, and then destroy them. Their egos rule their excesses. They wonder why they are not as happy as they used to be. They refuse to believe it has anything to do with the Bible, because the Bible has been made irrelevant in the eyes of the government and those radicals who have fought for years fore it’s dethroning.
    If they understood any of this, would it really change? I wonder because I don’t see any change in the ones who have been lied to, their entire lives. They mostly just double down. Stiffnecks!
    Hallmark is just the latest example of making bad choices, all due to leftist and very evil ideas. I’m sure they will reap great reward from all those who neglect to tune in. Some lessons involve deep pain.

    Heh! Yeh, get advice from a homosexual about sexual practices and their fetishes. That is one group who has no idea why they have what they have, down there.
    They have no idea the damage they cause, because of their own vanity. Sexual gratification is no replacement for creating life.

    Merry Christmas!

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