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Establishment Republicans are part of America’s problems. Hopefully, the election of Cong. Kevin McCarthy to Speaker of the House of Representatives will be a victory for the Establishment Republicans the way the Battle of Bunker Hill was for the British. He managed to win, albeit at considerable cost. However, he should lose big time when the whole, real Revolution is over. This Revolution is about We, The People against the current Establishment of elites, idiot ideologues, racist drones, and government dependents.

Politics is a business. It’s about money and power as well as power and money. The conflict of ideas is just for ideologues, not for career politicians. Like all businesses, politics has career paths. Politics is a career for people with a single skill set. They know how to get elected. They don’t necessarily know how to govern, legislate, adjudicate, manage, lead, or have expertise on any policy. They just know how to get elected and stay in office. For some, their careers can become inter-generational. Politics can become the family business.

Establishment Republicans are career politicians wearing the “R” brand. Establishment Republicans are Republican first and foremost. Some are Conservative. Many claim they are as Conservative as they have to pretend to be – to stay elected. Out of 435 seats in Congress, about 50 are said to be “in play.” That means 385 seats are safely R or D. They’re a sinecure for a career politician to enrich themselves. And, they do.

The new Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, is an Establishment Republican. He has worked in politics as his day job for his whole life – seasonal part-time firefighter notwithstanding. Speaker McCarthy is a career politician.

The resistance to voting for Speaker McCarthy was a principled mini-revolt against the R Establishment. It was a good first step.

The R Establishment betrayed Conservatives in 2017 when they were unready to govern with President Trump, repeal Obamacare, close the border to illegal aliens, cut spending, etc. Actually, the Establishment Republicans betrayed their Conservative voters.

Establishment Republicans in Virginia have done much the same as the Rs in Congress for the past 20 years. The three largest tax increases in Virginia history were enacted with unrepentant, unaccountable Republican votes.

Since 2004, I’ve seen the need to replace the career politicians with people who don’t want or need the job. I’ve supported candidates who would primary and remove Establishment Republicans. But, it’s been like ordering the tide to obey. You get good people elected and they become part of the business. They are subject to the incentive structure of politics as is – where raising money is both mother’s milk and king.

Politics is a very dirty business. It’s a huge challenge to get good people to subject themselves and their families to wrong, plainly evil, attacks.

The Tea Party Movement of 2009 was assimilated into nothingness by the Establishment Republicans. Now, the Freedom Caucus in Congress is the core for the Populist Revolution needed to save America from certain destruction with public debt, illegal immigration, Green energy suicide, weak Defense inviting aggression, and every cancerous, malevolent Marxist idea in CRT, Transgender folly, de-funding the police, etc.

America needs a “Revolutionary Season” of 12 to 20 years to elect patriots, as Constitutional zealots, to replace the Establishment Rs and put enough institutional concrete around reforms to make them last awhile.

Short of replacing the Establishment Rs, controlling enough votes and/or money will change their behavior. Enough votes and money threatens their job.

The point of the Revolutionary Season of elections is clear. It’s about “Who decides.” Who decides what about your individual life? Your personal freedom, economic opportunity, public safety, and education – every aspect of your life that government can screw up. It’s about you as an individual, free citizen, vs. hyphenated you as just a subject of an identity group.

Whether it’s a slow boil or fast trigger events, the Revolutionary Season has a purpose to replace the elites running and ruining our national institutions, utterly defeat the Human Secularist Totalitarians, and restore American Civilization to survive this century.

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