We’re Living in a Post-Truth World, But Help Is on the Way

Politicians have been lying to their constituents forever. But politicians in America, which until recently had been a democratic republic, were generally held to a higher standard. 

In recent years, however, a large swath of U.S. politicians no longer concern themselves with the repercussions of their lies. And there are far fewer Republicans among this group than Democrats. This is not necessarily because Republicans are more noble, but due to a legacy media that has aligned itself with the Democratic Party and the weaponization of government agencies which, together, have put anyone affiliated with the GOP under a microscope. They simply can’t get away with lying.

On the other hand, Democrats, for whom standards no longer apply, have made lying to and misleading the American people an integral part of their politics. They know they can rely upon their colleagues in the media to give them a pass and, in a pinch, they can always count on their buddies in the vast administrative state to back them up. 

The events surrounding President Biden’s first visit to the border and the summit in Mexico that followed, provide a perfect example of this dynamic in action. Having lied repeatedly to the American people about the disaster at our southern border for two years, Biden knows he must at least acknowledge the situation if he plans to run for re-election next year.

Ahead of his trip, Biden did two things. First, he blamed Republicans in Congress for blocking the comprehensive immigration reform and border security measures he proposed on day one and for their opposition to funding requests.

Next, he introduced several new “legal pathways for safe, orderly, and humane migration” which involve “granting parole” to illegals. He presented these measures as solutions to the crisis. But none of them will stop or even slow the unsustainable numbers of migrants flowing into the U.S. They are designed to make the immigration process more orderly by cutting out the middleman – the cartels – and to give the illusion that fewer migrants are entering the country.

Aside from making those who opt for the legal immigration route look like chumps, there’s another problem with this plan. According to the National Review’s Andy McCarthy, a former assistant U.S. attorney, it’s illegal. He writes

Needless to say, this is illegal. It is both a gross violation of the narrow, statutory parole authority Congress has granted the executive branch for decades, and an unconstitutional usurpation by the president of Congress’s power to set the conditions for lawful entry into the United States. In impeachment parlance, Biden is willfully failing to execute the laws faithfully, and rather than preserving the Constitution as his oath requires, he is shredding it.

Illegal aliens who use the Customs and Border Patrol app to “let us know they’re coming,” as McCarthy puts it, before arriving at a port of entry will no longer be included in the number of border patrol “encounters” that Americans hear about on the news. The administration is merely removing these migrants from the widely-followed “encounters” column and “legitimizing” them.

McCarthy explains: “The fiction is that this way, when the alien hordes later show up at the border, they won’t be ‘without legal authorization’ anymore. The parole decreed by the chief executive will be treated as if it were a visa granted under legitimate American law.”

This will give the illusion that Biden’s plan has managed to reduce the number of “encounters” which he can then tout on the campaign trail. 

In addition to misleading voters, Biden is exceeding his authority, a tactic that has become disturbingly familiar. A recent example was Biden’s student loan forgiveness announcement that was intended to boost support among younger voters ahead of the midterms. Well aware he lacked the constitutional authority to bypass Congress and spend $400 billion by executive order, he knew that by the time this was challenged in the courts, the administration would already have reaped the intended benefit – more votes. You may recall a similar scenario played out in 2021 involving Biden’s eviction moratorium.

We are living in a post-truth world. But that might be about to change. Although the alliance of the Democratic Party, federal agencies, Big Tech, and the legacy media has become increasingly invincible for some time, evidence of their collusion is starting to be revealed.  

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the new chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, will lead the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. A bill to create the panel passed on Tuesday along party lines. And House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has vowed to provide it with at least as many resources as the previous Congress devoted to the Jan. 6 committee. 

There’s a reason why Jordan passed on a run for the open Senate seat in his state last year and why he rejected his nomination for the House speakership last week. He’s been waiting for this moment. And I am convinced he will deliver.


A previous version of this article appeared in The Washington Examiner.

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1 thought on “We’re Living in a Post-Truth World, But Help Is on the Way”

  1. I will always applaud the efforts of men, like Jim Jordan, because he sure looks to believe in a higher truth than man. We should all seek out the truth, and announce it every chance we can. We should stand firm against our adversary: Evil.

    As long as the Jim Jordans are around to find and out evil, all should stand firm with him. One man can’t do it all. We tend to expect one man to do that, but that just leads to persecution. Standing with people who push back against tyranny and injustice is not by donating money, but backing him with actions and words.
    All the money in the world can’t defeat evil. Only love and righteousness can. That has to come from everyone who believes, not just one.

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