Democrats needed Joe Biden to run in 2020; Now they need him to go away

Since the first report that classified documents dating back to President Joe Biden’s days as vice-president had been discovered by his lawyers, very little has added up.

In rapid fashion, we learned that Biden’s lawyers had located a second batch of highly sensitive material in the garage of his Wilmington, Delaware, residence and that additional documents were found inside the home. Before we knew it, Attorney General Merrick Garland had appointed a special counsel to take over the investigation from U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois John R. Lausch Jr.

First, it was odd that Biden’s top lawyers were personally searching his old office. And second, it was surprising that they would immediately alert the National Archives and Records Administration. After all, knowing the media firestorm that would surely ensue, why wouldn’t his personal attorneys, who ostensibly had their client’s best interests in mind, quietly settle the matter on their own?

I’m not saying it would have been right to bypass NARA officials, but since when have the Democrats worried about playing by the rules? 

It all feels very contrived. As far as Biden’s alleged transgressions go, the discovery of a handful of misplaced documents seems the least of them. And if that’s true, there must be a reason. It could very well be that his party wants to prevent him from running for re-election.

Convinced that Biden was the only candidate who could defeat former President Donald Trump, and desperate to prevent socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) from winning the nomination, Democrats resurrected his dying campaign and somehow managed to drag him over the finish line in 2020. Now, it appears they would like him to go away. 

In a December 2020 podcast, just two months prior to his death, Rush Limbaugh warned Biden the “regime” could one day turn on him. He told listeners that Biden would “serve at the pleasure of Barack Obama. If Obama gives the green light to Democrats to take Biden out, there will be ample evidence that Biden has lied about his knowledge, his family was selling his name and office with his permission. …”

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino, who worked as a secret service agent during the Obama administration, provided some interesting insight into this story. He questioned whether this was “a sabotage hit job by Democrats who want Joe Biden out of the race? Which is likely. Or was this an effort to cover up mistakes Joe Biden made that may be illegal, unlawful, and illicit?”

He asked his Fox colleagues, “You don’t find it a little bit suspicious that lawyers deeply connected to Barack Obama [a reference to Dana Remus in particular], who’s got a long ongoing feud with Biden? They do. I worked in the White House. These two men really do not like each other. Obama always thought Biden was a buffoon and Biden was always jealous of Obama. That’s why he’s doing the whole, ‘I’m the new FDR’ thing now.” 

The timing of “docugate” is also suspect. The classified material was discovered on Nov. 2, too close to the midterms to be reported (due to Department of Justice policy concerning election interference). But it wasn’t until CBS News’ reported the story on Jan. 9 that Americans learned of it. This two-month reprieve allowed Democrats (and unfortunately, some Republicans) to ram through their reckless and wasteful $1.7 trillion omnibus bill while they still had the House Majority.

And why did Garland appoint a special counsel? It’s likely because he’d already appointed one for Trump and would have looked incredibly partisan if he hadn’t. Some on the Left predict that both Trump and Biden will be exonerated for the possession of classified material, but that Trump will ultimately be charged with obstruction.

Garland also knows the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government is about to shine a bright spotlight on the DOJ. The two ongoing investigations will provide the agency with a legitimate excuse to withhold document requests from GOP lawmakers.

Bongino addressed the significant differences between the appointment letters for Special Counsel Robert Hur in the Biden case and Jack Smith in the Trump case. “Special Counsel Hur in the Biden case has a very limited scope of duty,” he said, “while Jack Smith in the Trump case gets to rock and roll and find out everything. My suspicion here is that they did that to isolate and silo off Joe Biden from Hunter Biden and that investigation, and never cross those streams.”

On Tuesday evening, the Wall Street Journal reported that the DOJ decided against “having FBI agents monitor a search by Biden’s lawyers” because it would “avoid complicating later stages of the investigation and because Mr. Biden’s attorneys had quickly turned over a first batch and were cooperating, according to people familiar with the matter.” 

Recall that during the FBI’s August raid on Mar-a-Lago, agents demanded that Trump’s attorneys remain outside. Double standard?

At this point, all we can do is speculate. But one thing is undeniable. It sucked the oxygen out of the House Republicans’ speakership battle in about a nanosecond.


A previous version of this article appeared in The Washington Examiner.

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4 thoughts on “Democrats needed Joe Biden to run in 2020; Now they need him to go away”

  1. Biden won’t run for another term, but it is because Michelle Obama who will be running.

    And she will win

    Because the left will do the same that they did to Trump, in 2020.

    Nothing else matters, except that nothing was done to force the cheaters away from stealing the election. That matters.

    • “Nothing else matters, except that nothing was done to force the cheaters away from stealing the election. That matters.”

      True. Which is exactly why voter confidence in the GOP has been flushed down the toilet.

      • The very few laws that were passed in only a couple states, was a mere whitewash, and people think “Yea, Rah, we can beat them now. We leveled the playing field.” And then 2022 happened…

        I can’t wait for the next presidential election, can you?

  2. Dems Have No Personal Thought As Incumbants, Yet Collective. So No Matter Who Is Running For Dems Same Methods Different Face. Pass The Baton. They Make Laws That Do Nothing For The People Yet Laws To Impower The Party.Lie Cheat Blowup Buildings People, Plant Evidence What ever It Takes.

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