Understanding DIME-Trump Gets It, Biden Doesn’t Parts 1 & 2

Editor’s Note: Mike Ford will be live on Liberty Lighthouse Radio tonight at 1830EST, to discuss this article, what’s going on at Davos, and classified documents in President Biden’s garage.

Assessing national power, your own or that of other nations, is how smart leaders can effectively advance their nation’s interests. This process can also be effective in helping ensure their nation is not the victim of another, more powerful nation’s designs.

We are watching the results of this in Ukraine, as Vladimir Putin attempts to exploit his country’s powerful position to gobble up territory from Ukraine. Since February last year until now, billions of dollars worth of Ukrainian infrastructure and other property has been destroyed by wanton Russian attacks. There have been thousands of Ukrainian casualties, and inordinate number of them civilian. This, again, due to the Russian practice of targeting civilian population centers in an apparent effort to browbeat the Ukrainians into submission.

Sadly, this was preventable. All it would have taken to avoid this bloodbath, especially among Ukraine’s civilian population, was an honest election and inauguration of President Trump for a second term.  “How so?” one might ask. Simple. 

The answer can be found in any undergraduate text in foreign policy. The DIME model of assessing national power helps leaders not only assess their own nation’s power, but also that of their Allies, competitors and enemies. The two links below will lead you through these elements, while comparing/contrasting their application by both Presidents Trump and Biden.

Understanding DIME: Trump Gets it; Biden does NOT (Part 1)

Understanding DIME: Trump Gets it; Biden does NOT (Part 2)

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