“Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.”

Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.

The Godfather

Full disclosure, I was a big fan of Art Bell’s Coast-to-Coast, and I’m sure he’d have had a ball with this story. But what really happened on J6? We can only put the public pieces together. To reiterate,

We know that on J6, a massive crowd assembled at the behest of then-President Trump to show their angst over the 2020 election. In my opinion, there was nothing in his speech to provoke the subsequent riot. (WSJ, 1/12/21) Should he have called for the assembly? Did he think it was going to simply be like any other rally that he previously held? Could he foresee, indeed anticipate, that a small portion of the activity that day would get out of control? Similar activity never took place at any other Trump rally. Did ego and anger override judgment? Was he fearful of this when he offered National Guard support to DC? Or simply being cautious? Then there are questions about the strange activity not only on J6 but also the evening before.

Ray Epps, who some believe was a Federal plant—though unproven—is an individual who appears on tape encouraging people to breach the building, both on January 5 and 6. In Senate hearings, Attorney General Garland and Jill Sanborn of the FBI/National Security Branch refused to comment on his participation specifically citing “sources and methods.” But perhaps that acknowledges his participation? Inquiring minds. (lawenforcementtoday, 1/12/22) We do know that the FBI has paid informants. Why not here? (Forbes, 11/23/22 and 12/16/21) Film also shows fit younger men who appear to be organized, stoked the crowd on. We never see them again and certainly not among those arrested. Who were they? Interesting to note, the Detroit FBI special agent who was behind the failed kidnapping attempt of Governor Whitmer (MI) is now in DC and in charge of overseeing the investigation into January 6, 2021. He recently retired in November 2022. (Daily Wire, 11/11/2022) His retirement comes on the eve of Republicans retaking the House. Nothing to see here.

At the Capitol, film shows that the woefully unprepared Capitol police often opened the doors to protestors. Something that garnered a J6 defendant a Not Guilty verdict by a Federal judge during his trespass trial. It also shows Capitol police using flash-bangs, gas, mace, tasers, and batons. (The Federalist, 1/8/21) Were the protestors angels? Hardly. Many rioters probably deserved some of the aforementioned crowd restraints. But the entire crowd? Likely not. However, relative innocents were abused due to the actions of a sorry few—on both sides of the line. (Forbes, 12/16/21) As counterpoint to the NYT 1/6 film footage (and the subsequent J6 Committee footage) you may want to watch a Nick Searcy documentary called “Capitol Punishment.” It shows a much, much different picture than the selected edits by the media. And you can catch a free panel discussion immediately after the movie premiere on “youtube.com” sponsored by the Western Journal.

There are many people that believe J6 was staged. There will be people that blame the riot completely on Trump. But there is so much that doesn’t make sense. Much has still not been released by the government or the Committee. And as I noted previously, all communiques between Pelosi and the House Sgt-at-Arms prior to, and on J6 have been blocked. Why? It’s such as this that gives rise to conspiracy theories such as “the grassy knoll sniper who killed JFK.” (1/1/15 EmpireNews and the Washington Post, 3/26/01)

Do I believe there was something else was at work during the riot that influenced the activity? Yes. And after watching five years of Trump derangement syndrome, that Justice and the FBI were physically involved to the detriment of the demonstration. And certainly when the DOJ refuses to inspect the living conditions of the J6 prisoners who are apparently kept isolated in their own section (Patriot Pod) from the other DOC prisoners. Where is the vaunted ACLU? And it’s hard to watch the once admired Bureau lose its way. The FBI has apparently been turned into a political stazi to the detriment of the many good officers within. Why does the DC Court continually deny bail? The prisoners by numerous accounts have been abused by guards, denied medical treatment, and are effectively kept in isolation. As recently as December 2022, the DC Mayor has said the prisoners must be vaxxed and boosted to have visitation rights. Even on-line. Disgusting.

I hate to leave you with no good answers but that’s what the J6 Committee did. I however, spent a lot less of your money. But only light will penetrate the darkness of that day. One thing is sure, this is no way to treat fellow Americans. And for those in the American Gulag it harkens back to the Japanese internment camps of WWII. Until such time as we see an impartial and quality report, we’ll continue to wonder what actually happened on J6. The J6 Committee report is not history. And there was no Oz-like discovery of the man behind the curtain. It is a compendium of what they want you to see. And it is a Never Trump cavalcade of hits. And we paid for it.

So what has the Select Committee on January 6 left us with? Perhaps with a quote by Sir Winston Churchill, “I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies.” And another, “A good party man puts his party above himself and his country above his party.” You decide if the Committee and the Federal Departments have done so. As for me, you probably know my answer.

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2 thoughts on ““Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.””

  1. The biggest question in this regard is what was the role of John Earle Sullivan, who egged on and then videotaped the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. Already out on bail on January 6, 2020 when involved out of state in the entry on Capitol grounds, why was he released on his own recognizance when charged for offenses that date (and again in the superseding indictment), and why has his case not yet gone to trial more than two years later?

  2. But, who can one argue with, if the ones who are holding opposing views refuse to debate, or argue? They’d rather stifle and censor the debate, because debate gets in their way.
    We can have the best argument of all time, but when they won’t debate, who’s left?

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