Has a Coup Occurred?

“Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.” George Carlin

One of the top tier universities in America has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet. Stanford, not to be outdone by Harvard’s discrimination lawsuit concerning its admission “quotas,” has published a 13-page “harmful language” guide. I really thought it was Babylon Bee mockery. But it wasn’t. On the list were things like “American,” “take your best shot,” “brown bag,” and “balls to the wall,” among many others. The last was a shock because with publishing this list I knew Stanford had lost theirs.

The university quickly backpedaled and Stanford’s Chief Information Officer said it was supposed to be used only within the IT Department. That “American” was not banned but rather “welcomed” at the university. But he can’t disguise that someone actually thought it a good idea to publish tripe. BTW, Stanford’s motto is, “the winds of freedom blow.” But I’m thinking that they don’t blow on campus. At least not in the IT Department.

All this amplifies where we are seemingly going as a country. Words and phrases might offend someone at sometime. I’m sure we can come up with a few hundred. But I am so over the finger pointing insanity that comes far too often from the halls of “higher education.” And I think, do the parents actually pay for this? Is this why Biden is proposing student loan breaks to people because the far-left teaches them to talk, think—and cower? Then I realize, as in all universities, the person really in charge of setting agendas is an Assistant Administrator II named Karen who works in a basement room of the “H” Wing, and who oversees everything and everyone, and has final approval on all projects and programs.

In all seriousness, if universities are not the guardians of reason and inquiry, of questioning and challenge who is? Are they turning pupils into students for the betterment of society or overturning society? If this is any example of what they’re about, I suggest that the number of faculty and administrators at least be halved and take the advice candidate Biden gave to coalminers, “Learn to code.”

As an aside to this, just when I thought I’d seen it all (The NYPost, 12/22/22), “Sir” and “Ma’am” could be axed from USMC jargon to avoid “misgendering.” And the latest from Judicial watch is that the Air Force Academy is teaching CRT (as are the USMA and USNA) as well as systemic racism. And who would know better about keeping black Americans down than our current Secretary of Defense? Oh wait, isn’t he black? And in keeping up appearances, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as quoted in Bob Woodward’s book Peril, told his Chinese counterpart that he would give him a heads up before any US attack. This is the guy that wants to understand “white hate.” Really? Just spitballin’, but don’t these guys have better things to do?

So have we awakened to a country we no longer recognize? Victor Davis Hansen thinks so. And probably many of the rest of us think so too. But you know, I sincerely hope many professors still respect higher education and the unique opportunity it offers. And I sincerely hope we raise men and women who know the value of this country and rise to challenge, not recoil from it. Don’t let the American spirit be crushed on the altars of woke, fear, and political correctness. In Vietnam, some GIs began chalking “U-U-U-U” on their helmets. It meant, “the unwilling, led by the unqualified, doing the unnecessary, for the ungrateful.” The same might reflect the current state of higher education

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