Canada Is No Longer A Free Nation.  Are We Next?

Under the “leadership” of the very petty and spiteful Justin Trudeau, Canada has become anything but a safe harbor for freedom.  Trudeau has governed the once free Canada with a pink velvet fist.  His pajama boy looks disguised an autocrat, a self-styled dictator too blind and arrogant to admit his folly and too dumb to realize the terrible precedent he’s setting.

Blackface Trudeau


Canada, i.e. the Canadian government, has been turning fascist for some time now.  This became most evident during the COVID plandemic Dempanic pandemic.  As bad and uncalled for as our lockdown was, Canada’s was worse.  No one talks about our northern border because Trudeau has the border locked up tighter than Nancy Pelosi’s face.  It was easier to get in and out of Alcatraz back in the day than in or out of Canada today.  During the heyday of the pandemic, you entered Canada at your own risk.  Even if you had the mRNA injection shot vaccine, upon entering formerly free Canada, you still had to be quarantined at a government sponsored gulag for 14 days before being allowed to go about your business.  Canada’s economy (and freedom) came to a standstill.


Who can forget the backlash of freedom loving truckers all across Canada?  The trucker’s Freedom Convoy protest began a year ago and lasted a month.  They began on the left coast of Canada and ended in the east.  Their protest was so strong and compelling that it quickly gained the attention of the media and the wannabe dictator Trudeau and his fascist-loving regime.  The freedom loving trucker’s protest brought too much negative attention for any tyrant to tolerate.  Trudeau immediately began thwarting the protesters with his Big Brother government tools. 


Rather than acting as a leader and listening to desires of his people, Trudeau ham-handedly sought to immediately put down any and all dissentions.  The boy king was in no mood to listen to the rabble babble on about freedom and such.  Without the hint of due process Trudeau and his henchmen set about confiscating the property, money and credit of anyone deigning to participate in the protest.  Without property, money or credit available to them to live on, the protesters dissipated.  The boy king won.


Not only is freedom of expression now taboo in Canada, so too is freedom of thought.  The latest example of this is the persecution and prosecution of clinical research psychologist Jordan Peterson.  Peterson’s “crime”?  His social media conduct is unacceptable to the Blackface king’s regime.  His punishment is a reeducation camp paid at his own expense and for as long as his tormentors deem necessary in order to “cure” him.  The Canadian government agency that licenses psychologists has, without trial, convicted and sentenced him with the threat of losing his license should he not comply.


Peterson wrote a letter personally appealing to Trudeau.  Here’s an excerpt:

“As the enclosed documentation indicates, I am being investigated and disciplined for, among a few other reasons not germane to my present communication with you:

  • retweeting Pierre Poilievre, the leader of Canada’s official Opposition;

  • criticizing you, your former chief of staff Gerald Butts, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern and an Ottawa city councillor; and

  • objecting to the Ottawa police threatening to apprehend the children of the trucker convoy protesters.”

Wow, what grave sins against the state!  Thinking and acting conservatively is now a threat to the Canadian establishment.  What a sorry state of affairs.  This could be coming to a country near and dear to you.


During the entire fascistic approach the Trudeau regime took to the trucker protesters, the Brandon regime uttered not a peep.  Yet the Joseph Robinette sock puppets are quick to point out any perceived slight by Israel to the Palestinians or even Texas or Florida governors to illegal aliens.  But our biggest trading partner just over our northern border can mistreat its own citizens with the silent approval of Washington, D.C.  And why not?  The Democrats have their political hostage/prisoners sitting in D.C. jails for alleged offenses against the state two years ago yesterday, January 6.  Liberty is just a quaint memory in the barely functioning brain of our Dear Leader. 


Just look at what has been happening this week in D.C.  The establishment, the Dems and their media are all in a kerfuffle about how the GOP is going about electing a new Speaker of the House.  After four days and fifteen votes, there is finally a Speaker.  We’ve been instructed by our betters that this is a bad thing.  By following the rules, the Republicans are in disarray and out of order.  The Republicans have shown us that they can’t lead.  All the while, normal Americans are fleeing Democrat led states and cities and flocking to Republican controlled ones in search of a better life, due to Democrat “leadership”.  They are the same crowd that told us voting for spending and borrowing $2.5 trillion in the new budget last week was normal and in order.  If that’s normal and in order, I’ll take abnormal and out of order any day.  


What an embarrassment.  Just one little week of having the status quo overturned in D.C. and the entire Establishment Democrat Media Complex nearly flatlined.  Cries of terrorism, anarchy, disarray, insurrectionists, saboteurs and rebellion were everywhere.  Pseudo-conservative, neocon Jonah Goldberg even went so far as to tell us there is no such thing as the “establishment”.  He actually said that with a straight face in a fit of rage at conservatives.  Establishment?  That’s just your imagination.  Move along.  There’s nothing to see here.  Now that the Speakership battle has been won, will we hear any mea culpas from this crowd of hand wringers?  Don’t hold your breath on that.  Now we see why Trump was literally persecuted for all four years of his presidency and beyond.  You don’t upset the D.C. apple cart and expect to get away with it.  All week (actually for years), the UniParty has been saying – Democracy?  Get outta here!  “democracy” is for the little people.  We don’t play that sh*t up here.


It is ugly watching sausage being made, but it has to be made.  And political sausage needs to be made in public, in the daylight.  We shouldn’t tolerate backroom Soviet style wheeling and dealing.  Past Speakers, Ryan/Boehner/Hastert, merely paid lip service to conservatives.  The 20 “rebel” conservatives are holding the next Speaker to account in upholding the Constitution and holding the corrupt Biden Administration and all the alphabet agencies of the government accountable.  Our Founding Fathers were rebels too (good company to be in).  The establishment RINO’s are being read the riot act and it’s about time.  As a result, the House will now be the last bastion of the rule of law and Constitutional republicanism left in our government.  My advice to the establishment, dry out your hankies in preparation for the next big D.C. establishment power crisis.  You’re gonna need ’em.  


Whereas on the other side, the Democrats are in lock-step (read goose-step) voting for the closest thing to an all-out communist, Hakeem Jeffries (D-Commie-NY), for Speaker.  Their unanimous votes are like those that Mao, Stalin, Saddam, Fidel, Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong Un get/got when they are/were up for “election”.  Quite fitting for an election denier like Jeffries who never accepted Donald Trump as president.


Until 2024, a conservative House of Representatives is our last hope of stopping the extreme radical leftist kook policies of our cut-out president tyrant.  Not allowing us to be turned into a Canadian fascist state should be a top priority for the new Speaker.  If the new House fails, where will Canadians be able to go to seek freedom?  In fact, there will be nowhere else for us to go either.





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4 thoughts on “Canada Is No Longer A Free Nation.  Are We Next?”

  1. Nice theory on the outcome, but the “written deal” that was brokered to get McAwful elected as Speaker will not be worth the paper it was written on. Watch McAwful renege in very quick order. Every day I am more and more convinced there is only one remedy to our corrupt, broken government and oddly enough, that remedy is found in our first Founding document:

    “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

  2. Kinda hard to continue thinking we are still a free country when there are still jailed January 6 “Insurrectionists” charged, for simply being Americans, while ANTIFA and BLM can do all sorts of damage to womens’ clinics, CHAZ and burn down cities, like Minneapolis and others. Kinda hard to say we are free, unless we are free to steal national, state and local elections, if we are Democrats.

    I’d say freedom needs a refreshing before I am to admit I still live in a free country.

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