When Will We Learn?

     It is looking like we may never learn, until the day comes that the Constitution and the flag get replaced by those evil ones, who only seek power over us, finally succeed. And they are very close to succeeding! There are people among our ranks who will spend every waking moment trying to pin the tail on the donkey, by blaming Trump. Does that sound familiar? It should. We are playing the cards dealt us, by being manipulated by a corrupt media into stuff that should just be rebuked, not repeated.

     What worries me is that, like the Tea Party movement, which was effectively destroyed by us, preceded by the propaganda machine of the left, the corporate media, and several very wealthy “philanthropists”, we are being successfully guided down the path of destruction, and are gleefully playing “their” game. Every time we tend to do some self reflection, it seems to turn out as a suicide pact, because we never learn the lesson that we allow the left to convince us that we are the problem, when in fact, it is us, who are the problem. We have a weak spine. We never stand together against tyranny. We always expect a human savior. It’s akin to cannibalism, the way we go after our own, as in the case for or against Donald Trump.

     Instead of trying to find fault, we put men on pedestals, expect miracles from them, when we elect our leaders. They deliver a lot of good, and then something happens to upset the apple cart. Something like a man-made catastrophe, named Covid-19. Now, put yourself in their shoes, for a moment, and consider how a leader should act on that, surrounded by what he considers to be experts in their fields, not considering the potential for evil to enter the playing field, like politics. And don’t try to tell me politics isn’t evil. A man relies on all those experts, with all their collective “wisdom”, not knowing a story that will be unveiled at some later date, showing that no one could have avoided what became of the problem, a man-made disaster, and an assault on our way of life.

     What we now know, and some of us knew it very early on, was that something was very rotten, and a virus was being used to perform what essentially ended as a coup against our country, and everything good left of it. And the best we can do is look at what our leader did that was wrong. Give me a break!

     How in the world could Donald Trump have known what was heading directly at him, and what could he have done differently, knowing that, at every whim, and then some, the media was going to make up something to hypnotize those who watch their garbage, that this was all due to the lack of leadership, and that Trump was the demon who caused it? The enemy used what it always uses, most effectively: FEAR. And they backed it up by padding the number of casualties in the war against Covid-19, by essentially making the rest of the diseases unknown until Covid-19 looked to be the Black Plague. The bulk of the American population went along with all the supposedly approved remedies, like keeping six feet apart, locking down churches, schools, wrecking the economy, putting the entire country on welfare, but leaving liquor stores and whorehouses open for business.We had to have the miracle drug, not Ivermectin, nor traditional modes of diagnosis and treatment. Miracles didn’t come out of a lab, by Phizer, or anyone else.

     Once down this path, there was no place to go, but straight to Hell. Trump didn’t cause one single bit of this. He was given a tragedy that I doubt anyone could have done better, and everyone, including some of our own, were against him from the start. What did that leave us with? It left us with the finale: a bunch of temporary rules and laws that allowed the largest theft in an election the world has ever seen. Since we are seeing the after effects of one election, only to be repeated in the next election, and I dare anyone to try and prove me wrong, tell me that Covid-19 BS was nothing more than a precursor to the greatest portrayal of evil we have ever faced. When you lose your free and honest elections, there goes the republic. And what is terrible is the fact that the same thing happened in Brazil, only to be met by force against those who know they were screwed over. A convicted felon won the election in Brazil, for those of you who don’t follow world news. Lula was jailed, and then his sentence was annulled by a corrupt Supreme Court Judge, that he appointed, and it is telling that Jair Bolsanaro just happened to be doing all the same kind of good things that Trump was doing. Do you see any parallels?

     I believe that there is no cure for the amount of stupid we cause when we let the other side call the narrative, supplant lies in its stead, and help topple governments, because we try to make excuses for our problems by blaming the one man who was handed this pile of excrement, because we never accept any blame. We always have to have our scapegoat. What a heck of a way to show appreciation, guys.

     All we have done, by pinning blame on others, is set the stage for a bloody revolution, since we let everything slide, like that ballot crap, and Dominion ballot toasters. And, since we did let everything slide into an abyss, tell me how many options we gave up before we let all the sliding take place. When we have an enemy who will change the settings on a machine that produces ballots to make them slightly larger or smaller, so the machine kicks them out, and we do nothing about it, whose fault does it become? Yeh, that blame thing. When we have seen voting fraud happen my entire life, and done nothing about it, what else could you expect? Then again, you have to look for it, ahead of time. We didn’t.

     I realize much better, just through looking at recent situations, that, not only are the left evil, but we have allowed it to invade us, also. Because we have fallen, we have no spine, or chest, to do what is righteous, and what I believe God calls duty, except among the very few who display that spine or chest. That demonstrates that we are a bunch of cowards who expect someone else to fix our problems. He will not fix our problems. He, meaning the Lord Jesus Christ, will separate the evil out and take the good, who follow his Father’s Commandments, because there is no other way, but His. So good will prevail, in the end.

     One man went to the gallows fearing God, and not man, because he did what was righteous. Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He had a spine and a chest. He fought evil. What in the world are we doing? Just blaming everyone else for our own faults? That is also a form of evil, by playing the games that lets others set the rules, and it is a wonder we have lasted this long.

     I sincerely believe that some things will come to pass, like the abolition of the ATF, which will happen when the NFA, the GCA and other gun control laws are found to be unconstitutional. But just what will that do? Will that cure other evils, like our pagan rituals of offering up our children as sacrifices of convenience, because we are a vain and corrupt people? Nope, just give us a tool to use that no one ever had the right to take away from us. That evil wants us disarmed so they can further wrap us in chains and control us. We just sit idly by while they measure those chains. I write about gun control, primarily because I have had an interest in firearms, my whole life, and that I have seen good people finally begin to turn back to righteousness and justice. It is encouraging. But it is only one place for optimism. We have so much more work to do.

It is inevitable that we will have to have a revival of faith, repent our sins, and work as a warrior for God. Our way isn’t working, and that is because we have fallen. We have to fight, but we have to fight for our Creator. He is the only one who will save us, or send us to the fiery pit, not some vain paganism. That is our enemy.

Fear God, and you will fear no man. A Book that is around two thousand years old has been trying to get that message out, all along. Praise God and you will be rewarded. Time is short.

Message from a sinner who is slowly getting his chest back. I have hope.

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