This House Leadership Fight Needs to Happen

Peter Clemenza (The Godfather’s Capo) would say that the current House leadership fight, is a fight that needs to happen.

I was listening to the David Webb show this morning. Webb, as usual, brings a sense of calm under fire that helps everyone involved, analyze situations without emotions forcing irrational decisions. 

As we all know, for the first time in 100 years, a shoo-in candidate for the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives has failed to be coronated in due course. As of Tuesday night when the House adjourned sine die, there were 20 Republicans opposing Kevin McCarthy’s promotion to the Speakership…well up from the original 5. 

Supposedly at issue, was McCarthy’s refusal to make some operating concessions to that original group of 5. I think there’s more to it than that. More further down.

Predictably, the leftists, along with their media enablers pounced on this. From The Hill:

For the first time in 100 years, the contest for Speaker was not decided on the first ballot.

Now, the chamber faces an uncertain path forward, and a congressional battle from years ago — all the way back in 1856 — lends insight into how long the tug-of-war over the Speaker’s gavel may last.

Just as Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was unable to secure the 218 votes needed to become Speaker, former Rep. Nathaniel Banks of Massachusetts was unable to round up enough support in the 1856 contest to lead the chamber. It ended up taking two months and 133 rounds of voting to determine that contest.

As David Webb mentioned, this is probably a fight we need to have. Peter Clemenza, one of The Godfather’s Capos in the original “Godfather” movie explained it well when responding to Michael’s concern about starting a war between the mafia families:

These Things Gotta Happen Every 5 Years Or So, 10 Years. Helps To Get Rid Of The Bad Blood.”

–Capo Peter Clemenza

Clemenza is right….we need to get rid of the bad blood…like McCarthy. Failing that, we need to make him pay a high procedural price to sit in the Big Chair. He needs to give some substantive concessions to the Freedom Caucus, especially on budget legislation and holding Federal Agencies accountable and most importantly, making the Speaker more accountable to his caucus. Sometimes that means you have to go to the mattresses. 

**David Webb can be found on Channel 125, Sirius XM Radio, M-F from 9-Noon EST.

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12 thoughts on “This House Leadership Fight Needs to Happen”

  1. Bravo. We don’t need someone to be Speaker who appears to be wanting it so bad that he will cut a deal with his own political peers, just to get the job.

    If you want something so bad that that is the only thing you seek, and it isn’t the salvation and grace of God, it is something that no one should ever want. Jim Jordan doesn’t want the job, and is pushing for McCarthy. To me, and at least Rep. Lauren Boebert, that makes Jim Jordan the right pick for Speaker.
    It should not be a job that someone seeks, because it is the leadership of the Peoples’ House, not the Lobbyists’ House.

  2. I got to hear Cong. Bob Good speak to this subject in November. From what he said, this fight isn’t petty personalities. It’s about principles. The worst thing that happens from this is McCarthy wins after giving more good concessions. Much better if someone like Scalise gets the job.

    • What I think is strange are the ones doing the nominating. They are among those who would make better Speakers, like Chip Roy. He seems to know more about the history of political debate than the diehards who have been there a long time. I’m confident that, if someone like Chip, who has a lot more marbles in his head than the lobby sycophants, has as much ability to do the administrative and political part of the job. While some of them are on the McCarthy cheerleading squad, that does not preclude them from making good Speakers. What about Good, or Thomas Massie? I include them as well. It is over principles, especially when the fire is coming from the group, Freedom Caucus, who are actually conservatives, and the ones working for 2nd Amendment issues as well.
      What really grates on me are those people who are saying things, like I just heard Hugh Hewitt say: It’s getting to be a bad look, all this infighting. No, Hugh, it is called actual debate, which is what should be happening. The heck with some bad look. This is refreshing.
      I want to see McCarthy stick out that lower lip before this is all over.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Business as usual hasn’t been working for those of us that see America dashing towards socialism. It may look bad for the Republicans in the short term, but the establishment needs to learn that big spending and ignoring government abuses comes with a price.

  4. Mike. spot on as usual! I’ve asked over and over what type of leadership has he blessed us with in the past that made a difference – no answers!

    I say this sends a message to the rest of them that it’s not business as usual and we the people do not enjoy watching them playing together in what they perceive as their very own country club – they need to get out and get back in to their home towns and remember what they were elected for.

  5. It is an important debate to obtain agreement from McCarthy to appointa committee to investigate CIA/FBI involvement in elections, and to release all materian from the Jan 6 so called committee. This was the recommendation of Tucker Carlson.
    This debate should have also occurred in the Senate where Mitch, Romney, and the rest of the gang helped Schumer and Biden pass the spending bill. Mitch could not wait a couple of weeks. Had to stick it to the conservatives.
    Disappointed that Tom Cotton voted with Mitch and Schumer. His reason that we had to fund the military is not persuasive. The military would would have been funded with a Republican House bill. There goes Cotton’s presidential bid.

    • Yep, Cotton lost all credibility in a day that he has been working on building for years.
      What did he get for it?
      Likely some pork barrel project in Arkansas from an earmark.
      The whole idea of bundling all these different issues into these gigantic two and three trillion dollar bills is wrecking the country.

  6. More substance of change will come out of this process than will for the remainder of the term. It is long overdue. The fact that McCarthy wants to continue using Pelosi’s dictatorial set of rules is enough to disqualify him, in my opinion.

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