Latest ‘Twitter Files’ Drop: Pfizer Board Member Got White House-Level Censorship Access

The latest release of the “Twitter Files” exposed actions taken by Pfizer board member and former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb to suppress debate over the necessity of Covid vaccines for those with natural immunity. The findings were revealed by independent journalist Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, who gained recognition as a contrarian voice during the pandemic.

Berenson’s full report can be viewed on his Substack website, “Unreported Truths.”

One of the most notable revelations was that Gottlieb had turned to the same Twitter lobbyist the Biden White House worked with to shut down a post from Dr. Brett Giroir, a one-time acting FDA commissioner, who tweeted that the vaccine was unnecessary for those with natural immunity.

In August 2021, the month before President Joe Biden announced his ill-advised and unconstitutional vaccine mandate, Giroir wrote: “It’s now clear #COVID19 natural immunity is superior to #vaccine immunity, by ALOT. There’s no scientific justification for #vax proof if a person had prior infection.”

Giroir was not an anti-vaxxer. In the same tweet, he also urged those without natural immunity to “Get vaccinated!”

Obviously, both Pfizer and Gottlieb were acutely interested in keeping the cash cow their mRNA vaccine had become alive. According to Berenson, Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine contributed nearly 50 percent to the company’s 2021 revenue of $81 billion. And Gottlieb was paid $365,000 for his service on the Pfizer board that year.

With his financial interests in mind, Gottlieb emailed Todd O’Boyle, a senior manager in Twitter’s public policy department, to ask the company to remove the tweet.

Gottlieb wrote: “This is the kind of stuff that’s corrosive. Here he draws a sweeping conclusion off a single retrospective study in Israel that hasn’t been peer reviewed. But this tweet will end up going viral and driving news coverage.”

O’Boyle forwarded Gottlieb’s email to the company’s Strategic Response team with a message that said, “Please see this report from the former FDA commissioner.” Berenson notes that O’Boyle omitted the fact that Gottlieb was a member of Pfizer’s board.

Despite a Strategic Response team member’s reply that the tweet did not violate Twitter’s misinformation rules, the company nevertheless put a “misleading” warning on it which Berenson wrote prevented “almost anyone from seeing it.”

Upon learning on Monday that his tweet had been censored, Giroir responded on Twitter: “@ScottGottliebMD’s behavior speaks for itself. A former @FDA commissioner (now @Pfizer board member) schemed with a lobbyist & @Twitter to apparently put corporate interests first — not public health. If anything, we need more open, honest, uncensored debate – not less.”


A previous version of this article appeared in The Western Journal.

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2 thoughts on “Latest ‘Twitter Files’ Drop: Pfizer Board Member Got White House-Level Censorship Access”

  1. Gosh, some of those ‘facts’ I learned in HS biology class turned out to be true – something, something about Acquired (Natual) Immunity! Not only true, but effective. (Mom maybe was right when she walked me down the street to expose me to the neighborhood chickenpox carrier so I would get it for the first, and only, time…. while I think I am grateful for this, I am still not sure.)

    I got the Wuhan Flu in December of 2020 (got very sick for three weeks) and in August of 2021, had a blood test to detect the presence of those coveted antibodies that everyone wants. Doc told me I had a ‘significant’ amount evidenced by my test and marveled that it was present in such great quantity nine months after my infection. I told him not to ponder it too deeply, it’s just my bone marrow and blood cells doing their jobs, as the good Lord intended.

    Not ever taking the jab or booster or anything else that the big Pharma companies are pushing to collect their ‘guaranteed’ income from the Brandon administration.

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